Summary: Fed up of being the laughing stock of Trenton, Steph leaves. She meets up with her old friend who is an ex Ranger and also an ex sniper. She asks him to train her to be a better bounty hunter. 2 years later Steph returns to Trenton a changed woman. Will she cope when she realises the one man she loves has moved on.


I looked in my rearview mirror. I watched as the sign that said "You are now leaving Trenton, New Jersey- Please come back soon" faded away. I shook my head of any inhibitions I was having and kept driving. Who am I you ask. My name is Stephanie Plum. I am a Bond Enforcement Agent or in layman's terms- a bounty hunter. I used to work for my cousin Vinnie at Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. I used to live in Trenton more specifically The Burg. I have a mother, father, older sister and grandmother living in the Burg. I live in a utilitarian apartment with my hamster Rex and I am frequently visited by stalkers and freaks.

There are two men in my life- to one I am enjoyment; to the other I am an embarrassment. The first is Joe Morelli. He works vice at the Trenton PD. He is my on-again, off-again boyfriend and it has been this way since I was 16. He hates my job and wishes that I would just become a Burg housewife and bear children. I don't want to live like that. I am just a little sex toy for him. Like me, he is of Italian descent so whenever he hears that I have been in an accident, his temper flares and he yells and screams at me. He tells me that he drinks an entire bottle of Maalox whenever my name pops up on the police radio.

The other man in my life is named Ricardo Carlos Manoso- street name Ranger. He is of Cuban descent with mocha skin, brown hair and eyes so dark they feel as though they are penetrating your soul. He and I had a one-night stand but we constantly flirt. Ranger once told me he keeps me around for his enjoyment. He has also referred to us as the "Mr. Higgins and Eliza Doolittle of Trenton".

Both men are sex on legs and let me tell you, hot flash any time either of them enter a room. There lies my problem. I love both of them but they are both Alpha males. They can be considered one of the reasons I am leaving Trenton.

The other is that I am sick of being the town laughing stock. Everyone in Trenton knows me and they know of my escapades. I blow things up, I get covered in garbage and I always have stalkers following me. My mother constantly questions where she has gone wrong and keeps saying things like "Diane Burns' daughter doesn't get blown up on a daily basis. Why can't you have a normal job at the button factory? You need to settle down with Joe and have some children."

I don't want to do that. I like the craziness of my life. It keeps my life interesting. Another thing that makes my life interesting is my best friends Lula and Connie.

Lula is a former ho that is my sometimes partner. She is the funniest person to ever live in my opinion. She always has an outrageous taste in fashion- usually fluro coloured spandex.

Connie is the secretary at the office. She is a little older than me, has a lot more chest and is a little more Italian than me. She is related to half of the Italian mob in Trenton which makes life interesting. She is as tough as a junkyard dog and as cunning as a fox. I love both these girls and I know I'm gunna miss them.

Back to my point- I am sick of being treated like a laughing stock. I have recently found out that a friend of mine, Dominic Weston is an ex Ranger and sniper. He is now a bounty hunter like me but he is stationed in New York. He said that he would gladly help me train and become a better bounty hunter. He knows all about my past but he says that I could be great if I had the right encouragement. So that is where I am headed. He said he would be tough on me but he thinks that that is what I need. I don't need people telling me not to do things or people doing things for me. He says that I need to learn to do things on my own without being spoon fed. He is going to train me in weapons, electronics and also the finer arts of tracking. I am really excited.

As I was about to turn onto the highway that would take me to my new home, I stopped and looked back. I was saying goodbye to my entire life but I couldn't wait to begin my new life. I turned back to the road and drove onto the highway. Dom would meet me in New York and we would begin training immediately. Dom had set up a new name for me so that I couldn't be traced by Ranger and his men.

I drove off, not knowing if I would ever return to my home.