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Usagi woke up in the middle of the night. Her pajamas were so tight on her that she couldn't breathe. She tried to stretch and fell off Mamoru's bed that she was sharing with Chibi-Usa. "Ouch!" She looked herself over. "I am big again! Thank Heavens! I thought I would be stuck like that forever!" She checked on Chibi-Usa who was whimpering in her sleep also back to her original form. "That would be horrible if we didn't change back." Usagi shivered as she thought of Chibi-Usa marrying Mamo-chan instead of her and herself going to the elementary school, eating oatmeal for breakfast and getting ready for bed at 8 PM. "Gosh, by the time I would be a grown up, everyone else would be so old! Nobody would want to be with me!" Usagi sniffled. She felt terribly sorry for herself. Her friends from junior high and senshi would move on with their life. Go to college, get married, raise kids and forget all about her". This was so depressing. Then she thought of something and smiled through her tears: "Hey, Vash The Stampede probably would still be around! How old was he the last time I saw him? One Hundred and thirty something? Heck, he looked like he was no older then 20 to me!" Usagi giggled at the memory of that day that they spent together. "I wonder how he is doing.I hope he is ok.". She tried to suppress a sudden feeling of despair.

Something wasn't right. She reached for her locket and lightly brushed it with the tips of her fingers. For some reason it felt very cold to her. She was trying to open the locket and look at it, but it was too dark and Usagi didn't want to turn on the lights and wake Chibi Usa. She gently changed the little girl in her pajamas and tried to go back to sleep.

Late morning that day, Chibi Usa and Usagi both were running on full speed to the park where Pallapalla had taken the Dream Mirrors from another batch of people. Both of the girls without a single word made a turn into the shaded and empty alley pulling their lockets out and screaming their transformation phrase. Transformed Chibi Moon was running ahead of Usagi screaming in annoyance. "Usagi-chan! You are so slow, transform already!" When she didn't hear a word back from the older girl she stopped.

Usagi was sitting in the middle of the alley looking at her locket. Her worst nightmare was coming true again. Only a few months ago she couldn't transform into Sailor Moon and only her and Mamoru's combine powers provided her with more magical strength. But Chibi-Usa and her just got an upgrade from Pegasus! What in the world was going on!

The Sailor Senshi appeared at the end of the alley. "Here they are! Chibi Moon! Usagi! What's wrong guys! We couldn't feel Sailor Moon's transformation!"

Sailor Mercury pulled out her computer. "Go on guys, I'll stay with Usagi and see what is going on here, maybe it's some minor problem that was caused by Usagi and Chibi-Usa's body switching yesterday."

Tuxedo Kamen landed next to Chibi Moon. "They were back to normal this morning, Chibi Usa was able to transform, aren't they using the same source of power?"

"My Crystal" - sobbed Usagi-"It feels dead! Just like the last time!"

"Usako, I am sure it's going to be ok, please let Amy take a look at it. We will take care of the problem in the park."

Amy put her computer down. "I am all out of ideas" She looked closely at the jewel. Strange blinking lights were clearly visible deep inside of the Crystal. Amy looked closer. "This is so strange, I can't explain what exactly wrong with it. It's not broken, it's just .weird."

Luna jumped on Usagi's bed where the blonde was lying sobbing in her pillow. "Usagi, what was you last memory of the Crystal? When did you use it last?"

"Last battle with PallaPalla. It was working fine! Then we went to Mamo- chan's apartment and then straight to bed. I didn't use it since then!" Usagi grew thoughtful for a minute. "Well, it did feel strange when I touched it last night."

"Why did you touch it, Usagi?" the black feline's voice was dangerously quiet.

"Well, I woke up and noticed that both me and Chibi-Usa were back to normal, then I thought how horrible it would be if we stayed like that forever then I thought how V.." she choked on the name realizing that none of the Senshi knew about Vash. Only Setsuna.

"Usagi" - Luna was very worried now, Usagi was hiding something from them, - "What were you trying to say before! Whom were you thinking of? It's very important, you know that your Crystal can grant your wishes when it used properly."

Usagi jumped off the bed when a sudden thought accrued to her. "I need to see Setsuna. Now. I know the way to fix the Crystal and I know who can do it."

Setsuna spilled coffee on her lap: "YOU LET THAT PUNK TOUCH YOUR CRYSTAL! Usagi! You are even more irresponsible then I thought!"

"He wouldn't do anything wrong like that!" Usagi felt very protective of her friend from another dimension.

"Ok, Usagi, what is it you are suggesting?" Setsuna tried to keep her shaking hands still.

Usagi walked to the window and quietly said. "It's just I think that Vash is in some sort of trouble."

Setsuna got off her seat dropping the chair on the floor. "What does it have to do with your Crystal, Usagi! Vash is a big boy with enormous amount of power and can take perfect care of himself!"

Usagi opened her locket and looked at the now gray and lifeless ginzuishou. "Well, that day, when we talked in the park, our powers combined. He restored all my energy but in exchange, I think my Crystal gained an ability to react to his power, so when he is in trouble I can feel it."

"Rubbish!" Setsuna was trying to pull the chair off the floor and dropped it again when she heard Usagi's words. "You are just trying to see him again! I know it was a huge mistake to bring him here, and now I am paying for that. You do understand that the future will dramatically change when we bring him here again?"

Usagi eyed Setsuna for a few moments. "That's ok, Setsuna, maybe you can think of something else. What if I go there? I can bring my Crystal to him and see if he can help me"


After Usagi begged and whined for an hour, Setsuna finally gave in and promised to see what she could do to help Usagi travel to Vash's dimension. She closed the door in the computer room of the Crystal Tokyo. She was trying to pull some information on Vash from the Universal Library. When she viewed the pictures of the power plants on his planet, Setsuna came to the decision that Usagi could be right after all. Vash could fix the Crystal.

The Guardian of Time didn't believe even for a minute that the Crystal could be reacting to Vash's emotional or physical state. Setsuna always had her explanation for everything and there was no way that clown was somehow connected to this dimension. Even with her power as the Guardian of Time she could not allow Usagi to stay in Vash's dimension more then just a few minutes, time difference between the two worlds was too strong. She wasn't even sure that her power alone would be enough for the transport.

With great shame Setsuna realized that she knew nothing of the ginzuishou. This great source of power belongs to Usagi and only Usagi would know how to use it. From the times of the Silver Millennium, the Crystal was a big mystery. The jewel had a mind of its own and in the wrong hands it's power was disastrous. The use of all of its power could lead to the death of the holder. Setsuna was sure that Crystal wasn't broken. That would endanger Usagi's life. She had no choice but to ask for help. She put her head on her folded arms and yawned. Multiple lights and memories floated in her tired mind: loud popping noise of opened bottles of champagne on Usagi's wedding, Haruka and Michuru together with the Inners and Chibi-Usa throwing rice and coins onto laughing newlyweds, Usagi's bachelorette beach party, Chibi-Usa's first birthday. Setsuna's mouth opened in the silent scream when instead of calm and handsome face of King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo her mind showed her Vash The Stampede wearing a silly clown hat and a fake red nose blowing candles on Chibi-Usa's birthday cake. Setsuna awoke from her own terrified screaming; she stopped for a second to catch her breath and then let out another long and desperate scream.