No, I don't own any rights to these three characters, or their supporting staff. I'm just writing a story based on their adventures in an alternate future.

The PowerPuff Girls--New Generation

By LJ58

Part 4:

"Whoever is behind this is being very clever," Sara Bellum told the girls as they sat in the living room of their house a few days later.

They had made news as dissatisfied voters began to grumble over the mayor's increasingly erratic policies that were starting to affect not just former super heroines, but everyone else in Townsville, too, as the police were sent on bizarre scavenger hunts. He had police looking for peculiar electronic items, and once the girls even had to hustle when someone planted drugs in the house to allow for an arranged drug-bust.

A few super-speedy searches had found the drugs, and disposed of them, before the police with their 'legitimate' warrant could find them. Mitch, however, was probably going to have some explaining to do when he returned to police headquarters, and opened his locker.

"Well, I've spotted this guy hanging around the zoo lately," Bubbles said, and put a photo on the table in front of them on the stack of papers they were all reviewing.

"Hey, I know him," Betty told them. "That's one of those street thugs that was with the old lady that wanted to make me….. You know? Anyway, I remember he was with her."

"The old woman that planted you in a wall?"

"She shoved me. But I'll admit she pushed pretty hard for an old bat."

Sara thoughtfully rubbed her chin. "You know, you girls aren't the first super beings to ever show up. My own aunt used to tell me stories about super powered heroes that helped fight crime, win the wars, and all kinds of things before they just….."

"Got slapped with lawsuits," Bubbles asked wearily.

"No. They just faded away. Some of them obviously died, but some of them….. Well, no one really knows where they went."

"But why would a super-granny want to run prostitutes in her retirement," Blossom frowned.

"That's a very good question," Betty murmured. "But maybe we're asking the wrong question."

"What do you mean?"

"Okay, she was hung up on me before just wanting me to….work for her. Maybe there's more to the position than I realized? I mean, if she's coming all the way here, and is behind any of this, then what's her connection to the mayor?"

"But is she…..?'

"Connected," Sara asked. "It's plausible. How else could someone manipulate the law so easily into targeting you girls so quickly."

"And you and the professor," Blossom reminded her.

"In short, anyone that has anything to do with us," Blossom nodded thoughtfully. "So, we know our phones were tapped. We know the lawyers came from city hall. We know the police are acting like morons. What else? Anything….definite?"

"I've got something," Betty said, and dropped a file on the table. "I've been saving this since I wanted everyone here to see it."

"Is that…..?"

Betty nodded at Sara. "Mayor Tyler's personal file. According to every source I checked, this guy didn't existed until about six years ago. He literally showed up out of nowhere, got elected, and now he's running Townsville like his own personal empire. So, where did he come from, and who is he really?"

"Funny this never came up in the elections," Blossom remarked.

Sara snapped her fingers as the redhead exclaimed, "All those donations to local media moguls. He was bribing them to stay quiet. Literally burying the fact he had no past. Or none he wanted anyone to know about."

"So, if we find out who Mayor Tyler was before he came to Townsville, and we might find out who is really behind all of this craziness."

"Exactly. Girls, we have work to do," Blossom smiled somberly.

"Today I'll be busy. I'm taking the Professor to the capital today to deal with the federal charges against him."

"I thought he decided he was driving….."

"No way is he going anywhere without a bodyguard until we settle this," Betty huffed. "And while I'm in the city, I'll do a little more poking around into a certain mayor's supposed background."

"Smart idea," Sara agreed with a nod.

"So, what do I do," Bubbles asked quietly.

"Keep an eye on the stalker. See if he leads you to anything. Or anyone," Blossom suggested. "The old lady might just be more a part of this than we realize. But don't go anywhere without calling us first."

"Okay. But if he gets anywhere near my animals….."

"Send him home Powerpuff style," Betty suggested as the professor came into the room just then, still straightening his tie.

"Send who home," their father asked innocently.

"Oh, some vagrant that's been hanging around the zoo," Bubbles remarked innocently, casually making small fists as if imagining how she might sent that man home if he had really killed her beloved Stripey.

"Okay, we know what we have to do," Sara reminded them. "Let's get to work. And stay in touch," she added, checking her own cell phone Professor Utonium had modified for her, as he had for all the girls, to ensure no one could track or monitor it.

