My first ToV story. Sorry, i've nothing really to say.

Ba'ul roared happily as the vorpal winds raced by, the wooden Fierita swaying as he raced through the clear currents. Judith stood at the front of the ship, smiling up at the massive whale, the sporadic gusts of wind blowing through her large azure hair, the strands flitting around as if they had their own mind. She sighed, an arm resting upon one of the oak railings, her soft-skinned head lying upon the hand. Clouds, fluttering by at their level, passed over the continents below, pasture greens racing behind them. Aurion, their city of Hope, the respective city they created, also passed, the townfolk staring up as it persisted through. Behind her, there was the hollow clomping of a certain heel, a small sense of regality following it. Judith could almost tell what would follow.

"Judith?" Estelle, as usual, approached from the aft of the ship, the swaying barely throwing the young girl off as it once had. Walking with a slight sense of silence, the girl had probably tried to surprise her. But, that was a competitive way of thinking, a way of superiority that she was trying to loosen.

"Oh, Estelle. What's wrong?" Her sultry voice, along with a few other things, flowed as she spoke, a beautiful string solo harmonizing with every living being. Ba'ul chimed along with her, his voice sounding off in Judith's head. His reactions slowed the ship's swaying, a calming air rinsing through the flying whale.

"Nothing, really… We're just wondering where you have disappeared to."

"Who asked?"

"Take a guess." She obviously knew the answer. If they had polled the entire ship, everyone would have known the answer; Rita was very attached to her, especially since they started getting along. Both were intelligent and had similar interests, allowing them to understand each other easily. As for the whole "blastia-thing", they decided to follow the rule of bygones. Understandable, considering their new "relationship".

"What does Rita want? She starting to freak?" It was nothing uncommon that the young mage would easily fly off the handle.

"You never really know with that girl. But, she is going a little overboard."

"What's she want?"

"Nothing really. Raven's just bothering her. Like always."

"Thanks. I'll be down in a bit."

"That would be wonderful. By the way", her voice was a little quiet, almost as if she was a little anxious. Interestingly enough, she had found the thick floor very enthralling, throwing her full attention to it.

"Like a school girl." Judith knew what she would ask next.

"Do you know where Yuri is? I mean, I just want to check up on him." She wasn't blushing as she said it, however.

"He's at the back of the ship, probably napping like usual. See", she said, pointing to a small black huddled mass that was crumpled at the bow; a dog was curled at his feet, both, as usual, being inseparable from each other."

"Heh. I should have guessed."

"Ha." It was a sad laugh."

"What?" She turned back to her, she looked over her face.

"Nothing at all."

"You don't need to tease me."

"I don't, and I'm not trying to. Sorry if it seemed like that." Judith was genuinely surprised that Estelle reacted in such a fashion. It wasn't like her in the least. She needed something to turn this conversation away, to have her get off her back.


"Go bother him, champ. Have fun." But she didn't wear a smile as she said it. They all knew, except for the naïve girl that nothing would happen. Nobody said anything, however, leaving the clueless individual to find out the hard way. It was almost obvious that they had both felt something for each other, but that was almost weeks before. He wouldn't call it onesided, but Estelle was a little more into it than Yuri. He had started to show signs of disinterest, leaving her to be let down, at an easy pace of course. She just never saw the clues.

"Thank you, Judith." It was almost as if she ignored the last remark, walking slowly to the back. Once out of sight, she would quicken her pace, moving to Yuri faster than she would hint on to. Judith went ahead and started for the small cabin that was embedded into the bottom of the Fierita. Everyone else was either sleeping below or breathing in the fresh day's air. She took one look back at the girl approaching the black haired male, one who even she had felt something for. And considering all the time they had spent together, it was almost as evident as Estelle's fixation. But, those thought would only serve to ruin the beautiful day. It was more than just that. The jovial peaks were cresting before them, a serene and panoramic spread that only the toughest of misers could hate. A sea completed the picture, absorbing everything else in the beyond. If she were to take a look behind herself, she would have seen the flowing, snow hair of Duke, smiling as he watched them go by, the well chiseled face stretching itself for such an action.

