A New Moon Twist

A New Moon Twist: Bella never jumped off the cliff. In fact, she didn't even know Jacob was a werewolf (At the time). Jacob told her they couldn't be friends, Bella went to the meadow only to find Laurent. Jacob didn't get there in time. 120 years later the Cullens are returning to Forks. Boy, are they in for a surprise… T to be safe.

PLEASE don't flame. I'm only 11 and this is my first FanFic! Thanks!
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I would also like to thank 'Danjerine' from StoryWrite for her Constructive Criticism to help make my story (even?) better.

Chapter One

Biology. Not my favorite class. Too many memories.

It was where I met him, Edward Cullen. This was the room where we had our first conversation. But Edward had left; he said he didn't love me anymore. Edward Cullen, my one true love… was a lie.

Briiiinnnnnnngggg. Thank God. Class was over. I didn't even know what the teacher, Mrs. Darlington had been lecturing about. Something about today was different.

It was the day Edward and asked me to talk a walk with him, into the woods. Where he had left me there, broken, weeping, and confused.

Exactly 122 years later, almost the precise time.

I should be dead by now.

"Bella?" Laurent, a nomad who had been traveling with James, a tracker, said.

"You remember me?" I asked, Carlisle had only mentioned my name once. Laurent didn't even know that much about me.

"Where are the Cullens?"

At that moment I burst into tears. "They're gone, they're not coming back. Edw- He doesn't love me anymore!"

"Well, I must inform Victoria. She wanted to kill you, but you're in much too pain." He paused. "I am going to stop her from killing you; I will make it so she cannot hurt you, Bella."

I was alone for years. Jacob showed up only moments after Laurent bit me, too late to stop it.

Then I met Broden Mill while in Madawaska, Maine. He was a vampire, whom I knew the moment I saw him, in Gym I believe. Broden has been my "brother" for the past 94 years. He can tell if someone is lying or hiding something, he doesn't know what they are hiding, but he knows they are. Broden has pitch-black hair that looks even darker in contrast to him pastel white skin. Broden is very serious, and of course a vegetarian.

A few years later whilst in Utah, we met Haylen Donavon. She was a small, shy girl. She used to wear red-framed glasses (Which she does not need any more.), mostly jeans and old sweaters, and was usually hunched over a book. She had olive-toned skin under the usual pallor and chocolate brown hair, very beautiful. She was very smart; she actually graduated from high school at sixteen years old. But that night after graduation she was going to meet some of her (very few) friends and some relatives for a celebratory dinner. A drunken truck driver hit her on a four way stop. Broden changed her, a fake funeral was held, and all three of us left. Haylen gets a… "feeling" when something bad will happen that could put up in danger.

Later we met Daniel Booker, he was very skinny and what people called a "geek" or "nerd". Daniel was already a vampire, but not a vegetarian like us, so we introduced him to our way of life. It's hardest for him. Like... like, someone I knew. Daniel and Haylen have been together since the moment they met.

Alexis McCall. She described herself as "Hot Topic", she wasn't gothic, yet she was a… punkish-bright colored-girl? She knew there was something different about us when she saw us. Doctors soon found cancer cells in Lexi's her bloodstream (IDK that much about Cancer so sorry if that can't happen…) her parents had died earlier that year in a plane crash. She has platinum blond hair and is very tall. She can move objects with her mind.

We had all moved back to Forks, Washington after Charlie, my father, died of old age. He lived alone, and I was still "missing" so we bought his house. It is very small, but we don't exactly sleep, so we put two extra beds in my room and one in Charlie's for show, not like we have any visitors.

As I got in my black 2125 (It is the year 2127 in the story) Mitsubishi Eclipse, I felt more depressed than I ever had on the day.

The next day in Algebra before class started, Mr. Tepp said he had to make an announcement. "Class, this is Mr. Edward Cullen, he and his sibling will be joining our school."