Harry Potter and Twilight Crossover

It has been two years now since Harry had defeated the evil Lord Voldermort and all of Harry's friends had settled down to have families of their own. He's found himself inheriting the bountiful inheritance of both the Potter and Black fortunes, as well. After finishing his years at Hogwarts with average scores, he found himself with a scholarship to any school of his choice. What happens when Harry chooses a muggle school, and then finds a person who he believes he loves? And what happens when this person turns out to be someone of the same gender?

This story is dedicated to njferrell

Chapter One

Harry stood in the hallway of his godfather's home, looking around for the very last time. He had purposely made a loud noise so that old grandmother Black would scream and yell as he stood there, soaking in everything for what would most likely be the last time.

"Mudbloods! Filth! Scum!" the old woman shrieked over and over again. Harry smiled faintly as he remembered how Sirius would come running down the stairs, yelling at the top of his own lungs at the old woman in the portrait to shut her mouth and any other bad thing that came to his mind.

"I'm really going to miss this place…" Harry whispered, smiling faintly as he stooped slightly and picked up the two large suitcases at his feet. He then turned his back on the hallway and, juggling the suitcases around until he held both in one hand, opened the door and left the magical world forever.

Harry was sitting in the back of taxi when his cell phone began to vibrate in his jacket pocket. Fishing the little black flip phone from the pocket, he looked to see whose name it was on the display and smirked when he saw it was his old friend Ronald's name flashing. Flipping the phone open, he placed it to his ear with a soft, "Hello?"

"HARRY?" Ron's voice yelled from the earpiece so loud that Harry was forced to hold the phone a few feet from his ear, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

Replacing the phone to his ear, Harry laughed softly, "Ron, you don't have to yell; I can hear you perfectly."

In the background, he could hear Hermione saying, "Ron, don't shout or you'll wake the baby!" And then, further back in the background, he could hear a baby crying and Hermione griping as she went to check the baby.

"Ron?" Harry asked, the smile still on his lips. When he looked out the window of the taxi, he could see they were getting close to the airport.

"Harry? Can you really hear me through this thing?" Ron asked in a softer voice, sounding like a normal human now.

"Yes, I can," Harry chuckled, "so, what can I do you for, Ron?" He crossed his right leg over his left knee and leaned back against the seat, waiting.

"I just wanted to call you and wish you good luck with everything," Ron said through the phone, sounding like a true friend.

"Oh, well… thank you," Harry blinked, wondering what had brought this on all of a sudden. Ron and Hermione had thrown him a farewell party a few days earlier and Ron had wished him luck and had even forced Harry to take an envelope of money. When Harry had finally agreed to take the money, he found that the money was wizard money, which couldn't be used in the muggle world. So, secretly, he used the money Ronald had given him, used it to buy baby supplies for Ron and Hermione's baby girl, Penelope, and presented them as presents to the new family.

"You're welcome, Harry," Ron said, then a uncomfortable silence fell down between the two, "well… I guess I'll let you go now, Harry. Good luck in America, buddy."

"Stay well, Ron," Harry nodded slightly and smiled as he closed the phone. Slipping it back into his pocket, he looked up to find that the taxi was just pulling up the British International Airport. "Thank you, sir," Harry reached into the inside of his jacket pocket and pulled out his wallet, "what's the charge?"

"Twenty pounds," the driver told him as he got out of the car, going around to the trunk to get out the two suitcases Harry had brought with him.

Getting out of the car as well, Harry handed over the pounds to the cab driver, "Thank you, sir." The driver pocketed the money, nodding as he handed over the suitcases before going back around to the driver's side to get in. Harry, picking up a suitcase in each hand, made his way into the bustling airport and towards his brand new life in America.

"Sir?" came a soft voice near Harry's ear. Harry's eyes fluttered open and he looked around sleepily. A woman in a tight blue stewardess uniform was stooped over him, looking at him with bright blue eyes filled with concern. He blinked, confused for a moment about where he was. And then he remembered that he was on a British International Airplane, heading towards America to start his new life.

Harry sat up a little straighter and looked at the woman with a faint smile on his lips, "Yes?"