"I wish you luck with Yuri, Estelle. I wish you could say the same thing for me." An unexpected color lit up in the pink-haired girl, her motions almost falling into a complete sprint. Yuri's hair hid his face, the messy locks and strands hiding everything that would hold his personality. And, as always, he wore a cocksure grin, returning Judith's mocking smile that looked on him from afar. Although she couldn't full see his face, she understood what he was doing. Sticking her tongue out at the young man, she finally left them, disappearing into the candlelit bowels of the Fierita.

"Yuri", exploded the soft, almost too familiar voice of his oldest comrade amongst the group, Estelle. She shone throughout the darkness for him, leading him along all the time. That's why it was almost bittersweet to have a normal conversation with the girl, her intentions all too obvious. Repede caught wind of what was happening, attentiveness floating into his head. All senses regained, the dog erected himself upward, moving quickly away from the girl he couldn't stand. That was no surprise. "Yuri", she yelled again, her persistence almost unbearable at times. But, the black-haired swordsman didn't hate her; he only didn't reciprocate the feelings that she had for him. Deluding the girl gave him a taste of disdain, hurting him inside as it did him on the outside. He was still pursuing the same thing, just trying not to be a chauvinistic ass as he did it.

Estelle was an easy-going 19 year-old, her birthday, along with the majority of the rest of the group, had come and gone. But age was hardly anything amongst them, the spectrum between them all incredibly wide. The older teen was, however, immature compared with the rest. Yuri, at first, had been fine with her, the accumulating time of both immense. Hell, it had been just the two at the beginning, and they were planning to have it that way, or at least Estelle thought as much.

"Yuri, come on." She was shaking the young man, not violently, only lightly, her face smiling although there were hints of frustration in her voice.

"I'm awake, I'm awake. Calm yourself."

"Why don't you move your hair out of your eyes?"

"Because I don't want to. Besides, what's the big rush?"

"Yuri, let's go do something, okay? We haven't really seen the world."

"What do you mean?"

"We've just saved to world, and look. You're not even deviating from the normal lazy things that you do."

"So, what am I supposed to be doing? Wasting my time roaming pointlessly around the sky or something like that?"

"No, we should go somewhere. Somewhere nice and warm, but lush. Like a tropical island and just relax for a bit."

"Isn't that a little far-fetched?"

"Well, could you at least take me around the world? Show me every different place, even all the nooks and crannies. Just take me somewhere else and new."

"Why? You've already seem most, if not all, of the world in all our stupid little travels. It will be the same as it was back then, nothing different at all. I couldn't hold the attention I would need in a vacation or something like that…" He slightly brushed the hair that hung low, his smile visible to Estelle.

"Yuri, you're the same as always. I guess that's what I like about you. Hmm…"

"Thanks." He paused, looking into her eyes. The shine had faded back into the regular luster that they held, her attitude changing almost entirely as the conversation furthered away from her comfort zone. Yuri could tell that she was starting to get annoying by his unwilling attitude. "Seem like you're not really complimenting me, though."

"It's nothing like that. I'm just thinking about how you've acted in the past. In case you're wondering, it's exactly the same."

"Don't forget that we already are doing something, now."

"I know. But I was speaking after that."

"Trust me, I don't have time to bother with anything like that. The Aer Krene is much more important. Zaphias is experiencing some things, and we can't have that. It could lead to another crisis type thing."

"But is it more important than me?" And the question released, taking him totally by surprise. Of course Estelle would say something like that, killing the mood in the process.

"Wow. I don't think I ever said anything like that, nor did I allude to that."

"But I mean it."

"So do I. I'm not going to even answer a stupid question like that. It's almost too obvious what I would say anyway." She smiled at this but it faltered, the young girl trying to decipher if he was speaking of her or the situation.

"But what about after Zaphias?"

"We'll see. I want to see how I feel about it."

"Heh. I will hold you to that."

"Knock yourself out. Just, please, stop bothering me with this stupid crap right now. I'm not kidding about needing sleep." The hair resumed its place, taking a firm residence over the entire face of Yuri. It was his mask once again.

"Don't lie to me, Yuri. I can tell when you aren't telling the truth."

"I'm not lying, Estellise." When he said her entire name, an uncommon event that barely saw rise within the group, she actually felt it sting. He never called her by that name, it an insult rather than a title of the girl. She stood up, her mouth opening with a wide expression.

