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A/N: I really like Tatsuki X Ayumi for some reason...although it's like the only pairing that HASN'T gotten any real drawings...

Tatsuki Iizuka couldn't help but feel a bit jealous on how intimate Torako Kageyama and Toma Kazamatsuri were in their relationship.

"...Why can't we be like that, Ayumi?" Tatsuki sighed heavily one day during lunch. She stared on with a sense of longing as Torako and Toma chatted happily with one another at the other end of the table. Tatsuki had never seen two girls look so happy together before. It was like they were a small ray of hope and beauty in an otherwise bleak world of death.

Ayumi glanced up from her rice bowl with a bewildered look. "What do you mean, Tatsuki? We're in a lesbian relationship, too, just like them...besides our personalities, we're not all that different from one another...we're all girls who like girls..."

"Yeah, I know," Tatsuki acknowledged that fact, "But...there's just something about those two. They just seem so...so happy, like nothing in the world could tear them down as long as they have each other. They're like the perfect lesbian couple or something. I'm so jealous of them; why don't we have that kind of bond, Ayumi?"

"What are you talking about?! Of course we have that kind of bond! I'm sure we do..." Ayumi exclaimed.

Tatsuki raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really? Then, tell me something, Ayumi...when are we going to finally have sex?"

"I...I...I'M NOT EMOTIONALLY OR MENTALLY READY FOR THAT KIND OF THING JUST YET, OKAY?!!!" Ayumi shrieked, her face as red as a tomato. She was rather sensitive when it came to things like this, especially regarding her relationship with Tatsuki. She was so distracted by their argument that she had yet to realize she had spilled all of her rice onto her lap.

"...Why not? Why don't you want to strengthen our love, Ayumi? Don't you want me to take your virginity...?" Tatsuki asked, afraid that the reason for Ayumi's reluctance because of something like Ayumi possibly being interested in a MAN of all things. After all, Ayumi was actually just bisexual, while it was Tatsuki who was the full-blown lesbian.

Feeling suddenly cornered, Ayumi decided it would be best to just come out and say it. "I-I just can't, alright?!!It's because...because...because I'm afraid, okay?! I'm...I'm afraid of screwing up!!!" Round, shiny pearl-shaped tears began to roll down her beautiful flushed cheeks. Tatsuki gasped; she had broken the golden rule to never make Ayumi cry! Sure, Ayumi was adorable especially when she was crying, but it was still a sad thing to see.

Reaching out, Tatsuki placed a gentle, loving palm upon Ayumi's cheek. "I'm...sorry for snapping at you like that, Ayumi," the blue-haired girl whispered with a hint of regret in her voice, "I was way out of line for getting angry. I could never be mad at you...never...I didn't mean to freak out on you, okay?"

Ayumi sniffled. "It's...it's okay..." she quietly replied, forcing a smile. Slowly, she leaned over and gave Tatsuki a tiny kiss on the lips.

"I'll wait until you're ready...I promise...I'll wait forever if I have to..." Tatsuki promised.

"Hee...I'll try not to keep you waiting to long..." Ayumi replied jokingly.

On the other end of the table, Torako and Toma were staring at the two girls with obvious jealousy in their expressions.

"Man, just look at those two..." Torako remarked, "They're seem so perfect together, like nothing could bring them down as long as they have each other..."

Toma sighed. "Yeah...I wish our relationship had as strong of a bond as theirs..."