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Just in case this isn't clear: this is PART 2 of Reminiscing Amuto. And yes…there will be more parts after this story is complete.

Chapter 1: Perfect Date 1!

Amu POV:

"KYAA!!!! It's sooo hot!!" I sighed as I fell backwards on the couch. I waddled over to the window sill, where one of the air conditioning vents was located. I placed my feet on top of them and looked out the window. There was a thermometer measuring the temperature outside and it read….36 degrees Celsius???? (I wanted to be authentic in a sense so I made it 'C' instead of 'F'. Btw, this is an equivalent of 98 degrees F.) I was wearing a tank top (more than one though! Layering is the best!) and some plaid short shorts. I let out a content sigh at the fact of the soles of my feet being cooled down. I decided to take a fan and blast it on the highest setting possible, and turn it so all the air hit my face. Nobody was home. Mother and father were at work, and Ami was at daycare. Did I mention she's in daycare now? I didn't? Well, she is. Mama and papa were feeling bad that I always had to take care of her during the summer and not go out so they decided to put her in daycare. As I put my feet back on the vent, I got a call from a certain curious cat.

Ikuto and I have been dating for like a month and a half now. It's August 1st. One of the hottest months ever.

My phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey kitty…" that mysteriously sexy voice ran through the speaker on the phone. I blush at his voice. I blush at his touch. I blush at everything he does. I blush at my pervy thoughts.

"Hi, Ikuto." I said, masking my voice with the stubborn character he saw past the first time he met me.

"Watcha doing?" he asked. It looks like he called for fun. I wonder if he'll want to do something today. Maybe something that will get me out of this heat!

"Not much. Trying to cool off." I said as I sat on the sill, keeping my feet on the vent, "What about you?" I queried.

"Nothing. Just watching some TV is all." Ikuto answered in a bored manner. "Want to do something today?"

I perked up. "Sure!"

"Gee, you seem extra happy today." He questioned…more like stated.

"Yeah! I want to get out of this heat!"

"Hmm…well then. In that case, I think the place I have planned will make you ecstatic." Ikuto coolly answered back.

"Where?" I really wanted to know now.

"The water theme park."
"Water theme park!" Oh boy!!!! I've been dying to see the new whale show!

"Yup. So, want to go?"

"Hell yeah! Of course I want to go!"

Ikuto stifled a little laughter, "Ok then, I'll pick you up in an hour. Oh and one more thing."

"Bring an extra pair of clothes or a bathing suit."


"It's a water theme park? Water rides?"
"Oh, ok then."


I hung up the phone and scampered upstairs, completely forgetting about the heat. My charas nearly had a heart attack when I burst into my room shuffling through the closet to find something to wear.

"Um Amu-chan?" Ran asked me.

"What?" I asked back showing that I was paying attention but didn't want to be.

"Why are you so flustered?" Miki finished the question.

"Yeah, why?" Suu added. Either she wanted to put emphasis on the question, or just say something to me because everyone else had.

"Because I'm going out with Ikuto in about an hour." I answered back irritated.

The charas flew over to their own little corner.

"Another date with Ikuto means an Amu-chan who is completely oblivious to the world around her." Miki stated.

An hour had passed and Ikuto had pulled up in front of her house in his new convertible Lamborghini.

He walked towards her front door.

Ikuto POV:

I walked towards her front door. Wait! What am I doing? Since when do I use a front door? Hehe….

And with that I chara changed with Yoru and hopped up on her balcony.

"Damn it…the curtains are closed and the door is locked. When did she get so private? Hmph…I'll knock on her door I guess."

And with that, I knocked on the door. The curtains swung open as she opened the door for me.

Amu POV:

I knew Ikuto was knocking on my balcony door. I mean, who else would be able to get up to a balcony without a ladder? (A/N: idk…Superman? Lol) I had just finished dressing and opened the door for Ikuto to get in.

"Why didn't you just ring the front door bell?" I asked.

"One, it's me. Two, it's so much more fun climbing up on to a balcony. And three, your little devil sister would kill me." He answered that world famous smirk apparent upon his perfect features.

"One, wow. Two, wow. And three, my sister is at day care. She's not going to be home alone with me for the rest of the summer. It's like…school in the summer."

"Wow, that must suck."


--------------AWKWARD SILENCE-----------------

"Are you ready to go?" Ikuto asked shattering the silence.

"Yup!" I jumped up into his arms. (crazzzyyy!)

He caught me, "Someone's happy."

"Yeah! It's so hootttt and I want to just get out of the house." I answered back.

"Did you pack extra clothes?"

"Yeah, I have a bathing suit on under this (points to what she's wearing) and I put an extra of clothes in a gym bag just in case. How about you?" I asked pointing to Ikuto whom was also holding a gym bag.

"Yup I'm ready. Yoru, you stay here. I don't want a possible repeat of the beach. (Refer back to bonus chapter. Even though Yoru didn't go in the water….one can imagine! Haha)

"But IKUTO-nyaaa!!!" Yoru whined.

"The other charas will stay here too Yoru!" I burst happily.

Yoru got an evil gleam in his eyes. "Alright then, nya."

Ikuto picked me up and we hopped out of my balcony. I made sure all the doors were locked as he put me in the passenger seat of his car.

"I love you car!" I said sighing and closing my eyes.

"Hehe." He just laughed. (laughed? More like…chuckle type thing)

I buckled in as Ikuto closed the top to the convertible. Why is he closing the top on such a hot day? I was pondering the thought just as cold air blasted my face. He had the air conditioner on really high. Ahhh!!!! This feels so good!

We arrived at the water park and Ikuto parked in valet parking. High rollers….. Well I'd assume he'd park in valet because he wouldn't want someone stealing the hub caps on that car. They must be worth a fortune. (Is there even valet parking at water parks?)

Hmmm….so what should be ride first?

End Chapter 1

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