"Fine…", she said, taking a moment to come back into reality. She completely dropped it, leaving less satisfied with herself than when she had arrived. All that was originally intended had been thrown to the ground, more or less stomped on by a running parade. Everyone, sans the pink-haired girl, was downstairs, her attention turning away from the boy. However, she wasn't in the mood to be around anyone else. Yuri, him feeling more than a little awkward about what had happened, decided to move down into the cabin, surrounding himself with others that were in a different mindset. Quietly, he moved away from the lifeless people atop the ship, sneaking over to the door. The heavy hinges slid without sound, the well-kept door in pristine condition.

Downstairs was erupt with a larger sense of chaos, Raven flailing and writhing in some agony about something or the other, two girls surrounding him. He wore a face of impudence, the girls mockingly smiling as they watched. Rita, who was in the center of the chaos, was shouting at the eldest member, the purple-clad outfit swaying as the man jumped back and forth, avoiding Rita's wrath. Still, her vivacity was to be admired, her anger peaking and expanding as she grew older, rather than the norm of calming itself. Patience and the mage were never friends, only harsh enemies that always fought; quietness also often went against her every action. Yuri smiled, turning out both, making odd symbols with his hands towards Judith. Being the mediator in the situation, she just stood back and awkwardly looked around.

"What's up", mouthed, both arms shrugging as he asked.

"I really don't know", she replied. Judith was always a treat to be around, her congenial personality more than a welcome to all who knew her. It was the same with Yuri, who admired her and was close, but he wasn't nor wanted to be entangled in a relation with the girl; for him, it would only ruin everything.

He acknowledged the situation, turning back to the earsplitting shrieking that was following them. Slowly, Yuri found himself staring at the young girl, her light brunette hair reflecting the dim candlelight with an angelic flair. Out of the corner of her eye, the Krityan watched as a subtle smile passed across his face. The emotion was unexpected, spreading and regaling a tale staring both, a tale none of them could even being to fathom. Judith almost felt her heart being tugged, his surprising feelings revealing more than she had wished to see. However, if it wasn't to be…

Outside, an updraft threw Ba'ul off-guard, the ship rocking as he moved up and down, the change almost instantaneous. All four were thrown around, Repede barking with a harsh attack. Obviously, with the rapid alteration of the weather, they could tell that they were nearing the mana reverberations of the Zaphias aer krene. Almost instantly, Rita's attitude changed, her eyes lighting up.

"We're near it. Come on,"

"Uh, Rita? We do have to land it first."

"Then do that. I want to get down there quickly."

Judith closed her eyes and slowly started telling Ba'ul to land in one of the many clearings. By then, the younger girl had run up on deck, her body nearly forcing itself over the edge of the wooden ship. Estelle smiled and came over, standing behind the other.


"Kinda. What about you, Estelle?"

"I really don't feel like going in there. Remember the last couple of krenes we visited? It'll just be the same as those were."

"So? I don't care about what they look like. I only care about the blastia or the pure mana inside."

"You're dedicated, Rita." She blushed up, surprised at what she had said. But, both of them were use to that kind of thing. They were close, almost as close as Estelle had once been to Yuri. "Still, I'll pass. I'm just not feeling like going there."

"I wish you would, but suit yourself." Rita marched off, more than a little disappointed that the girl wouldn't be joining her. By the look of it, Raven nor Judith would be either. Chances were that the little twerp was sleeping, but she didn't enjoy the fool's company. However, Yuri walked out, Repede staying close behind. The black-haired character turned to the animal, telling it to stay. Rita looked up, a confused expression on her face. Only Yuri was coming? Of course, she was fine with that, but she would never let herself allude to that simple fact.

Rita was an interesting person. She had interest in Estelle, the two becoming a close pair, only a few steps short of a couple. But, she also had odd feelings, something she had seldom even experienced, for Yuri, the only male that she enjoyed the company of. The others, to her, were bothersome, almost encumbering, weighing her down with every undignified step. Rita, the thoughts and ideas confusing her immensely, never had a regular childhood, her family leaving her at an early age. With the mental scarring, the young girl never properly recovered, only associating herself with people of a certain characteristic or caliber. It left its mark, her physically scared of most other beings on the planet. However, since the beginning of her travels, she had started warming up to those denizens she shared the world with. The small floating thoughts drifted away, the wafting clouds fading as the sharp memories that plagued her mind.

