Chapter 10: Waking up... into a dream...or is it?

I took my first steps into the new life I had begun by opening my eyes...was it a dream or a reality. I tried to rub my eyes, but blinked a few times since it was so blurry to begin with and then all of a sudden, I just saw mom come into view and I started to cry.

"Well?" She asked as I cried a hell of a lot. "I can see! I can see!" I said, over and over as they all jumped up and down. "Oh honey; I'm so happy for you!" Mom said as I jumped out of bed and ran...wobbled all the way to mom and wrapped my arms around her. "Oh mommy, I can't believe that I can see again...thank you so much!" I said as she smiled and for the first time in a year, as I looked up; I could see her smile...her smile that brought so many children hope that they would be adopted. "Well, looks like the surgery was a huge success!" The doctor said as he smiled and I turned to him. "Thank you again doctor!" I said as I shook his hand. "It's okay Miss can finally go home!" He said; smiling. "Can I get changed?" I asked as they nodded. "I don't suppose you don't need a hand." Mom said as I laughed. "I think I can try it just this once by least I won't be going into doors or walls or children." I said as mom burst into laughter and tears herself and I went to get changed...after I had the canula taken out of my wrist. I walked back into the room...even though I wobbled a few times since I had a lot of drugs pumped into my body to keep the infections at bay. I was also given tablets to take every day to stop the virus' coming to attack my sight...even though I scoffed that the idea; I still agreed to take them. "I wonder what Takuya will say...I've got an idea!" I said to mom as she put me into the car and laughed a little bit. Once we got back to the orphanarium, JP saw the car that my mom drove pull up.

"She's here!" He chirped as Takuya looked dead nervous...I know he was thinking that the operation might have gone well; it may have not gone well...but he'd still love me for who I am...not what I look like. JP's smile dropped from his face as he saw me get out with glasses on and using my stick. "She's still blind." JP said; as his face went to a worried state. "Oh well; so much for getting her vision back." Takuya said; a little bit sad...but happy that I was back, and as I walked back in with my walking stick and had my glasses on; I walked up to Takuya and placed a passionate kiss on his lips. "Wow." He said; wobbling about as I giggled after he fell and mom picked him up. "I've got something to say babe." I said as he looked at me. "Yeah, what is it Zoe?" He asked as I gave my stick to mom and glasses to her. "It's so good to see again!" I said; giggling as he was stunned, so was JP. "So you can see? Why did you come in like that?" JP said; not understanding why I did it. "I wanted to surprise you Takuya...and especially you JP!" I said; smiling that I could see everything once again...I wasn't just happy that I had my vision back; but I was happy that everyone was happy, and that was all that mattered to me...heck; I could still be blind and be happy and make everyone else happy. I could now read the books that we were using for schoolwork and my grades went up a lot...I was no longer afraid to try things.

By the time it hit the 3rd day before my twelfth birthday, I was still with Takuya and everyone was mostly still there, JP was still there, a lot of kids were adopted and replaced by new kids that I had made friends with...but mom was happier than everyone else, why? Because she knew I was safe and sound and that I was getting on with everyone in the orphanage. We celebrated my twelfth birthday; to which I had fun. I got up and danced even thought Takuya couldn't, he wanted to...but his legs were gonna break if he did, so I just sat down on the bed next to him and moved about with him. Mom was in hysterics seeing me do that with him. I decided to dress differently...I didn't shed my "girly" girl side...I had that; but I was more of a tomboy now, playing soccer again; basketball, playing rough games...but still had my girly clothes on; in the summer; I was wearing dresses and skirts and when I went to the swimming pool, I had to wear goggles...but I wore bikini's and swimsuits, which didn't bother me at the least...Takuya loved going swimming since it was good for his legs...even though he almost can't swim; he's adapted to swimming like he can't use his legs; so it's cool to see him do that. In the winter, I wore trousers; jogging pants and jeans...sometimes my skirts as well. Takuya was shocked to see that I had literally grown up from being a young girl; to being an adult...I had matured and I say the same thing about Takuya...he's matured a hell of a lot since we first met...and I can't believe that we're still together.

"Zoe, I forgot to give you's my birthday present." Mom said as she handed me a necklace...which belonged to her when she was a child. "I got this off my friend...That is now a rock star...he bought me this for my thirteenth birthday and I wore it every day...but now I want you to have it!" Mom said as she put it around my neck. "Happy birthday sweetie" She said afterwards and kissed me on the forehead. "Thanks mom." I said; touching the necklace and just looking at it. "And, I've got another surprise for you...I've legally changed my surname back to Izumi, it's no longer Moriarty." Mom said as I jumped for joy. "You're really an Izumi!" I said to mom; who just nodded, smiled and then turned to go back into her room. "Wow...did you have a good birthday?" Takuya asked as I smiled and nodded; as I looked at him. "I never realised how cute you really I can back that up!" I said as he shook his head; then blushed. "Well, I still back up how cute you are Zoe!" He replied as he made me blush. "Stop it; you're making me blush!" I said; giggling. (Don't know why, but today; I'm in a giggly mood!) We just relaxed afterwards and for the first time...and don't be shocked about this; I did not have any nightmares and I slept so soundly that I was up the next morning, perky and cheery.