"Ready to go, professor," Betty smiled as she took a last look at the image of a squat, black man she had last seen miles away in another city. She did not think it was a coincidence. That old woman was involved, and if she could find out who she was, she might figure out what was really going on around them.


Harry smiled as he drove toward Townsville, a long, dark coat over his new costume. One that would finally bring him the respect he was due. One that would ensure the three, annoying little brats that were the bane of his existence would finally be put in their place.

Under his heel.

Literally, as he envisioned shrinking them to the size of cockroaches, and crushing their tiny bodies.

He considered shrinking them out of existence, but if Utonium survived, then they would, too. And if they survived, he had little doubt that sooner or later they would return. No, better to finally and completely crush them he thought, smiling coldly at the mental image of stepping on that irritating brunette most of all.

And Utonium. Maybe he would keep him alive. Just for a little longer. But only so he could put the unnaturally blessed freak in a jar, and force him to finally yield all his secrets. Then no one would be able to deny that he, Dr. Harold Buchannan, was not the premiere genius of all time. He would have it all. And in only…..thirty-two more minutes, he would taking back his own once and for all.

He could not wait.


"Is something wrong," Professor Utonium asked as they drove back from the city later that day.

"I don't know. Something is really odd about all this, professor," she sighed as she sat back in her seat, eyeing the files she had copied from the archives in town. "Even with all the unlikely connections, Tom Tyler can't just have come from nowhere. So where did he come from, and how did he manage to hide everything about himself so well? I mean, according to everything I found, it's like he just popped into being just over six years ago, and that's just….."

"Impossible," her father chuckled. "Look in the mirror, Buttercup," he still called her. "That's exactly how you were born."

Betty frowned. "Are you saying….?"

"Well, I rather doubt I'm the only genius that discovered a new form of life, sweetheart. Remember those boys that used to give you such trouble? Then there were the fake Powerpuffs. And….."

"Okay, okay. But….if he was….created? Then by who, and why?"

"Well, it's starting to look like he was put in place just to cause you girls trouble," he told her, stating the obvious.

Betty frowned even as she nodded. "You're right. It's like he was made just for that purpose. Only we were broken up for years, and not doing anything, so he didn't have to do anything either. Only now…."

"Now that you're back together, it seems he's getting down to business."

"Well, someone is. Still, if he was made….. A DNA test. If we could test his DNA," she mused.

"You'd need a sample."

"No problem," she smiled as she sat eyeing the files. "And it might even tell us who made him, and how."

"Well, I remember there is still a lot of missing Chemical X out there," he admitted to her. "Even the government never found it all."

Betty turned and eyed him again. "You never did tell us how you created that stuff."

"Didn't I," he asked.

"Professor," she growled.

"Okay. I'll tell you. But you have to swear to never try to replicate it, or use it yourself. It's too dangerous."

"Pinky swear," she grinned impulsively, and held out her hand.

He chuckled, and raised his own right pinky as they drove on toward home as the professor began to relay a story she had never heard. One about a certain meteorite, strange mineral compositions, and a nannite-based experiment that accidentally 'contaminated' his own attempt at creating life. Betty listened to every word, knowing she had certainly not heard this version before now.


"It's time," a singsong voice drawled as the lean, handsome mayor turned from his mirror in his office to look around for the source of that exasperating voice.

"You again? I told you before, I am no longer interested in working with you. I quit. I am done. I have completely terminated any sort of agreement that we might have once had," Tom Tyler ranted as he glared at the few shadows around him in his bright, Spartan office decorated to present himself as a no-nonsense type of modern man.

"Just remember, mayor," Him's sly voice cooed. "What I've given can be taken away. So you had better cooperate. Or else."

The mayor growled, but shook his head.

"Fine," he spat. "But just this last time."

"Good. Good. I knew you could be reasonable," the voice tittered.

"What do you want?"

"I want you ready to declare the Powerpuffs guilty of any and every crime you can imagine. I want you to personally try and sentence them. And then I want you to put them in jail for a very, very, very long time."

"Hmmmm. Well, I rather like the sound of that. They've been more than a bother again of late. They deserve a permanent time out. But the media is starting to sympathize with them. How am I supposed to….."