Yuri moved out and pushed the wooden gang-plank to the ground, letting Rita step onto the pasture field. He glanced back, watching as Estelle and Raven moved away, Repede, his ears down, laid down and stared off. Judith smiled and turned around. Not only did he not understand what was happening, he felt somewhat neglected. As it was, the group was starting to wear thin on him.

"You coming or not?!" The shriek was to be expected. He mentally wrote a list, underlining the first word: "Rita = no patience".

"Yes." Within the simple minute, he was off the ship, almost an entire world away from the others, all of them jealously watching as the two meandered off into the large cave, newly erected rocks sprouting from the ground's apex.

All of the previous aer krene were similar, the rock walls and ruinous cave mazes leading them through a wealth of rock. With this, it were as if an ancient civilization had once occupied the massive bunker, old buildings and rockwork displayed throughout the large open room. Little light shone through, darkness engulfing the place. Quickly, Rita cast fireball upon a small, rotten pile of wood, the humidity weathering and dilapidating even the toughest surfaces. The wood only caught a small pyre, illuminating only a fraction of what was held within the ruins.

"So, what are we looking for? Just another spring of pure aer?"

"Um… Yeah." He threw a quizzical look her direction, Rita being able to tell that there were a pair of eyes burning into the back of her skull. He had never seen her so indecisive, so aberrantly ill prepared for such a question. Little Ms. Intellect had an answer for everything, a smartass comment at every time; how could such a simple thing catch her off guard, throwing her entire being off kilter.

"Yeah? So, that's it? Nothing else, nothing that's a little different from what we've usually been doing?"

"N-nope." The more she spoke, the more awkward she was starting to sound. Her mind was obviously occupied with something other than the aer krene.

"Okay…" They pressed on, leading futher into what seemed to be a stone temple, giant monoliths built upon thick platforms. They furnished the outside of the façade, giving it a sense of importance. All were adorned with random faces and shapes, symbolic and intimidating. The color red, or rather dark crimson, was synonymous with every aspect of their life, the blood coloring on doors, wall, statues, even filling paintings that were based on the walls that surrounded. No other path evident, they moved into the temple, the narrow corridor leading into a single room, a stone bed in the midst of four surrounding pillars. These, too, had odd faces plastered on them, all gazing focused eyes on the middle of the room, the watchful passing glances tracing the room's outline.

A few lone candles stood alone, them spaced few and far in between each other. Nothing stood out, the entire room emblazoned with the dark shadow's navy blue mystique. Rita understood what she needed to do, the room suddenly filling with life and warmth as she systematically started the older lights. Each candle was incredibly fragile, falling apart at the slightest sign of stress or touch. They were emaciated, a smell pouring from the melting wax that dripped to the floor. It permeated the air, killing out the resounding mood. And there were bones, skulls, even dried squares of what looked as human flesh, the course material tanned and well worn. They only added to the deathly room.

"Rita, you know where we are going?"

"Not really. I can barely sense the pure aer. The entire area seems to be filled or at least influenced by the krene. It's throwing my sense off."

"All right. Let's just find away forward." Within the small room, there was a dark shadow concealing a small passage, only feet high. Neither of them noticed it until Rita fell over into the darkness, her shriek scaring Yuri as she disappeared.

Outside, sinister clouds started filling in the empty blue sky, the landscape growing a dark and foreboding feeling. Thunder resonated in the distance, the ground slightly shaking for every crash they heard. Rain followed the storm, the drops fat and thick. Instantly, the Fiertia's deck was covered with a slick sheen. Judith moved everyone inside the cabin, standing in the doorway as she watched the storm center around the rock formation. She felt a weird sense of overwhelming power; and the earth started to shake, the small, fragile boat rocking with an uneasy sense.

"Ba'ul. Raise us into the air but keep us around here." He roared in reply, the ship swiftly lifting into the cold air. A freezing mist had covered the ground, the rain turning into sheet of slosh and hail. Outfit sticking to her body, Judith gave a look down to the Aer Krene, a rumbling surrounding the oddly adorned entrance. Almost as soon as it started, the entrance caved in on itself, blocking off the path for all else. She gasped, the cold air piercing her lungs.

