Disclaimer: I own nothing but the screen names and possibly the plot, unfortunately. There are various places where my own jokes show up that are not uttered by me. XD I have a really terrible sense of humor.



Kairi is xislandxprincessx

Sora is keyblademaster

Riku is (LOL so ominous!) (he doesn't have an S/N, in case you haven't noticed.)

Namine is xGracefulxArtistx

Roxas is .darkness (I couldn't think of anything better… D8)

Xion is xsilentxsorrowx

Zexion is xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx (Once again, I couldn't think of anything better D8)

Larxene is xLightningxAssassinx

Marluxia is xdeadlyxgardenx

Me as xxthexforgottenxx, because I CAN (and I want to interrupt at weird times lol); I will show up in this fic. I will. DO NOT DOUBT MY WORDS.

The others featured will either be fangirls/fanboys, or unimportant to the plot… Though, I need to figure out a plot… (HOLY CRAP I JUST GOT ONE!)

xislandxprincessx logged on

keyblademaster logged on

logged on

keyblademaster: lol has any1 else realiezd we logegd on at the xeact same time?

: Has anyone else realized that Sora is an idiot?

xislandxprincessx: don't be so mean riku! sora, use spell check. srsly.

: I often wonder why I hang out with you two, but now I realize why: When I'm with you, I feel smarter.

keyblademaster: it maeks ur ego bigger, 2

xislandxprincessx: DAMMIT SORA

xislandxprincessx: just shut up

keyblademaster: huh? wut did I do?

: It's not what you DID, it's more of what you DIDN'T do.

xGracefulxArtistx logged on

xGracefulxArtistx: I'm not sure I want to know what you people were talking about.

: You really don't.

xislandxprincessx: you're srsly annoying sometimes riku

: —says the one apparently incapable of using capital letters correctly.

xGracefulxArtistx: That's kinda mean, Riku…

keyblademaster: … i'm confuzed…

: Kairi, your boyfriend's an idiot.

xislandxprincessx: you still love him tho

: … No, not really. I'm more like his babysitter, to be honest.

xislandxprincessx: that makes sense…

: It usually does.

xGracefulxArtistx: OMFG GUYS DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?!

keyblademaster: … no?

xGracefulxArtistx: It's—it's—!


xislandxprincessx: … does she mean a chocobo?

: Never would have taken her as someone with a phobia of birds.

keyblademaster: niether did i lol

xsilentxsorrowx logged on

xsilentxsorrowx: Okay, what the hell's going on? Namine just fainted, Larxene's being a bitch as usual, Zexion's muttering something about Demyx, a chainsaw, and blood, and Marluxia is suddenly sharpening his scythe.

xislandxprincessx: hey, where's roxas?

xsilentxsorrowx: He's reading over my shoulder.

xislandxprincessx: oh.

: We actually have no idea what's going on.

xsilentxsorrowx: No way.

: Yes way.

xsilentxsorrowx: This is messed up.

: Indeed.

xsilentxsorrowx: Roxas just dragged his laptop over so he can sit beside me, since I'm in front of the TV, and is going to log on, just to let you know.

.darkness logged on

.darkness: Hey guys.

: Yo.

keyblademaster: hai hai o nobody o' mine!!

xislandxprincessx: hi, roxas

xsilentxsorrowx: Well, would you look at that; Namine's reviving herself.

.darkness: Marluxia's standing over her with a Phoenix Down, in case she dies.

xsilentxsorrowx: …

.darkness: …?

xislandxprincessx: ?

keyblademaster: i dun get it…

: Shut up, Sora. Xion, what's wrong?

.darkness: She's muttering something about blood… Should I start fearing for her sanity?

: … Yes.

xislandxprincessx: no, she can't be going insane!! she's the sane one here!

: What am I, a potted plant?

xislandxprincessx: … yes?

xGracefulxArtistx: Ungh… What the hell…?

xGracefulxArtistx: HOLY SHIT I'M BLEEDING!

.darkness: Before any of you say anything, no, Marluxia didn't stab her. Xion would've seen it if he did.

: What's up with your faith in Xion, Rox?

xislandxprincessx: you aren't suggesting—?!

: Oh, yes, I am.

xislandxprincessx: you idiot, xion and roxas aren't like that!

: that's what you say, anyway…

.darkness: …

xsilentxsorrowx: I feel rather insulted by this whole matter.

keyblademaster: omg xion!! (glomp) plz tlel me ur not gonna dye!!

xsilentxsorrowx: 'Dye'—don't you mean 'die'?

keyblademaster: … yes?

xsilentxsorrowx: Okay, that's it. Sora's a freaking imbecile.

.darkness: Glad you agree.

: Sora also can't spell.

.darkness: True, true.