I am taking the I-tunes challenge! To make a story with the chapters decided by the song that comes up. The rules are that you put your I-tunes on shuffle and you hit the next button and a random song comes up. That song will be your first chapter. You do this again and again until you have ten chapter titles. Then you build a story around it! This first chapter is more of a prologue because it's so short. Basically it's just a way to start the story. Plus I had to start the story with a goodbye. In case you don't know this is a fanfiction on The Mortal Instruments series. It takes place 5 years after CoG and it will always be in Clary's POV. Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Alec and of course Magnus go off to Washington D.C. to start their own Institute when someone from their past comes back. Should they trust them? First time doing The Mortal Instruments but I think this story will turn out well.

Say Goodbye

Jace, Isabelle, Alec, and I were hugging our parents bidding them farewell. I pulled my mom into one last embrace and laughed.

"Hey! It's not like we're going to be to far! We're only a couple states away." I told her and Luke. We were in New York outside the Institute. We were finally going to have our own Institute. And in the nation's capital no less! I clasped hands with Jace. The Lightwoods were talking to Alec, who was as tall as his dad now. Isabelle had her whip coiled around her arm like usual. I looked at everything we'd be leaving in New York. Mom and Luke standing side by side, the Lightwoods, Simon and Maia… I felt a painful ache when I knew I was going to be leaving Simon. I looked at him. He still looked the same as he did at 15, save for the vampire features. Jace, Alec, Isabelle and I were all in our 20's now while Simon stayed, frozen in time. I gathered him in a hug and brushed away the tears at the edges of my eyes. He smiled and said,

"I'll always have a piece of you Clary." He swept back the hair hanging down over his forehead, revealing the Mark of Cain.

"Usually people would say, 'I'll always have a piece of you in my heart!'" I said.

"That too. But with your mark I'll always remember you. Even if I go insane, and not even be able to remember what my last name is, all I have to do is look at my forehead!" he replied. I shook my head. When Simon meant to be endearing his words usually came out wrong.

"If you're all done with your heartfelt moments I'd like to get going." said Magnus impatiently. His hair was gelled up in bright blue spikes and he was wearing a scaly black jacket and almost mirror-like pants that reflected the sun over everything. Once we told Magnus we were leaving for Washington D.C. he immediately packed. That warlock was positively glued to Alec. I smiled at my family and friends and gathered my bags. I took one last look at my precious city. The smoky air, the grid-like streets, and the increasingly polluted East River cried farewell. Clutching at Jake's hand I stepped through the Portal.

Ok so you get the start of the story? I'll post chapter two right now. And just for the record Magnus rox. I love his character. I just need help with his wardrobe. I can't think up something wild and stylish enough for Magnus. Please help! Also I have ideas for a Twilight fanfiction so I'd love it if people would vote on the poll on my profile.