Mauve Secrets

Chapter 1

"So, Lisbon." Theresa Lisbon looked up and immediately regretted it. Patrick Jane, a consultant, had a grin on his face like he was about to get in trouble. The funny part was that he had that grin a lot. Jane looked at her with that innocent look, and she knew that her mind was about to be messed with. Van Pelt shot her a look of sympathy. She turned her attention to Jane, but the grin was gone, and in its place a frown. Virgil Minelli was in the doorway, and he looked positively frightening.

"Jane. In my office. Now." The consultant reluctantly obeyed, shuffling off pitifully.

"He's in trouble," Rigsby said.

"No, really? You're a genius. You ought to get promoted," Agent Cho dead-panned.

"It might be for all the cars he crashed. Of course, some of those were my fault," Van pelt said sheepishly. At that moment, Jane reappeared, with Minelli at his heels. Jane headed straight to his desk, and started preparing to leave. Lisbon's first thought was, "Damn! The idiot got himself fired!"

Minelli announced, "Mr. Jane will be taking a temporary leave because, as we all know, the CBI has experienced a lack of cases and money recently. It should not be permanent." With this last sentence, he shot a dirty look at Jane who returned the look.

Cho shrugged and said, "Okay. Just don't do anything stupid, Jane." This elicited a smile from many of the agents. Jane and Minelli made a quick exit. After the pair left, Van Pelt swiveled in her chair.

"We're screwed."