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Ianto felt that same tug again in the back of his mind. He realised Jack was saying something again but he couldn't make sense of it, not when he kissed him like that straight after. The tug became more persistent and demanding. It took Ianto a couple of seconds to realise that he was kissing back. He felt Jack inhale sharply and pull back.

And for the first time in months Ianto Jones opened his eyes.

One week later

A couple of days after Ianto had woken up from the coma, the Doctors were able to remove the cast on his arm and the bandages that had been covering the lesser wounds were also removed. The only bandage that had to stay on was the one covering the gunshot wound in his shoulder, which still had to be changed at least once a day. Since Martha was still staying in the guest bedroom, Ianto had been released from the hospital shortly after he got the cast off. He had spent the majority of the time he was awake complaining to whoever was with him about the terrible food and coffee that was on offer in the NHS, not to mention the fact that he hated having to stay in bed and was only allowed to walk with someone to support him.

The only time Jack ever left Ianto's side was when Ianto forced him to go home at night, saying that he didn't need a tired and irritable captain to deal with while he couldn't do anything to relax him. Ever since Ianto returned home, Jack had inadvertently moved in to his flat without either really noticing. In fact when they realised one morning that the majority of Jack's things had somehow migrated from the hub they were both ecstatic and couldn't stop smiling. They spent most of that week just talking about anything and everything and getting reacquainted with the other after so much had changed, with of course the more than occasional kiss in between conversations.

It is in fact during one of these conversations on a quiet Tuesday morning about a week after Ianto woke up that we rejoin the couple. Ianto was telling Jack more about his youth in Cardiff and his sister's family while Jack told him about life with his family on the Boeshaine Peninsula. They were just lying in bed talking quietly while they could hear the faint sounds of Martha moving about the flat, cooking breakfast no doubt. They were so caught up in the other that they didn't hear the sounds of the TARDIS landing on the street outside their window. It was not until they heard the doorbell that they realised that it was already 9am and quickly got up and dressed.

Jack was the first ready since Ianto's movements were still restricted by the bandage on his shoulder and so he had to help his partner finish getting dressed. Walking out into the living room together, they were not expecting to see their Torchwood colleagues as well as the Doctor, Rose and Donna all crammed into Ianto's normally spacious lounge.

The Doctor looked up and noticed their arrival and confused expressions. "Well, we thought we'd come say goodbye. Figured it'd be easier if everyone was in the same place and the lovely Gwen here wouldn't let me call you and make you both come down to the Plass to see us off."

The two men shared and grateful look with Gwen before stepping forward to say their goodbyes.

"It's been a pleasure meeting you, Doctor. I've no doubt we'll be seeing you again soon." Ianto shared a handshake and a smile with the Time Lord and then stepped back to let Jack say goodbye to his friend. Ianto walked over to Rose and Donna who would be going with the Doctor and they each gave him a hug.

"It's wonderful to see him so happy. And it's all because of you, Ianto. I'm so happy for you both," whispered Rose into Ianto's ear so that no one else could hear.

Ianto couldn't help but smile and whisper back a "Thank you" to the young woman.

"Jack, it was a pleasure travelling with you again and I would offer you the opportunity to come with us but I do believe you would turn me down and I can't let that happen. It doesn't happen often and I don't want to be proved right. I expect we'll be back again soon." The two Time Travellers shared a smile and a hug before the Doctor turned to say goodbye to the rest of Torchwood.

It took about half an hour before all goodbyes had been said and the group was stood out on the street ready to wave the TARDIS off on another adventure. The Doctor, Rose and Donna gave one final wave and walked into the Telephone box. Just as the engines began, they stopped and the Doctor poked his head out the door.

"We'll be back," promised the Doctor in a strange voice and then pulled his head back inside. Not 10 seconds later he stuck his head out again. "Sorry, I've just always wanted to do that." With one final grin, he stepped back and the TARDIS' engines roared to life again and it disappeared from sight, leaving a very amused Torchwood behind.

While the rest of Torchwood returned to the hub, Jack and Ianto returned to the flat to get themselves ready to go into work. Today was Ianto's first day back and, even though he would be on desk duty until he got the all clear from Martha, neither could wait.

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