"You were talking in your sleep, sir," the woman informed him.

Harry winced, knowing all about his problem of talking in his sleep, "I'm sorry about that, M'am; I have very vivid dreams."

The woman nodded slightly, "I understand; is there anything I can get you?"

"A cup of tea would be lovely," Harry smiled faintly and sat up a little straighter. The stewardess nodded and, smiling warmly, stood up and walked away to go fetch the tea. Harry's smile slowly faded away and his hand automatically went up to his forehead to trace the strange lightening bolt scar. His dreams had been about the evil Lord Voldermort and the wizarding duel they had had. Voldermort haunts me even in death, Harry thought in despair. He looked out the airplane window to see the night sky and the ocean below. He felt the old familiar fear creeping into his heart and the cold sweat covering his body.

The young stewardess returned quickly, a teacup on a saucer in her hands, "Here you are, sir."

"Oh," Harry delicately took the cup of tea from the woman's hands and his smile quickly returned, "thank you so much."

"Oh, no, its my job, sir," the woman smiled, her voice soft and warm, "my name is Katherine; call me if you need me." Harry nodded and rested his back against the seat as the woman walked away. He held the hot cup of tea beneath his nose, the sweet scent of lemon sweet tea soothed his frayed nerves, and warmed the fear from his heart.

"Rough night?" came a voice from across the aisle. Harry looked up and found a man about the same age as Harry looking over at him. A unfamiliar feeling shot through Harry as he looked at the man across from him, a feeling he had once felt when he dated Ginny Weasly for that short time back in Hogwarts. The man had thick bronze colored hair that looked like a soft cloud above his noble brow and dark eyebrows. The eyes were a gold caramel color, and they would have looked like the eyes of a predator had there not been soft purple rings below them as if he hadn't slept in a long time. Harry could tell that he was used to having money for he wore a fine blue silk shirt that clung to his body, hinting at a beautifully sculpted body that Harry found himself to touch.

"Yes… very rough," Harry said numbly, lifting the tea to his lips and taking a slow sip. I thought I was past this, Harry thought in confusion, I thought I didn't like guys anymore! He had experimented a little with Draco Malfoy for a little while to see if he liked men while he was still in Hogwarts. He had enjoyed Malfoy's company and the feeling of lovemaking, but he hadn't felt a spark with him that he felt he would only find with a woman.

The man nodded, his beautiful golden eyes slowly blinking as he watched Harry, "I understand; I've been having a rough week myself."

Curious, Harry turned slightly in his chair to face the man more, "Care to talk about it? I read somewhere that if you talk to people about your troubles, it helps you to feel better." Like I'm one to talk, Harry grumbled to himself.

"I don't want to trouble you…" the man said a little skeptically, and looked towards the sleeping woman beside her before turning back to Harry, "I have been having a little bit of… love trouble."

Harry nodded knowingly; he then took a long drink of deliciously hot tea that warmed his insides and made him feel even better. "I understand that, too," Harry turned the cup of tea slowly in his hands as he continued to nod, "I haven't been able to find anyone I can truly relate to and be happy with."

"I had a loved one once that I thought about at every waking moment…" the man whispered, his eyes seeming to go far away, "I gave her my heart and she tore it to shreds."

Harry felt a gripping sadness squeeze his heart at the pain in the man's words, "I'm sorry… If it is any constellation, I think she was stupid to do that to a man like you." Harry winced as he realized what he had said and he looked up at the man out of the corner of his eye.

He was smiling softly, "Thank you… My name is Edward, Edward Cullen, by the way." He extended his hand out to Harry, a hand that was covered with a black glove.

Harry smiled softly and took the hand, shaking it warmly, "Harry, Harry Potter."

"Well, Harry, I guess I'll leave you to your tea now," Edward smiled faintly and turned back to the laptop Harry hadn't seen sitting in his lap. Harry nodded slightly and turned back to face forward in his seat, absently taking a sip of his drink.

Edward Cullen… a beautiful name, Harry thought. Out of the corner of his eye, he could have sworn he saw Edward's lips turn up slightly with a small smile.