"Don't worry. I'll arrange the justification for you. You just have to be in position to take them into custody. Then everything will finally fall into place."

"What does that mean? You sound like you've been planning this for years? And what kind of justification…..?"

"Never you mind, your honor," the mocking tone drawled as the presence faded even as it spoke. "Just be ready. And don't disappoint me. You would not like what happens to people that disappoint me!"

"Hmmph. Showoff," the mayor glowered as the laughter echoed behind him as he went to shut a window when he noted the cool breeze blowing in that disturbed the orderly stack of papers on his very orderly desk.

For if there was one thing Thomas T. Tyler could not abide, it was disorder.


"It's definitely Chemical X," Betty told the professor as they eyed the DNA sample taken from the mayor's office that very afternoon.

"I have to agree," he nodded. "But the DNA isn't quite right. It's obviously not completely human, but….I'm not sure what it is, to be honest."

"We'd better figure out….."

"Betty," Bubbles burst into the lab, looking frantic. "We've got more trouble."

"What is it," they both asked as the blonde looked genuinely upset.

"Harry," a grim Blossom said as she appeared behind her sibling. "He's using some kind of weird gloves to shrink everyone and everything around him. He's turning Townsville into a toy city!"

"The quantum generator," Professor Utonium realized. "He must have figured it out."

"Or forced someone to help him, more likely," Betty spat.

"The point is, he's turning everyone into tiny dolls, and threatening to start stomping them if we don't give up. He's all over the television," Blossom told her. "But if we go…."

"The mayor finally has us for breaking his stupid statutes."

"What will you do," their father asked them as he eyed the three somber girls.

Betty spoke first.

"The right thing," she said, and vanished in a blur of speed. A moment later she was back in her new green costume Bubbles had brought to her that day not long ago. "Well," she asked her sisters with a familiar mischievous grin. "You coming?"

Both girls smiled, and vanished briefly before they were back as colorfully clad in their own distinctive colors a moment later.

"Be careful, girls. If he hits you with that beam, he could turn you into toys, or shrink you right out of this world."

"He'll never get the chance," Blossom told him.

"Got that right," Betty agreed.

"Let's go pound him," Bubbles shrieked.

All three of them stared at her.

"What? It's what we all want to do," the blonde stated less than innocently.

"Oh, yeah," Betty smiled.

And then all three vanished in a burst of color that left Professor Utonium standing alone, and looking more than a little thoughtful as he turned to regard the DNA smaple in front of him. Cocking his head, he stared hard, then blinked.

"Could that be…..?"

He shook his head. "No. It couldn't be. Could it?"

He scowled anew as he reached for a genetic codex he kept, and declared, "There's one way to find out for sure." And began to flip pages.


Only their powerful hearing let them hear the screams beneath the other screams as people fled the madman shrinking the city as he headed directly for the courthouse. Behind him, the tallest city building was now barely two foot tall. The largest people barely a quarter inch. Before him, people ran screaming as they saw what was happening to their friends and neighbors.

Only there was nowhere to run as the grayish-silver ray exploded again and again, turning the city into a lunatic's toy.

Harry laughed manically as he raised a hand with a thick, squarish gauntlet on it, the larger part of it on his wrist the source of the actual energies he was unleashing. He watched as a library slowly shrank, the people in and around the building with it, and laughed all the more as the rapidly dwindling fools tried to run away.

"Hey, fruitcake," a stocky, older woman growled from his left. "Slow down, or there won't be anyone left to use to blackmail those power bitches when they show."

Harry turned to face the woman who had five big, burly men with her, and laughed. "And who are you supposed to be, grandma," he mocked, lifting his left hand to aim her way.

"Why, Harry," a familiar voice cackled from behind him. "She's your new friend, and partner in this little endeavor. Between the two of you, you're going to finally bring down our mutual enemies, and leave this world truly helpless as we carve it up for our common pleasure and profit."

He turned to see a weird, red and black figure glide around him, smirking hugely, to approach the old bat before he…. She?…..slid a clawed hand over that husky woman's shoulder like he was embracing a lover. "And you do want someone left to appreciate your victory, don't you," Him asked knowingly.

"You have a point," Harry agreed, not liking the looks of the crimson freak one bit, but unable to deny that 'he' had helped him get this far.