"'re cheery!" Mom said as I ran into the classroom for the class to start. "Yeah, I should be, I've got my sight back; and I'm so happy!" I said as mom nodded. "Well, we're doing something different today...we're not gonna learn maths or anything; I think we should have a day off from; I organised a day out at the ice rink." Mom replied as everyone cheered...including me but Takuya was sad, so I opted not to go ice skating. "Mom...can I stay here with Takuya?" I asked mom as she nodded. "We won't be long...just be careful okay...we don't want you to have any accidents." Mom said; sternly. "Okay mom...we're just gonna relax, listen to music...and I might try and read one of Takuya's mangas!" I said as Takuya laughed. Once they left; we just did what we did and when it came to the song we liked the most; we didn't mind blasting our voices since the nurse did go out on the trip with everyone else. "That was fun!" I said; turning to Takuya, who was out of breath from singing so loud. "Yeah...that was...intense!" Takuya said as he regained his composure. "So why are they called mangas?" I asked him as I looked at one and I was reading it backwards. "Um Zoe, you're supposed to read it this way." Takuya said as he turned the book the other way round. "Ah, I see, so it's back to front." I said as I just read a load of mangas every day. I was going for regular checkups to see how my sight is going, and it's going great! I honestly cannot believe how good my sight has become. Mom seems so proud of the fact that the operation went well and I got my sight back.

When we came home, mom asked me why I didn't want to go ice skating. "Well; it's Takuya...we couldn't leave him alone in the orphanage could we?" I said as mom nodded. "Hmm, you've got a point...maybe Takuya would like going fishing or something like that." She said, as we pulled up and I got out of the car. "Mom, I think we need to talk about this some other time...with Takuya; no point in thinking at all without him, he might not like to go fishing." I said as mom nodded. "Since when did I raise a smart daughter?" She said; ruffling my hair. "MOM" I shouted out as I hated that and had to reset my hair. When we got in; I saw Takuya playing cards with JP and other children. "May I join in?" I asked him and he pulled a chair away. "We're playing rummy...not for money obviously; just for fun." Takuya said as I got dealt a hand of cards. "Aw crap! I'm not good at this game...pass me the cards will ya JP?" I asked as he passed me the cards and I just completely shuffled them like you would see cards shuffled in Vegas. "Wow Zoe, since when could you do that?" Takuya asked as he was in awe. "I did this before I lost my vision." I replied as I dealt hands of cards out to JP, Takuya and the other children who were playing. "Blackjack my friends." I said as I explained the rules to them. We were having so much fun...I don't think I've ever interacted with the other children like that, they said that I was cool and they would love to hang out with me sometime as well as Takuya and JP.

"Hey Zoe, long time no see!" I heard a familiar voice and as I turned around; I saw Koji and a familiar looking girl stood there. "Oh my; that's Kouichi." I said as I looked at them, then ran and put my arms around in a hug. "What the..." Kouichi said as he and Koji blushed. "I can see again...I had an operation to give me my sight back!" I said as they smiled and jumped up and down. "So, how are you two? Getting on I hope!" I said; giggling afterwards. "Yeah, we're fine...Kouichi is now transitioned to a girl...she's not got the op...She's staying like that; she's changed her gender on her birth certificate and the electoral roll." Koji said as Kouichi nodded. "Yeah, I just didn't want to get the op just yet...I'm not old enough anyway. I'm only thirteen." She replied. "Hey; that's I said before Kouichi, you are who you are, and I'm happy that you've transitioned into a girl now." I replied back as they gave me a card for my birthday. "Sorry it's so late...but Kouichi likes to take her time with cards...especially when she makes them." Koji said as I opened it and it was a pink card with glitter and stars on and I read inside of it and as I closed it; I hugged them again. "Thank you so much, I love the card Kouichi...I didn't know you were talented!" I said, smiling at her and making her smile back. "Hold on, before you go; I saved you some birthday cake...the chef baked this for me...It's lovely and it's a very sweet gesture from the chef." I said; handing them two bags; which held the cake slices. "Thanks Zoe." Koji said as he could hear his adopted father shout out for them. "There's our dad." Kouichi said to Koji; who nodded. "We've gotta go...but thanks again Zoe, you've been one of the best friends I've ever had!" Koji said to me as I smiled as they left.

"Well, that's that...I suppose we'll never be leaving this place!" Takuya joked. "Not on my mother's life you won't!" I said, laughing afterwards. And as we settled in for the night; and before I fell asleep, I wondered about that question I always wanted to ask...Am I the luckiest girl in the world...and the most privileged girl? You bet I am!

Aw, what a lovely ending huh...I just can't go with the bad endings...breaks my heart!!! Anyways; I hope you enjoyed this fanfic and let me know if you would like me to do another Takumi fanfic. Unfortunately; you might get to read it a bit late than usual...but it's because I'm gonna be so busy over this week.

I'm enjoying writing these for you's such a privilege for me to do this!!! Thank you so much!!!