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Bella POV

Edward backed up a bit and let go of one of my hands. My breath hitched in my throat when he bent down on one knee and fished around in his pocket, pulling out a dark blue box. My eyes widened when he looked up at me, his eyes full of love and hope.

"Bella," he started, tugging on my hand a bit, making me focus. "Bella, before you my life was like a dark night with a few stars of point and reason. But then you came into my life, a comet shooting through the horizon, filling the night with a bright light, bringing happiness and joy. Happiness and joy that I never knew existed until you introduced me to them. Then when you told me that you reciprocated my love for you, the comet exploded, leaving nothing but light in the sky."

I bit my bottom lip, a small sob escaping my mouth. Edward's eyes widened and he squeezed my hand, kissing my fingers lightly.

"Isabella Marie Swan?" he asked, looking straight into my eyes, which were burning an ocher gold. "Hmm?" I mumbled, not sure if I would be able to talk right now. Edward's lips puckered slightly as his eyes searched mine, most likely looking for agony. I tried to smile but my muscles weren't having it, so I settled with a nod for him to continue.

"…will you do me the honor of making me the happiest man on Earth by becoming my wife?"

I stared down at him, tears in my eyes that would never fall. He gazed up at me, his eyes full of love and hope. I opened my mouth, but quickly shut it, not knowing what to say. Of course I wanted to live my life with him forever, but I've been tricked before.

I can't be that stupid to fall for something like this again, of course Christian and I were never married, but this still falls under the same category. What if he gets tired of me in the next few years? What if he doesn't love me later on in life? Could I handle that kind of mental abuse again?

I looked down into Edward's eyes and what I saw there completely changed my course of thinking. His eyes held not only love, but affection, adoration, caring, compassion, concern, kindness, admiration. All things that I had never seen in Christian, even when I was human.

Edward was still waiting for his answer, and by the looks of it Alice had not told him the outcome of this.

"Edward," I started, using my hand to pull him up to stand in front of me. "You know I love you. So much, too much. But I've had a rough past and you still don't even know half of it. You deserve someone so much better than me – so much better."

Edward opened his mouth to interrupt me but I put my hand up to stop him. "Let me finish, please." He nodded and allowed me to continue. "You've showed me so much that I have never felt before with Christian. Love, hope, I can't even begin to explain the way you make me feel! And that's why I- yes."

Edward's eyes went wide as he looked down at me. "Yes…?" he questioned, not yet sure what I was saying. I nodded, staring up at him, willing him to understand. "Yes you'll explain… or yes you'll marry me?" he asked; his eyes full of confusion.

"Oh my, God!" I groaned, looking up at the sky while laughing. "Yes, Edward. Yes, I will marry you."

If his eyes were wide before, they were saucers now. He ducked his head so that he was eye level with me. "Isabella Marie Swan, I promise that you will not regret this." He leaned forward and placed a firm kiss on my lips.

He pulled back with a huge grin on his face. "Now, let's go tell the family the good news." I smiled and nodded as he grabbed my hand.


"Alice!" I groaned in frustration as yet another veil was thrown over my head violently. "How many veils do we have to look at? Aren't they all the same?" I asked exasperated. We had been in this stupid store for the past five hours and the only thing I had tried on so far was just veils. Veil after veil after veil.

The wedding was three weeks away and I still needed a dress too. "Yeah, Alice. I think we've gone through all the veils enough times. Just let Bella pick one and we can move onto the dresses and shoes." Rose said, coming to my rescue.

"Fine, just one more…" Alice started but Rosalie ripped the veil from her hands, giving her a look. I sighed as I followed them through the store to the dress section. They started whipping through dress after dress. Comparing length, style, color, look – everything imaginable when Alice's phone rang.

She looked at the caller I.D. and sighed roughly. She looked at me, "It's your fiancée. You answer it." She said, tossing me the small silver device. I smiled hugely and opened the phone. "Hello?" I answered excitedly. I needed to hear at least one good voice before going back to the present which was most likely filled with hell straight from the devil himself.

"Isabella Marie Swan. When are you coming home?" his voice rang out over the cell phone, filling my head with delight. "I have been waiting patiently all day for you to come home – I'm yelling at the wrong person. Put Alice on the phone." He said with mock anger.

"Edward." I breathed into the phone, a smile on my face. "Hello, love. How is your day?" he asked, a chuckling eliciting through the phone. I groaned, leaning against the wall watching Alice throw a wedding dress halfway across the store. "Edward come rescue me!" I whined to him.

I heard him laugh, "I would love to, believe me. But I think that it would be best if you just let Alice get this out of her system. Then I can have you all to myself right up until the wedding." I smiled at the thought of getting Edward to myself, no interruptions.

Of course, we wouldn't do what I want to do. Edward says that the next time he makes love to me I will be Mrs. Bella Cullen. "I grew up in the 1900's, Bella. That's how I was raised." He had told me that quote millions of times. Well I didn't grow up in the 1900's – well at least not the time Edward was born – and that's not how I was raised, well raised around.