"Yuri, what was that?" Thunder came through the thick wall strong, clouds and streams of dust and dirt falling from the fissures in the ceiling. Following it, a subtle crumbling sound was heard in the distance, dust shooting out from where they had originally come from.

"I don't know. You want to check it out?"

"Not yet. I have to know why this place is so different that the rest."

"All right. I'll continue guarding you."

"Heh." Rita held her head up and marched on, Yuri, Second Star draped around his waist, moved with her, both arms swaying with his lanky movement, the loose man oscillating through the tunnel system. Rita wasn't as tense as before, her actions feeling more genuine and less stilted, almost as if she had gotten over her nerves.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all. Now be quiet and come on. We have to hurry before this place collapses."

"I seriously doubt that this place is going to collapse. It's been under the pressure of the planet for quite a bit, anyway."

"All the more reason for it to happen now. I really don't feel like being crushed under a few tons of rock; thanks though."

"It's not as if I was implying that we should go ahead and get killed. Maybe I just want to stay here for a little longer. Explore the place and all that."

"That's very much unlike you, Yuri. I'm surprised that you would want to be anywhere other than surrounded by your massive group of friends."

"They're your friend, too. Or do you not believe that?"

"No, I understand that. I'm just stay that you usually like the company of a lot, especially preferred to the lonely company of one in such a desolate place as this."

"It's kinda nice here. Just as quiet as I like it, nobody to bother me about some stupid request. My kind of place."

"Me, too."

"You, yourself, haven't changed at all, Rita."

"So what?" Her face was already shift the color of red, turning from light pink salmon to a brilliant dark cherry, the flooded face blending in with the warped and faded colors of the walls that surrounded them. Yuri just watched her, laughing all the way. As she turned to stomp off, the laughter trailed her. "Shut up", she shouted and Yuri just smiled. Behind them, the main room had started to collapse, pulling the large overhanging ceiling into the ground, destroying the years of civilizations and history that the place once held. But, it was mysteriously quiet, the destruction barely audible to anyone.

Outside, they all watched as the large structure started to fall apart, none of them expecting either to live the natural carnage. No one spoke, the howling and crying air voice enough for them. Judith looked down, the rest of the krene falling atop the base. Almost as quickly as it rose up to the world, it started sinking into the ground, destroying all evidence that someone had ventured into its depths.

"Yuri!" Estelle's harsh voice perforated the air, the scream reaching the two that traveled further into the center of the world, the cavernous passage sloping as it grew in diameter. Yuri seemed unphased, but Rita stopped dead in her tracks.

"I swear that I just heard Estelle calling out."

"Hmm? Really?"

"Yeah. I think she called your name for some reason." Both didn't realize that the old structure was caving in on itself, the once alive carcass of stone destroying itself as a protest to its own existence. Wind was also whistling below them, an eerie sound playing out of the small gnarled fissures in the walls. Dust gained momentum, falling out of every orifice that it could find, both falling into small coughing fits every now and then. The aer, the hidden source of trouble, was making her feel uneasy, the trouble being caused by it, solely by it.

"Let's keep going. We can bother her about it when we get out of here."

"Right…" Yuri, at this time, took the lead, moving ahead with certain gusto. Having only one path to travel, he kept at it, his overwhelming silence a plague on their party. Rita felt uneasy, the name Estelle throwing the black-haired man into an odd fit that didn't suit him; rather, it was an uncircumstantial jacket, serving to unease instead of warm. It was almost if Yuri was forcing himself to act so cold.

Ten minutes went on before they spoke, the slow minutes turning to more and more. The passage continued, the temperature ever rising, if only in subtle increments that they had barely noticed, a green light slowly started to fade into their view, the darkness growing fond of the pale reflections of itself.

"This is it."

"Yeah. I can feel a tremendous power rising up from the center of the pool. It feels like… the pool is living."

