This chapter is inspired by the fact that I haven't had power in over 48 hours. Why did it snow in October? I HAVE NO IDEA. I haven't had power since Saturday morning. It is now Tuesday afternoon. Thank the lord for long living Mac batteries.


Ikuto just confessed his love to me. What am I supposed to do? I should say it back right? RIGHT? Right. I heard the weather forecast coming from the TV that had been left on some time ago. When? I have no idea. Did it matter? Of course not. I heard faint murmurs of a heavy thunderstorm rapidly headed in the way of our town through the closed door. I don't know, if a hot guy told you he loved you, would you pay attention to the damn weather? Yes. A small voice inside my head chided to me.

"Are you okay?" he repeats over and over again. Okay! I'm going to tell him now. Oh wait he's talking. What is he saying? NEVERMIND. NOW, I will tell him! Oh no. I got cold feet. How am I supposed to say it back? "I-Ikuto," I start, and then everything went black.

Silly readers, I didn't faint (although that might have been highly probably given the situation).

"Am I blind?" I asked myself out loud. All I heard was chuckling, "oh no! I really am blind, aren't I?"

"You're so cute. I think the power just went out. The newscasters have been going on about some stupid thunderstorm for days now and how we should 'be cautious' of the weather or some bullcrap like that" Ikuto said calmly.

Was he always this close? "W-wait, Ikuto! Why are you so close? Ah, stop! I can feel your breathe. It's too hot in this house for that!"

"Too hot in this house for what, perverted kid?" he asked me. My mind went blank…that's true, I guess. Too hot for what? But now isn't the time to use rationale, I'm supposed to win this argument even if my logic is flawed. "It's too hot for anything!" I stumbled out. Real smooth.

"I don't see what the problem is," he said getting closer to me, "we're just two lovers alone in your house in the dark. Perhaps we should light some candles?"

"Yeah," I replied. He smirked. "Wait! I meant yeah to the candles, you idiot!"

I realize that this is EXTREMELY short, but I kind of just wanted to get this story over with! Hopefully I can start a new idea now. I started this story when I was in, I don't know, the 8th grade or something. I'll be going to college next Fall….so. Yeah.