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I started writing this story after the finale of the second season of Torchwood when there were only rumors that Jack was going to rejoin the Doctor. The actual story turned out very different to how I had imagined but it's still worth a read I think. So imagine that Jack just left Gwen and Ianto without a goodbye yet again and you'll be able to follow the story. I'll prbably post a chapter a day since I have all of the ones I have written so far saved and then hopefully my muse will be back and I'll be writing more chapters. Watch this space *crosses fingers*

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The Doctor, Donna, Rose and Jack stepped out of the TARDIS on to the plass in the centre of Cardiff in the early evening. Only the Doctor knew why they were here, he had received a call from Martha saying that if Jack Harkness was with him then they needed to get back to Cardiff A.S.A.P. otherwise they would find a way to kill him and make sure that he stayed dead. He had also been sworn to secrecy by the young Doctor Jones about where they were going but she hadn't told him the exact reason why they were needed. Although he could guess that it had something to do with the deaths of two of Jack's team. The Doctor knew that Jack had still not fully come to terms with his friend's deaths. He just hoped this would help.

"So… Cardiff. Any particular reason we're here?" enquired Donna.

The Doctor looked over at Jack who seemed to be staring into space. "Well, the TARDIS needs to refuel so where better to come than the UK's very own rift that gives off tons of it. I've found it also helps if we try to return to earth every so often, helps you lot keep your heads on right. All that space air can go do strange things to you humans if you're not used to it."

"Just so long as we don't have to meet any more Sycorax. I've had enough of them to last a lifetime," said Rose.

While the two women started up a conversation about the Sycorax, the Doctor looked around. He heard what sounded like a large SUV pull to a stop and couple of doors slam. The car then drove off again leaving what looked like two women who started walking towards the bay. One appeared to be hurt but she was walking on her own and talking fine. The other was someone who he would recognise anywhere.

Martha was talking to the first woman. He was only able to hear a brief snatch of their conversation. "…need to get you back to the hub so I can stitch that up before your shift tonight." "Yeah, I'll take the paperwork from tonight and do it there. He'd never forgive us if he woke up to find that there was a huge backlog of paperwork…" Martha then looked right at the Doctor and when he was about to say something she just shook her head slightly and looked at the woman next to her and then to Jack. The message was clear: it's best I sort her out before we let her see Jack again.

Once they had passed he turned back to his companions. Jack had yet to move and Rose and Donna had moved onto the topic of the Adipose. He knew that Martha would call when it was time for them to head down to the Torchwood hub, not a thought he was particularly fond of but he had to do this for Jack and for fear of what Martha would do if he didn't.

"Right well I'm starving so what do you say we go get some chips?" The Doctor's suggestion was met with enthusiasm from both women and Jack only gave a slight nod of his head. The group headed toward to pier where a chip van was currently open.

20 minutes and four large chips (one of which that was uneaten) later and they were trying to decide what to do when Jack suddenly stood up. "I need to go see some friends of mine. Do you three want to come with?" His blunt request was met with agreement so they all headed off in the direction of the Tourist Office with the Doctor lagging behind a bit to send a quick text to Martha.

We might have a problem. Jack's set on going to the hub and we're on our way now.

He just hoped that there wouldn't be any shooting.


Martha was just finishing off Gwen's last stitch when her phone beeped; flipping it open she read something that made her heart sink. This was not going to be pretty. Looking over at the Welsh woman who had become a very good friend over the last month or so she closed her phone and went back to applying a dressing.

She just hoped there wouldn't be any shooting.

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