When Tosh finally managed to pull up Ianto Jones' file on the computer (without once questioning why Jack would want to look at it or complaining that no one had bothered to attempt full retrieval of personnel files after Canary Wharf) she picked up her coat and left, leaving Jack to read it on his own.
As he read, Jack realised that Ianto was exactly the type they'd liked at Torchwood One: clever enough to do the work expected, but not enough as to cause trouble. Not how Jack liked his team – he wanted them brilliant as they come and with character. So far, this Ianto Jones' only quirk was a very minor shoplifting conviction, from Topman of all places, and he even had the generic degree of English lit and History, which Jack surmised overall, made him a very safe bet for 'Information Retrieval'. Another blank suit amongst the hundreds of other blank suits working in Torchwood Tower, but one who'd survived against the odds and refused Retcon. Maybe there was more to this than a chance meeting during a rather disastrous weevil hunt?
Jack sat back and sighed, the lad had seemed harmless enough (and pretty by all accounts), unlikely to be a danger to the team or to compromise investigations and, unless he turned up again, Jack was quite contented to leave him alone.

So the next morning he thought it was kind of a shame that Ianto Jones wasn't quite so contented to leave him alone.
'The right qualifications for the job', yes, but not the right qualifications for Jack Harkness because, despite rumour, he could well ignore a pretty face, even one who knew about Torchwood. Personally, if he could have nothing further to do him, the sooner the better. Torchwood One had been far too big for their boots and even if this trait didn't run down to the office boys Jack reckoned it would be better for all involved if Ianto Jones left, found another life and left hunting aliens to Jack and his team.
Of course he hadn't betted on Ianto's desperation, but thought as he drove back in the SUV, drugged pterodactyl in the boot, that maybe the boy would be useful after all, even if all he did was clean up and make drinks. Hell, anything was preferable to the stuff they were currently drinking and he vaguely recalled a coffee maker that had tumbled out of one of the high boxes in the archive when he'd been tugging out an old file. Yes, maybe he'd made a good decision.