"Bella!" Alice's voice interrupted my train of thought. Edward chuckled into the phone. "I'll let you go now before Alice rips you to pieces. I love you." I smiled. I loved when he said that. "I love you, too. Bye."

The phone was out of my hands before I had even hung up and I was pulled in front of a large mirror. Alice was holding a dress that was a plain white wedding dress but very… frilly. "Absolutely not." I said right when I saw it.

"Just try it on at least. Geez, Bella. You can't judge a book by its cover!" I rolled my eyes and went to step down off the platform when Rosalie grabbed my wrist. "Where do you think you're going, Missy?" My eyebrows narrowed in confusion. "To… the changing room…?"

"Uh uh. You can change here. Why do you think we paid them extra to close the store for us?"

"And leave us alone." Rosalie added, looking around the store. I shrugged. It's not like I really needed to mind. I mean I had a nice body now and it's not like I needed to take off all my clothes.

"Shirt." Alice demanded, holding out her hand. I looked at her with worry evident in my face. I have always worn long sleeves for a reason, and taking off my shirt would expose my arms and just how broken I really am. Which would just prove to everyone that much more that Edward deserved much better than me.

"Can't I just leave the shirt on?" I questioned, my arms instinctively holding onto my sleeves. Alice gave me a strange look, "No. Bella, we're all girls…" I closed my eyes. "I don't want to take it off." I said with authority. "Why?" Rose asked, eyeing me.

"Because – NO!" I yelled when I felt my shirt being pulled off me by Alice. "Bella! Chill! We're not going to know if the dress fits if…" Alice trailed off as the overhead lights hit my arms, illuminating the bite marks that made their own intricate patterns.

Alice and Rosalie both came closer, staring at my arms. "Are those from…" Rose said, not having to finish. I grabbed my sweatshirt from the ground and threw it on. "Yes, they are from Christian. Can we not tell Edward about this? Thanks. I'm going home now." I started to walk away at a fast pace.

"Bella, slow down. We're coming with you." Rose said to me at vampire speed. I closed my eyes. It was only a matter of minutes before Edward knew just how broken I was.

~ At the house ~

I opened the front door with Alice and Rosalie in tow. The whole ride home they were both silent, and for Alice to be quiet… that's not a good thing. I had told them both not to tell Edward but since he can read minds… I just hope they don't think about it.

"Bella," Edward breathed as he walked into the room. I ran, crashing into him and buried my face in his chest, breathing in his honey scent. He chuckled, sending vibrations down his chest through mine and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to him.

"Did you have fun?" he asked, looking down at me. His eyes were full of amusement, but also a hint of concern. Edward. I sighed mentally. He worried too much. I shook my head, "I'm never shopping with your sisters again." I groaned, pressing my face into him.

"Hey, we're your sisters too, and it would have been fine if you hadn't-" My head snapped up and I glared at the pixie, just daring her to finish that sentence. "Hadn't what?" Edward started, the confusion that was on his face turning to shock and rage.

I glared at Alice, who most likely had finished that sentence in her head, as my sleeve was tugged off my arm ferociously. Edward growled, looking over my arm. "Are these from him?" Edward hissed, turning my arm over, tracing the marks with his fingers lightly.

"Yes." I answered gravely, ripping my arm out of his hold. Alice and Rosalie had gradually left the room, leaving me and a sadistic Edward. I looked up into Edward's frozen face and black eyes and sighed, looking away again. "Edward, if you're going to tell me you hate me now, or you don't want me anymore, just tell me-"

My rant was interrupted by a pair of lips crashing onto mine. I sighed into Edward's mouth and kissed him back, taking out all my frustration and worries in this kiss. After his tongue fought with mine, his mouth moved down to my neck, placing open mouthed kisses down my neck and jawbone.

"Don't… ever… tell… me that… I hate… you…!" he growled between kisses. I couldn't help but to smile, realizing that I was being stupid jumping to conclusions. "But how can you not hate me? Or hate this?" I asked, raising my arm, making Edward break the kiss.

"Bella, how could I hate you? Of course I don't like that, but not for the reasons that you think. I don't like it because it means someone hurt you. It's not ugly or gross. We all have one, well besides Jasper. He has more than you do. Look," he said, tilting his head and pointing to the side of his neck.

A small crescent shaped scar rested on his perfectly sculpted neck, identical to the hundred I had on my arms. I traced his scar and breathed deeply, automatically calming down.

"You see, Bella?" he said, resting his hands on my waist, pulling me closer to him. "I love you, more than you will ever know. And I guess I'm going to have to spend all eternity proving it to you." He grinned my crooked grin and I smiled at him.

"That's sounds good to me." I said, leaning up to kiss him.

"That sounds good to me."

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