(A/N: It's short, but most epilogues are. The story basically ended last chapter. This is just a little peek at what has become of Sam and Brigitte.)

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2 Years Later

A full-fledged werewolf crept out of its cave. The cave was located several miles away from the now rusty old van that had brought them here, and far from humanity, surrounded by miles of wilderness.

The male sniffed the air, detecting food nearby. He and his mate had long since become familiar with the territory and were the top predators around.

Turning back to the cave, the male watched as his mate emerged from within. After she had killed Jason and run off, it hadn't been long before he had changed as well and caught up with her. Together they had taken over the territory, easily overpowering any animals that fought back. Not even bears stood a chance against them.

The female growled softly and three werewolf pups emerged from the cave behind her. They were only two months old, but even now they were capable of fending for themselves. They enjoyed the hunts their parents took them out for.

One of them brushed up against its mother affectionately and she bent down and licked it softly. She turned back to her mate, waiting for him to decide what they would do.

The male looked back at its mate and growled softly. He had smelled something special tonight. It was human. A rare treat. While human, he had brought himself and his mate far away from any humanity, but even now there was the occasional hiker or camper. Only four times in the past few years have they gotten the chance to experience human flesh. Mostly their diet was deer. The pups would certainly enjoy this; it would be their first time tasting human meat.

With their prey completely unaware that they were about to become the main course, the wolves howled to the night sky and took off, ready to hunt as a pack.


(A/N: Short and simple. Notice that neither Sam or Brigitte identified themselves by name? They haven't been human in a long time, nor will they ever be again. And look, they have pups. How cute. So, that ends my story. Sorry for those of you that were hoping that they would be miraculously cured somehow, but it was never gonna happen. Now that everything's all wrapped, leave your final reviews for me, and thanks.)