"What's with the fruity costume," one of the big thugs demanded as he eyed Harry. "You look like some kiddy cartoon villain," he sniggered.

"I'll show you a cartoon," Harry hissed, and aimed at the dimwitted creature.

"Now, now. Save your energy, boys," Him suggested. "Even those girls won't take much longer before they decide to break the law, and come flying in here to play hero."

"Especially those girls," Harry spat.

"And when they do," the red freak cackled, "They are going to finally be mine!"

"Mine," Granny hissed.

"Mine," Harry hissed back as they began to argue over who had the right to finally crush those three unnatural girls.


"I don't know," Blossom frowned, eyeing the woman standing in front of them who had flagged them down as they flew over.

"It does sound….."

"Look," Emily told them, "I know you have no reason to trust me, and less reason to like me, but I'm being honest. My Gran is setting you up for Harry, and Him. And the mayor has an entire army of cops just waiting for you to show up. I heard them plotting the whole thing just the other night when they came in for coffee.

"But why wouldn't the mayor stop Harry from attacking the people?"

Emily turned and stared sorrowfully at her.

"Because the mayor is in his pocket, too," Betty realized.

"That'd be my guess. Gran always talked about seeing my gramps again, but even I never figured she was talking to that…..creep. I don't know if it's really gramps, or if this is just another trick that sleaze is pulling, but…..I couldn't let you guys just fly in there blind."

"Why not," Bubbles asked flatly.

"Well, I'm really serious about starting over, and my therapist says I should work on making amends for my past if I'm going to really heal my own spirit. Stuff like that. And….this just didn't feel right to me. So, I just wanted you know what you were flying into. Maybe….in some small way, try and make up for some of what I did to you before."

"Betty," Blossom asked.

"Actually, it does make sense. Him kind of ties a lot of strings together. You know how that freak is always playing games with people's lives. This is just like something he would be doing."

"Not that it matters. Harry is still hurting people, and we have to stop him," Blossom shot.

"I agree. But storming in like the old days is a good way to have the mayor call out his army of police," Betty told her. "We need another tact. Something they can't use as an excuse to claim we broke the law."

"How about a game," Bubbles suddenly grinned.

"A….game," both sisters asked as they looked at the smiling blonde.

"Sure. Like the old days," Bubbles grinned. "So……. Tag! You're it," she said, and slapped Betty before flying off.

Blossom and Betty both stared at one another, then their scowls slowly turned to grins as they laughed brightly. "She's brilliant," they both said, and Betty turned to nod at the apparently reformed Sedusa. "Thanks, Em," she said, and shot into the air after her sister.

"If you're really serious," Blossom told her, "Then good luck." And then she was gone.

"You, too," Emily said, hoping they did succeed.


The sound of a matched set of sonic booms overhead stopped the arguing on the ground as the trio looked up to see the zigzagging streaks of color overhead.

"At last," Harry grinned, and armed his quantum channelers.

But the girls flew right past them at super-speed, laughing as they chased not him, but each other.

"I almost got you," Blossom shouted as Betty turned hard, dove down, and then streaked donw an alley as she shouted back, "Almost doesn't count!"

"What are they doing," Granny frowned, genuinely astonished at seeing the use of speed and power she had never quite envisioned as the blonde suddenly slammed into a brick wall when she turned to duck her redheaded sister, and kept going through it.

"Nyah-nyah, can't catch me," the blonde laughed as she streaked high over the city.

"What are they doing," Him frowned as they all watched the trio ignore the panicked citizens of all sizes, the ravaged city, and continued to seemingly dance across the sky.

Just before the blonde suddenly got slapped so hard the thunderclap of the blow was enough to shatter glass, and deafen them before she dropped so fast and hard she landed in a crater she created not four foot from Harry who gaped as the blonde in a short blue skirt and top rose to dust herself off, giggling as if she had not just dropped out of the sky like a stone.

"What are you stupid brats doing," Douglas demanded, never the patient sort.

"We're playing tag," she beamed at him as Harry didn't think to target her, still too busy gaping as the pair overhead laughed down at her. "Wanna play," she asked guilelessly.

"Oh, I do," Harry recovered enough to sneer as he raised both arms to aim at her.

"Goody," Bubbles laughed lightly, and fly around him so fast his head almost snapped trying to keep up with her.

