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Bella POV

Hopelessly in love. That's how I would have described my and Christian's relationship twenty years ago, but now, that heartless vampire has cruelly changed me against my will.

Hi. My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am an unloved, unwanted, abused 17-year-old vampire.

Meet my boyfriend, Christian. He's been a vampire for over a decade and we met in high school when I was 16. He told me his secret, we fell in love – you'd think my life was perfect, right? Well, you'd be wrong – dead wrong.

Christian was one of those types of guys who act real sweet in the beginning – so they can get you. Then right when you fall into their trap SNAP! You find yourself being hit constantly for things that you never did and you find yourself to be unloved – especially when it's your boyfriend who is putting this into your mind.

About a month after my 17th birthday, Christian had invited me over to his house. He told me he had a surprise for me – it was a surprise alright. He chained me down to a bed – though he hardly needed to do that, I mean he was a super strong vampire. Not to mention I was, well I thought I was, utterly in love with him and so would have done anything he told me to.

And since I thought he loved me too, I would have never imagined him doing something to hurt me intentionally. But, I was wrong, oh so completely wrong. A vampire at the fresh age of 17 for over twenty years, being hidden from the public, and tortured… abused… beat… however you want to describe it.

I had bruises up and down my arms from him gripping me when I "miss behave", bite marks everywhere… I was a complete and utter mess and I couldn't even relieve myself of the pain….

I could always run, oh I knew that. Like I didn't dream of running away everyday… finding someone who will love me for me. But if I ran… he would follow. He could always follow. It was his gift; he could seek anyone, anywhere, at anytime he wanted. All he had to do was close his eyes and a map would come across the inside of his lids, pinpointing the exact location of the person he was trying to find.

I had learned my lesson from trying to run away… before I knew his power. I wince now at the remembrance of that night and the pain he entitled upon me… countless beatings.

My gift was a shield. It doesn't really help though because I can only shield mine and any one else's that I so choose, mind and body from other physical gifts. Numerous times I wondered why I couldn't have a shield to protect my body from Christian….