Dancing Fools 2

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel. I own Farrah/Persiana and Lance/Diablos.

Chapter 10: The Finale

Well, you've seen the talent.

The author snickered,
Or, lack thereof…

Hawkeye shouted,


And you've heard from the judges…

Gyrich screamed,


Sure, pal, sure. Anyway, once the shows over, America, you can start voting. Don't start while we're still on the air. If you do, your vote will count as much as a hanging chad.

Farrah rolled her eyes,

"Does he have to make that joke every time there's a vote? It's getting old."

Well, anyway, America. Thank you and good-.

The power got cut, and the lights went dark,

Oh, come on! Couldn't they wait five more seconds?

Gyrich cackled,

"Hah! I knew the FCC would come through for me! The American Government never abandons its most prized officials!"


The author dialed a number. Diablos telepathically called out to everyone but Gyrich,

"Get out of the building now."

As everyone did so, including the author, Gyrich was dancing in the dark, seemingly in triumph. Gyrich was overjoyed,

"Hah! The terrorist is dead! Long live me! Long live Gyrich!"


Superman asked,

"Why did you have us all get out?"

Diablos said,

"That number our boss called. Trust me, you're gonna find out."

A helicopter and armored truck came to the studio. Out of the truck, several men armed with guns stormed the building. In moments, they dragged a screaming Gyrich out in hand cuffs. Gyrich was frantic,


The field commander walked up to the author,

"Thanks for the tip. I don't know how we missed this guy."

Think nothing of it, commander. I'm just here to do my part as a loyal patriot of the United States.

Gyrich roared,

One of the men came over. The operative reported in,

"Sir! We found the nuclear weapons in the trailer, sir!

The commander nodded,

"Good work!"

Gyrich yelled,

"Nuclear weapons! Persiana13, you had something to do with this! When I get out, I'm gonna kill you!"
Everyone got in an armored van and everything left quickly. The author chuckled,

I hear Gitmo is lovely this time of year.

Farrah asked,

"Aren't they closing that place down?"

No, I bought it from them. I'm thinking about opening it again in six months.

Diablos said,

"I'm almost afraid to ask-."

Then don't.

The author walked inside the studio,

Oh, come on. The equipment's ruined! I won't be able to broadcast for weeks!

The sounds of cheers could be heard from outside.

Oh, well. Maybe I can ask for bailout money. I'm sure the Feds can spare a few million.


Lex ran by, yelling,

"Persiana13! When I'm done eluding ABC's lawyers, you're next!"

Several men and women in suits were carrying torches, axes, and shotguns and chased after Lex.

End of Dancing Fools 2