Then, before he could react, he felt his arms grabbed, and pointed skyward as he heard, "Tag," in a playful voice that came from behind as the girl giggled as two powerful hands clamped down on his channelers. "You're it."

"No! You don't know what you've done!"

"Wanna bet," Betty growled from where she and Blossom landed not too far away as Harry stood beside Granny and a few of her goons. The bizarre, crimson creature known only as Him skulking behind them both, glaring at the three of them as Bubbles rejoined her sisters.

"I'll send you into the…."

"Harold, no," Granny and Him both shrieked as his crushed bands began to glow brightly.

And spark violently.

There was a violent, soundless explosion, and a rush of air like a balloon popping, and then all three of them were gone. The thugs with them looked around, and began to nervously back away.

"And that is what we call 'saving the day,'" Betty grinned, dusting her hands as she grinned at the smoldering crater in front of them as Bubbles joined her and Blossom.

"No! This cannot be," Tom Taylor shouted over the rising cheers of the now relieved citizens around them as he rushed out from City Hall, having been awaiting a signal yet to be given.

"Can, and is, y'jerk," Betty turned to tell him. "And as soon as the professor heats up our own Quantum generator, we will be bringing back all those people and buildings Harry shrank."

"You bet," Blossom agreed, making the people gathering around them cheer all the more.

"Stop! Stop cheering them! They are criminals. Law-breakers. They have not followed the law. They have broken it," the mayor babbled as he stalked down the steps of city hall toward them. "Arrest them. Arrest them now! This is my town. My city. My rules. I command you. For I am the mayor. The leader. The one in charge!"

"Uh, girls," Bubbles frowned as she slowly turned to look at the rapidly shrinking mayor who was starting to get a lot hairier, too. "Is it just me, or is…..?"

"For I am…..!"

"Mojo Jojo," all three exclaimed as they looked at the very hairy man who wasn't a man dressed in a suit suddenly three sizes too large as he began to take on more bestial traits as his cranium began to swell unnaturally.

"So, you weren't dead," Betty smirked, curling up her right fist.

"And suddenly, a lot of these goofy laws make a lot more sense," Blossom realized.

The people around them that had been cheering now started to murmur and jeer as Betty stalked up to the now completely transformed mayor who was very obviously their old enemy Mojo.

"Now, Betty," he raised his hands in protest. "Don't do anything precipitous. I am, after all, still the mayor….."

Betty turned to the crowd, and asked, "All those in favor of impeaching the mayor?"

"Aye," the crowd shouted loudly.

Betty turned to look back down at him, cracking her knuckles as she said, "By the way, monkey-man. The name. Is. Buttercup," she spat, and slammed a hard fist into the mutated chimp's jaw, sending him flying. He slammed into the side of the courthouse, slid down to land in the flowers, and stayed there.

She turned to her sisters, grinning as they high-fived one another, and Blossom said, "Let's go get the professor, and his machine."


The town exploded in cheers again as the three flew toward home, feeling that once again, all was well in their home.


"Now you show up," Granny growled as the woman looked up from her bunk in the cell of the state prison where she had been ignobly dragged after those brats had restored her and Harry to their natural size only to have them arrested.

Of them all, Him had been the only one to simply vanish when Harry's channelers overloaded, and exploded. They ended up the size of ticks. Him had just disappeared. As usual.

"Now, now, now, my dear," the ever-smirking creature cooed. "You should be as happy as I am. After all, this is exactly what I was hoping for when I first began crafting this plan."

"You wanted those freaks to beat us, and end up heroes again," she hissed in disbelief. "Even Tyler was exposed, and now that goody-goody Bellum was named mayor in a special election."

"Precisely," Him cooed.


"Because, silly goose. Corrupting and destroying three ordinary girls is not half so fun and deliciously evil as corrupting and destroying three heroines. But, you know all about that. Shouldn't you, Madame Darke?"

"That name means nothing to me," she glowered. "That life is over."

"Poor little fallen angel," Him cooed. "But don't worry. This is far from over. Soon enough, you'll have plenty of company. Plenty of company. Trust me," Him cackled as the scarlet and black shadow faded before the guard could reach her cell.

"Lights out, old woman," the burly man growled.

Granny just stared, and for the first time since she was arrested, smiled.