"Don't worry." He threw the sheath off the blade, the leather scabbard clanging against a wall and falling to the rock floor, dead and still. Second Star shone brightly, the katana perfectly kept and maintained. Rita smiled, looking down at one of her weapons: the small book in her hand barely anything compared to the glorious weapon. Her book hadn't even a name, the mysterious item taking up a small amount of space in her room, a singular note from her parents atop it, one she read over a thousand times.

"Rita. Don't fret about anything." It was small, almost to the point of being insignificant. However, somehow, she didn't feel as if it was what they had meant, the letter being ripped at the bottom, the evident fringe showing signs different signals. Even now, the letter, no the sentence was used a bookmark in her new book, the words unclear, almost as if translated incorrectly from another. Yet, she understood what the title was, the green skin adorned with cryptic lines and arcs, more of the same unintelligible writing upon the front.

"Thirs Dari", she said under her breath.


"Nothing. Let's just keep going."

Judith had landed the craft, moving to the rubble of the rock that remained above the surface of the ground. Nothing stood out, any bodies or any sign that they had gotten out of the destruction. Even Repede couldn't find either of their scent, both disappearing from the face of the world. It was peculiar to them all. Estelle fell to the ground crying, both hands holding her face up. Raven looked away, the truth obvious to them.

"Nothing Repede?" The dog only looked away, burying his face in the dirt. He also understood what had happened.

"Both Yuri and Rita…"

"They can't be dead." Judith ignored the words of the others, concentrating on the flowing spirits of life. She couldn't pinpoint that of either the male or female, both disappearing in every sense of the word. Her breath became labored, the unsettling truth all too much for any of them.

"Judith", asked Carol, the youngest member, his face stained with tears.

"They're both dead." If Judith could confirm it, they all realize that it must be true. Raven walked away and Estelle started screaming into the clouds.

"There it is again", Rita said, stopping only feet before the opening into the large green gateway, the pool visible from where they stood. "I can hear someone screaming, but… It sounds like they are also crying."

"Is it Estelle again?"

"No, I don't think so, but it might be. I can't really tell. It's too far off in the distance for me to hear well enough."

"Let's not bother ourselves with it. Besides, I can sense something down here, something… wicked." Rita turned to him, a face of caution spread out before the young man. He wore the same visage, his sword relaxed at his side. She hugged her book closer and moved down into the antechamber.

Yuri's lungs started coughing again, the pure aer throwing him off. It was enough for Rita to handle, but Yuri hadn't exposed himself to it in a sense for it to be safe enough.


"I, I don't feel so hot… It's almost like a weigh has been dropped… on me."

"Calm down. I've got this." She clasped her hands together, grabbing the small whip that was tethered to her belt. Pulling it out, she started spinning, a magic circle appearing underneath both her and Yuri. He watched her, entranced by the mystic feeling that he had gotten over viewing such an art. "Capsule!" With the word, a giant purple bubble surrounded him, the air retaining its old purity. No longer did he feel the affect of the aer. Smiling, he continued to gaze upon the girl. She stared back, confused at what he was doing. "What", she said, her voice embarrassed and quiet.

"Oh, sorry." He was caught off guard, as well. Quickly, he broke their gaze, averting his attention to the pool behind him, the effervescent water giving off more than just simple energy. Rita walked around the edge, her hand out before her, the girl searching for the purest spot to siphon and examine. However, she stopped and looked out to the center of the indoor pool, a different color mixing in with the green. Entranced, she started out for it, ignoring the dangerous aer that surrounded her.

"Rita?! What are you doing?" Yet, the words fell upon deaf ears, the budding flower continuing to pursue nothing in the midst of the pond. "Rita", he called again, the sound nothing but a thin, air lisp whistle. The small passage they had both taken started shaking, Yuri turning in time to watch as if malformed, leaving any hope to returning to the surface of the world. Behind him, a figure rose out to meet the hypnotized girl, a beast of sorts.

"Yuri", it called, the voice almost familiar. "Come to the middle." It was the voice of a lost friend, of a sufferer from the past. But the name escaped him. "With haste, my child." He, too, wandered into the pool, unaware of what could have happened. Both met in the middle, the shadow furthering itself away from the humans. However, a visible smile crossed its face and the entire room collapsed, destroying everything in it.

