(A/N: Ok, so 'Ginger Snaps' is one of my favorite werewolf movies, second only to 'Dog Soldiers', but I was unsatisfied with the way they ended the second one and disgusted with that miserable excuse of a third movie. So, here's a new story picking up right where the second one left off.)

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Chapter 1: Back From the Dead

Brigitte's howl echoed through the old house. Ghost looked up from her drawing and smiled.

"Soon, Brigitte, soon." She said. "The pain will pass, just bare with it. Accept your destiny, become what you were meant to be."

If Brigitte were capable of replying, she was a little busy trying to burst through trapdoor of the basement. She was too dangerous to be let out right now. To herself as well as others. After all, she had begged Ghost for death, but the young blond decided otherwise. Having her own werewolf was not something she was about to give up.

Ghost wasn't cruel or sadistic. She was simply insane. She couldn't tell the difference between reality and fantasy, seeing the two as one blurred universe. And in this little world her psychotic mind had created, she was the Dark Queen, and Brigitte was on her way to becoming her Hell Hound, who she would release upon her enemies.

Another tortured howl rang up from the basement. Ghost pitied the poor creature. The transformation from human to werewolf couldn't possibly be pleasant. She had seen that other werewolf, the one lying dead in the basement with Brigitte. That was what the unfortunate teen was becoming. A savage animal with an appetite for live meat, especially human.

Well, at least she wouldn't go hungry. Alice's corpse was also in the basement. Brigitte could eat her fill.

"Your rebirth will probably leave you hungry." Said Ghost. "But don't worry, I'll take care of you. The Dark Queen has many enemies for you to devour."

Brigitte howled again. Ghost sighed and looked at the clock. It had been about half an hour since she had locked her in the basement. At the time her features had become rather wolfish, but she was still mostly human. Ghost didn't know how fast the transformation took, but she guessed that it would be a few hours at least.

Good thing she hadn't gotten her hands on any more of that so-called cure. An injection of liquefied monkshood served as a temporary cure for the lycanthrope virus. It stopped the transformation for a while as well as the animalistic behavior. But only for a little while, and the virus was slowly overcoming it. Soon it would have no affect, and nothing would stop the transformation.

Unlike legends, full moons had nothing to do with the changing, nor did free will. Once infected, whether through bite, the virus being in the saliva, and other bodily fluid exchange, including sex and blood exchange, the change slowly took place over time and was permanent. There was no going back to being human.

In fact, that was how Brigitte got infected. After her sister, Ginger had been bitten and undergone her transformation, Brigitte had been infected with her blood and began her own.

'It's a shame she killed her sister.' Thought Ghost. 'I could have had two Hell Hounds to do my bidding.'

More howling, more growling and snarling. Ghost sighed again. She decided to go check on her devilish dog. She wondered how much Brigitte had changed. Would she before more wolf than human, or still be more human than wolf.

She went down stairs and walked over to the trapdoor. She laid on her stomach and looked through the small hole she had made. She couldn't see anything, it was too dark. But for some reason, that only made Ghost smile.

"Good, you're learning to hide in the shadows, just as a creature of the night should. We shall stay in the shadows where we belong, and remove all those that stand in the light."

But even as she said this, light was filling the room. Ghost jumped to her feet when she realized that the lights were coming from a car, no, make that a van. A van coming much too fast. For a second Ghost thought they were going to drive right through the wall, but whoever was driving suddenly slammed on the breaks.

Ghost's eyes narrowed. An intruder, a being of the light, no doubt, come to stop the Dark Queen and her Hell Hound. Had that so-called good Samaritan that had stopped by early after hearing the commotion come back? She had thought that she had made it clear that everything was fine. Did they know the truth? Did they think they could stop her? Well they had another thing coming. She went a picked up a hammer, the one still stained with Alice's blood that Ghost had used to bash the woman's brains in. This intruder would face the same fate.

A loud banging came at the door along with shouts to be let in. Ghost moved over to the door, but did not open it. She pressed herself against the wall and waited, hammer in hand.

Whoever was knocking grew more impatient than they already were and kicked the door open. Ghost gave a loud shriek and swung the hammer. The person moved with surprising speed and grabbed her wrist before she could bring the hammer down. Ghost looked up at the person. It was a boy about a year or two older than Brigitte, and she immediately picked up that something was off him.

"Where is she?" he demanded.

Ghost raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

"Brigitte!" the boy snapped. "I know she's here, now where is she?"

Ghost scowled at him. "She's mine. You can't have her."

The boy growled in a very animalistic way. "There's no time for this! Tell me where the hell she is!"

Ghost refused to speak, but the boy got his answer anyway as Brigitte howled again. He released Ghost and ran over to the trapdoor.

"I won't free her." said Ghost. "She must stay down there until her transformation is comp-"

"Shut up!" the boy shouted, and broke the lock on the trapdoor with his bare hands, much to Ghost's astonishment.

"You still can't go down there." She insisted. "She'll tear you apart. Not even I, her Mistress of the Night, can a go near her in this state."

The boy growled again. "God, will you be quiet!"

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a syringe, one filled with a familiar looking purple liquid.

Ghost's eyes narrowed. "Where'd you get that?" she whispered.

Ignoring her, the boy jumped into the basement. "Brigitte?"

A figure jumped at him from out of the dark. The boy dodged it and the figure fell to the floor. It was Brigitte in the midst of her transformation. Her skin crawled and twisted. Her face shifted from extremely wolfish to semi wolfish, her nose expanding and retracted as her body struggled to hold onto its original shape. A bloodcurdling howl erupted from her throat as she rolled around, lashing out at anything she could get her hands on.

The boy fell upon her, holding her down. Brigitte continued to struggle, seeming to not even realize the boy was there. He raised the syringe and plunged it into her neck. Brigitte gasped as the cure was injected into her. It was like lemonade on a hot day; the monkshood extinguishing the flames of the virus.

For a few seconds neither moved. Ghost peeked down in the basement to see what happened, seeing the boy holding down a no longer struggling Brigitte. After a few more seconds, Brigitte let out a hissing breath of air as her body relaxed. She blinked a few times and humanity returned to her eyes.

"Brigitte?" the boy asked carefully.

She blinked again and looked up at him, only noticing the boy for the first time. Her lips moved as she struggled to speak. Before she passed out, she uttering a single word. A name. "Sam?"

(A/N: That ends the first chapter. Sam's alive and Brigitte is still human, sort of. The explanation for Sam's survival will be explained soon, though you should be able to figure it out from the story's summary. I know this chapter was kind of short and not much happened, but the other chapters will be longer and better. In the meantime, tell me how you like it so far, and I'll update as soon as I can.)