Disclaimer: I own nothing but the screen names and possibly plot, unfortunately. There are various places where my own jokes show up that are not uttered by me. XD I have a really terrible sense of humor.


Kairi is xislandxprincessx

Sora is keyblademaster

Riku is (LOL so ominous!) (he doesn't have an S/N, in case you haven't noticed.)

Namine is xGracefulxArtistx

Roxas is .darkness (I couldn't think of anything better… D8)

Xion is xsilentxsorrowx

Zexion is xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx (Once again, I couldn't think of anything better D8)

Larxene is xLightningxAssassinx

Marluxia is xdeadlyxgardenx

Me as xxthexforgottenxx, because I CAN (and I want to interrupt at weird times lol); I will show up in this fic. I will. DO NOT DOUBT MY WORDS.

The others featured will either be fangirls/fanboys, or unimportant to the plot… Though, I need to figure out a plot… (HOLY CRAP I JUST GOT ONE!)

.darkness: Anyway, we should get ready.

xGracefulxArtistx: Okay.

.darkness logged off

xGracefulxArtistx logged off

perfectxdeath logged on

burnbabyburn logged on

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx logged on

perfectxdeath: sexy zexy, agent hot pants, we must make sure roxy and THE OTHER GIRL have a horrible time on their date

burnbabyburn: aye, aye!

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx: Yes, we must break them up, but who should take Roxas afterwards?

perfectxdeath: ... hmm.

burnbabyburn: i will be a good citizen and give up all my roxy rights except for the rights that allow me to touch him, appropriately or otherwise, and to bed him given the opportunity

perfectxdeath: same

perfectxdeath: agent hot pants, i do believe we need to stalk roxy and THE OTHER GIRL and enjoy ourselves on the way

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx: I bet Roxas is taking THE OTHER GIRL to an ice-cream shop or something.

burnbabyburn: ice-cream?

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx: Ice-cream.

perfectxdeath: i'm in!

burnbabyburn: me too

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx: Mwaha, yes... We shall discuss our plan on the phone, yes?

burnbabyburn: indeed

perfectxdeath: since idk either of ur phone nos, one of u call me

burnbabyburn: k

perfectxdeath: thx

burnbabyburn: np

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx: Let us not delay further. Also, Axel, check to make sure Roxas isn't planning on bringing any condoms.

perfectxdeath: surely he wouldn't do that on the first date?!

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx: You never know, girl. You never know.

burnbabyburn: o_o

burnbabyburn: I'M COMING ROXY!

burnbabyburn logged off

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx: ... Yeah. Bye.

perfectxdeath: byeeee.

xmonsterxunderxyourxbedx logged off

perfectxdeath logged off

logged on

xislandxprincessx logged on

xislandxprincessx: riku?

: Yeah?

xislandxprincessx: do u think we should stop pxd, axel, and zexion from ruining roxas' date?

: Nah. Let them have their fun. If everything works out, things will happen in Xion's favor.

.darkness logged on

.darkness: Why the hell did Axel come barging in here, demanding to know if I had condoms anywhere?!

xislandxprincessx: ... idk.

xislandxprincessx: ._.

: Neither do I.

: Go back to preparing for your date, Roxas.

.darkness: Yeah, okay...

xislandxprincessx: WAIT

.darkness: Yes?

xislandxprincessx: are you, by any chance, going to an ice-cream shop?

.darkness: O_o How did you know?

xislandxprincessx: i kno all.

.darkness: ... Yeah, sure.

.darkness: Bye.

xislandxprincessx: byeeee

: Later.

.darkness logged off

xislandxprincessx: omfg, roxas isn't the type to molest a girl on the first date, is he?!

xislandxprincessx: OMFG

xislandxprincessx: namine's innocence!

xislandxprincessx: WE MUST SAVE IT

: Are you saying we should go with Axel, perfectxdeath, and Zexion to stalk on Roxas and Namine's date?

xislandxprincessx: that is exactly what we're going to do, riku.

burnbabyburn logged on

burnbabyburn: you're in.

xislandxprincessx: yay!

.darkness logged on

.darkness: Axel, why the hell did you just come in here and ask if I was planning on bringing condoms?

burnbabyburn: ummm

burnbabyburn: i g2g BYE

burnbabyburn logged off

.darkness: ... Teme.