Chapter one: Waking up in hospital.

"Nurse Michelle to the waiting room...Nurse Michelle to the waiting room please."

That's all I remember hearing...I couldn't see anything, just a white light. Why couldn't I see anything else apart from that bright light; was there something wrong with me? I just remember screaming for my mom to come and comfort me...but she didn't come and I just fell back to sleep again...I just remember wondering what happened...we had that crash a few hours ago on the junction. Mom had just pulled out to go round the roundabout when it happened. A car had come speeding across the junction and as it was wet on the roads, mom and I took our time coming back from the shops and then that car collided into our car...That's all I remember. Then it hit me...Was I was the major victim of the car crash? Did I get more than seriously hurt in the crash? God only knows.

I just remember hearing a nurse come into the room. "Good morning Miss Izumi, are you okay?" She asked me as I flung my arms around, trying to find where she and I were. "Where...where am I and where is my mom? I WANT MY MOM!" I said, screaming the last part out. "Sweetie; don't you remember? Your mom died in that car were the only survivor...I'm sorry." The nurse said as she put her hand on my shoulder and I just broke down into tears. "What happened to me?" I asked her as I wanted to know to put my mind at rest...what mind?! It was already shattered since she told me that mom had died. What was I going to do now? I mean, I can't live my life without my's over, I don't want to live in this world without my mom; she was special to me and she is; since she is my mother. "I know it's hard for you to understand...but you've been blinded from that car crash." The nurse said as I panicked. "B...b...blinded, you mean I'm blind?" I asked her as she helped me with my medication. "I'm sorry...but you'll be blind for the rest of your life. I don't know how you'll get your mind around it." The nurse said as I couldn't believe it. "Why did god do this to me? WHY???" I again, shouted the last part out. "Try to get some'll be taken to Odiba orphanage soon." The nurse said as I once again panicked. "Orphanage, why am I going there?" I asked but she wasn't there. My mind was still in pieces as I tried to keep my composure...but couldn't and I burst into tears again.

I was taken to the Odiba orphanage three days later after my bandages that covered my eyes had been taken off. I could feel the bandages taken off but that didn't ease the pain inside of me. My mom was dead; my dad wanted nothing to do with me and I felt alone as they guided me into the rooms where they had all the children...but all of a sudden; I could feel something and I heard the most beautiful voice ever. "Um, could you possibly help me? I need to get this book back...oh gosh, I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you there." This angelic, beautiful, sweet voice came towards me after I felt a book accidently hit me in the face, and I had my sunglasses knocked off me. "It's okay...I just can't see though." I replied as he took my hands and helped me up after I flailed them around, searching for the floor, believe me, it was frustrating. "I'm Takuya, what's your name?" Takuya asked me as I blushed a bit. "My name is Zoe, I wish I could see your sound really, really, really sweet, kind and cute." I replied as I could tell that he was blushing as he wasn't saying anything. "Why are you wearing sunglasses Zoe?" Takuya asked me as he helped me sit down on the bed that was designated for me. "I'm blind...I had a terrible car crash and my mother was killed in it and I was seriously hurt – blinded in that crash." I replied as a lone tear came down my face. "I'm sorry, I...I didn't know. I didn't mean to cause you to cry." Takuya said as I could tell that he had sincerity in his voice.

"It's okay, you didn't know." I replied as he pushed himself near me and I cried. That's when I felt him embrace me in a hug. "I don't have any friends, they all pick on me as I'm not...exactly normal either." Takuya said as I understood what he said. "Well, what's normal eh...what's wrong?" I asked as I heard him cry after another boy came over. "Hey cripple! How's about I borrow your crutches!" That same boy said; with laughter afterwards; which made me angry. "How dare you pick on him? What right do you have anyway, leave him alone!" I said; trying to shout at the boy. "Zoe, it's best to leave this be...Koji; if you want my crutches; then take them...I won't be the one who gets into trouble this time." Takuya said as Koji laughed and pushed Takuya down onto the floor after he gave Koji the crutches. "This happens every time...I'm the one who they pick on...all because I'm different." Takuya said; as he spat, trying to get up but couldn't. "Where are you...I'll try and help you up Takuya...if you could talk to me, I'll find where you are and try and help you up." I said as Takuya spoke again and I found him straight away, helping him up as the caretaker, Miss Moriarty came from what I've heard from the nurses and doctors; she is the most kindest caretaker ever. She looks after the kids; feeds them; bathes them and helps them with their school work as she's a qualified school teacher as well. "What's going on here? Takuya, are you getting picked on?" She asked the both of us as Takuya started sobbing since he was never a tattle teller. "Yes, he's picking on me and calling me a cripple." Takuya said in between sobs. "He also pushed Takuya onto the ground afterwards." I replied as Takuya tried to calm down but couldn't.

"Okay, I'll sort this out. Koji, come here for the minute please?" Miss Moriarty said as Koji walked over and scowled at me and Takuya. "Why did you take his crutches? You know he can't walk properly, and what's this about that you pushed him to the floor afterwards? I cannot believe you sometimes Koji are nothing but trouble! Leave this boy alone and certainly leave this girl alone since she is new here, do I make myself clear young man?" She asked him as he scowled again. "Do I?" She said, once again as he nodded in defeat and handed Takuya the crutches back. "Thanks Zoe...I appreciate that." Takuya said as I could tell he had finished sobbing. "If there is anything you need; then don't hesitate to ask okay?" Miss Moriarty said as she turned and went to walk back to her office. "Oh, before I go; Zoe; all that stuff has been brought for you; the books that contain brail are waiting in my office for you." She said; in a kind manner as I could tell she was smiling as there was almost a beam of light coming from Miss Moriarty. "Well, looks like you're gonna be okay here." Takuya said as he once again hugged me. "Can I ask you something Takuya?" I said as I put my head down. "Sure." He replied as he put his hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong with you?" I asked as he was a bit confused. "Oh, I thought you meant something else...sorry; I never get things right...Typical me!" He said; laughing afterwards. "Well, if you would like to know, I have weak bones in my legs...I was born with a hereditary disease, which caused my bones in my legs to become brittle to the point where my legs were already breaking in my mom's womb. So that's why I have to use crutches every day." He replied as I was shocked. "What happened to your mom...unless that's a difficult subject to talk about?" I said, thinking that he may not want to talk about it.

"My mom died in childbirth...My dad abandoned me and mom during her pregnancy...I was born...but my mom wasn't. I still remember the bible verse that my mom loved to repeat to me when I was in the womb. Let me see if I can still remember it. Revelations 21:6 – He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life." Takuya recited to me…but I was hanging onto every word that he was reciting. "That's amazing!" I said as I yawned. "Why don't you go to sleep? I'll stay here with you and keep you company." Takuya asked me as he took my sunglasses off after I lay down onto the bed and fell asleep, that's when Takuya sighed and stroked my hair. "Goodnight angel…Get a goodnights sleep." He said; kissing me on the head afterwards.