I had this idea in the summer holidays... and I think I can get it to work... I only remembered about it after reading through my holiday diary (there's a lot of rubbish in there so it took a while...) and so, basically I'm giving it a go.

Anyone remember Algy? He was the character from The Empty Child, who was *with* Jack? This is the reappearance of Algy, with emphasis on how much Jack has changed, and what Algy does to Ianto and Jack's relationship. So, yeah, Janto. This is just a 'tester' chapter, and I'll do more if people like the idea, etc... gaia-x-goddess xx

"Okay, Jack, we've got a rift disturbance." Tosh called, grabbing her jacket and checking that she had her gun. "I think something's come through."

"Okay." Jack called. Tosh waited patiently, motioning to the others to hurry up. Owen wandered over to stand by her, and Gwen also came in.

Ten minutes later, they were still waiting. Tosh was sighing absentmindedly and Owen had resorted to flicking a desk repeatedly. Finally Jack appeared, and Ianto behind him.

"At last!" Tosh said pointedly.

"Ah, sorry." Jack said. Owen smirked, noticing that Jack had done his shirt buttons up wrongly, meaning his shirt was all skewed.

"We had paperwork." Jack said defensively. Ianto shot him a look, saying quite clearly 'that's not going to work, and you know it-!' but he refrained from saying anything.

"Sure." Owen said smugly, "and that's how your shirt got like that, right?"

Jack glowered. "Hard work, paperwork," he said brightly. "Ianto pushes me so hard to get it all done-"

"Jack." Ianto said lightly, "shut up."

Jack grinned. Everyone else looked faintly disgusted.

"So, where are we going?"

The man was lying on the ground, in a uniform. People were obviously dismissing him as drunk and ignoring him – "so much for the good Samaritan" Jack muttered – so they had no problem helping him up.

Jack didn't recognise him at first, but suddenly the message from his eyes got through to his brain and he went slightly pale.

Looking at Ianto he grimaced slightly, angry at the irony of it all. This wasn't fair, not now.

"I know him." He announced. "From way back… before…" Before the Doctor. Before the Doctor had changed him… "Just before. We were in service together… we… knew… each other…" Ianto frowned slightly, but tried to keep himself free from jealousy, professional.

"I'm sorry." Jack said. Gwen started to speak but Tosh elbowed her rudely. Gwen took the hint moodily, realising that Jack was looking at Ianto as he spoke.

Ianto shrugged. "What for?" he asked. "So, what's his name?"

"Algy." Jack said, realising too late he should at least pretend he couldn't remember. Ianto nodded stonily. Tosh winced, sure that this was going to cause some problems.

Jack swore inside. He wasn't quite sure what he had with Ianto but he wasn't prepared to lose it just yet… and, to be honest, he was afraid of Algy. Afraid that the Jack Algy knew – the criminal – might just reappear, as suddenly as Algy.

And that wasn't something he wanted to happen.

Glancing at Ianto, he saw that the other man was holding his head in his hands. Owen was glancing at them awkwardly, and Gwen seemed to be more taken with Algy – even thought Jack could have told her it was no use. Tosh seemed to be trying to comfort Ianto subtly, not that it was working.

Jack frowned as he looked down at Algy, realising just how much stuff he had shared with the younger man. It had been a bitter retaliation against the Agency… not that Algy had known. Jack shuddered slightly, realising just how much Algy would have depended on him, remembering the thrill of power that he's got from having Algy believe that Jack had cared for him…

He looked at Ianto softly, afraid of what the others would say once they had listened to Algy, and worked out the truth about what sort of a man he'd been…

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