Estelle walked slowly down on of the halls in Zaphias' Royal Castle, her dressed in a dark outfit, all black; all of the guests within the palace were dressed in the similar attire. It had been one day since the krene collapsed, killing both Yuri and Rita. Almost immediately, she had called for a funeral to honor her fallen friends, having it at the castle. She continued, moving to the outer garden where two marble coffins, rather memorials to honor them, stood, a few hundred guests kneeling or watching the procession.

She had become distant, refusing to speak to any of the others that she shared company with, leaving them to deal with the situation in their own way. For the majority of day after they left the devastated site, she had moved into her room, staring out the large window for the remainder of the time. Most took up residence in a guest room and waited for the day to end, to make sure that they weren't dreaming some madman's play. At the start of the next day, there were a few people already attending to the situation, a funeral being set up. Even Yuri's rival, Flynn had arrived, his regards being passed to the deceased.

"Estellise", said an attendant. "Would you care to say a few words about both of them? I believe that the guests would feel better about it."

"No." That was all she said, turning her back towards the other girl. It was surprising, considering how she would take every opportunity to speak of the young man, her obvious affections falling into a small laurel that was upon his head. Of course, they had a minister attend, saying the parting words for both. However, none of the guests felt they should say anything; even Flynn couldn't summon the words for the situation, falling to an unfamiliar guise that he would rather not display. All intention fell to the floor.

"Look at how she's taking it", whispered a guest from across the way, two others looking at the helpless girl who stood in a daze. "Poor thing. Rumor is that both were an item. She doesn't have anyone else to fall on. Everyone close to her is dead or missing."

"The life of royality."

"No kidding. It's supposed to be glamorous but then you realize the things that happen behind the scenes."

"She just needs someone to comfort her." Estelle couldn't hear them speaking, but a single tear fell from her face, the orb falling to the ground, the dark stain alien compared to the glossy surface of the ground. Visibly, it looked as if she had a large circle around her, nobody bothering to venture into it, their own discomfort a reward for doing such. But, a light seemed to shine on one soul, him slowly making his way towards her. Flynn and Estelle had always been close, every since she assigned him the position of a personal guard. At first, he was all she would have cared about, Yuri barely existing in her fragile mind. That changed as both fought either side, her head playing tug-of-war. Now, he was one of the few she had left, Flynn taking this realization hard.

"Estelle", he called, the only sound she could hear although they were in the presence of hundreds of others voices, the hushed tones sounding louder than one would normally believe. "Are you okay, Estelle? I haven't gotten the prospect to speak to you yet." This caused her to cry even more, literally falling to the floor in tears. He picked her up, leading her away from the large funeral. She started fighting back in the middle of one of the carpeted halls, the silky flooring garnering large lumps in the middle of it.

"Stop it! I don't need your pity! I don't need anyone, okay?!" She pushed away from him, running away as fast as her legs would carry her small body. Entering her room, she opened the stained glass window that opened up into the city, up many stories from the ground below. Taking both shoes off, she stepped up to the ledge, holding on to part of the wall, leaning out over the population below.

"Estelle", he shouted, smashing her door in. His voice was a brutal caving against her ears, only serving to further torture her on what had happened. "Don't you dare even consider that!" Taking action, her rushed ahead, grabbing her arm as she let go. Nearing falling out himself, both were hanging from the window, him only trying to hold her up.

"Let go!" She scratched his hand, causing him to recoil. In doing this, he released his fierce grip and she started to plummet. He screamed, throwing himself out the window with reckless abandon, hoping to catch her before they hit the hard surface. But she stopped falling, landing on a hidden platform below, her intention the entire time. The wall pushed away, revealing a secluded chamber, one that few knew about. Only catching a quick glimpse, Flynn continued to fall, barely missing the ground. Instead, he landed in one of the water features that stood at the castle grounds. In the secret chamber, Estelle took off her outfit and threw it into one of the corners, her hair falling to her shoulders as she took the clip out. A small knife sat on her desk, her eyes wandering towards it with uncomfortable haste. But, she sat herself upon the large mattress that was held up against the wall, succumbing to sleep with unsettling speed. Outside the door, Repede watched from afar, the pipe out of his mouth. Turning away, the dog jumped off the rooftop, leaving the city, all in search of his master.

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