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They stalked forward deliberately. I tensed ready to fight. I could take 'em. That's when I felt the runes on my back fading into nothing more than useless scars. I screamed.

When You're Mad

The man grinned. The flash of his white teeth was the only light in this dark, dank alley. Stupid! I'm so stupid! Why can't I listen to Jace for once! I braced for the inevitable struggle. Damn. Even with natural Shadowhunter reflexes I couldn't take down six burly men! The man was three feet away. Here he comes…

THUNK! The big man fell, crashing to the ground. Cries of confusion erupted from the five others. A black silhouette was launching itself at my attackers with deadly accuracy. A sharp kick to the head, an elbow into the stomach, and stomp on a foot all performed with amazing agility. All six men were soon on the floor of the alleyway. I saw my chance. I broke out into a mad sprint for the street beyond. Five yards away, two yards, one left…. I was yanked back by my wrist. My scream pierced the air jut before a slender hand clamped over my mouth. I kicked and elbowed at the figure.

"Quit it! It's just me!" groaned a familiar voice.

"Sebastian?!?!" He let go and I whirled. He stepped into the light of a nearby streetlamp and I saw his silver hair shine from beneath a hood of a sweatshirt.

"How…?" I trailed off.

"I came to your room looking for you. I wanted to thank you properly for saving my life. Because out of all I had done to you and your friends in the past you still had the decency to save me. But the door was practically welded shut. I stayed out there for fifteen minutes without any sound coming from your room. Then it occurred to me that you probably weren't there at all."

"And how'd you figure that out?"

"No one's that quiet. And you never listen to Jace do you?"

"Good point." I admitted. I looked cautiously around the street.

"Let's get out of here." I whispered setting off down the road. Sebastian met my stride and we made it back to the Institute. I slipped though the front doors and the elevator made its way up quietly enough. It was easy to use a rune on the vine next to the balcony to get down. Unfortunately once the rune had done its job the vine had burned through. Only way back was through the hallway.

The elevator doors slid silently to the side and I crept into the hallway. I edged slowly toward my door…

"And where were you two this evening." I jumped. I turned to see Magnus' bemused expression.

"Um, I was, uh, out getting milk." I stuttered.

"Sure… Why are you all dressed up then?" Magnus raised an eyebrow.

"What? A girl can't look nice when she goes to buy some milk?" I asked, trying to slip into my room.

"So, milk eh? Where is it?" Magnus asked sticking a foot in the door before I could shut it.

"Sebastian drank it on the way back." I said, slamming the door on his foot. Magnus didn't blink.

"So let me get this strait. You're telling me you dressed up to go get some milk and then Sebastian drank it on the way back?"

"Yes." I huffed, kicking at Magnus' unmoving foot.

"I see… Well I'd better go tell Jace that we're out of milk." Magnus said, setting off down the hall.

"Oh no you don't!" I hissed, grabbing at his wrist. Magnus turned back to me and grinned. He snapped his fingers and disappeared. Warlocks, you can't catch 'em. I groaned in frustration and stormed into my room. I changed into old sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. Time to avoid Jace and more importantly get back at Magnus. I smile crept onto my face as I entered Alec and Magnus' room. This was going to be fun.

After preparing my little prank I wandered down to the kitchen. As soon as I passed the doorway a repulsing smell hit me head on. I gasped for air. The toxins invading my lungs could only mean one thing. Isabelle was cooking. I fought my way through the fumes in vain, trying to stop her. I reached Isabelle but it was too late. White cords hung down from her ears. Her earphones. Damn.

When I was about 17 Jace, Alec and I came up with a set of rules so we can avoid the horrific doings of Isabelle.

Do not let Isabelle cook

If she does start cooking stop her before she puts her earphones in. Once they're in she's oblivious to her surroundings.

If Isabelle has her earphones in and is already cooking DO NOT LET HER SEE YOU. If she does you will be doomed to her horrible cooking.

These rules kept us from enduring Isabelle's meals most of the time. There was only one way out now. I sped back to the door trying not to tip her off. Isabelle swung around. She held a spatula dripping with something lumpy and brown.

"Clary! Just in time! I was making meatloaf." I tried not to gag.

"No, no it's okay. I wouldn't want to bother you."

"Not at all! I'd love if you'd eat with me!"

"Well, um, I can't you see, I've got to go get some milk."

"Silly! I've already got milk!" she said, pulling out a carton. She then proceeded to pour it onto the alleged meatloaf.

"There! All done! C'mon Clary!" She said, picking up the tray with one hand and dragging me behind her with the other. I looked up to the ceiling and prayed. God, please, please, please, please, PLEASE, keep this atrocious meal from being my last. Isabelle pushed me into one of the chairs and put a heaping plate of "meatloaf" in front of me. I prayed again. If this thing kills me I'm going to throw it back up in Heaven. Stain your clouds or something.

After an hour of gagging repeatedly I finally made it out of the bathroom. But before I left I swished about a gallon of mouthwash around my mouth. Outside I saw Jace.

"Don't get mad at me ok! I know I wasn't supposed to go out-"

"It's ok Clary, I'm not mad." Jace answered.

"Say what?"

"After enduring Isabelle's meatloaf I think you've gone through enough."

"How did you know?"

"Well someone only gags like that after they've eaten Isabelle's food." answered Jace smoothly.

"How did you know it was meatloaf?" I asked growing suspicious. At that moment Isabelle came out of her room and smiled when she saw us.

"Hey Jace! Thanks for the heads up to cook! I never knew Clary loved meatloaf! It's so nice to see that someone likes my cooking." She laughed. Isabelle turned and walked down to the library. Once she was out of earshot I exploded.


Jace was calm as always, but I could see the slight surprise on his face. I bet he didn't think I'd get this angry. I wasn't nearly finished with him.

"I was trying to teach you a lesson." he said.

" A LESSON? You have got to be kidding me! I swear! You are the most stubborn ass-hole I have ever known!!!!" Steam almost came rolling out of my ears. Jace's face fell a bit but his poker face was back again.

"You deserved it. You should listen to me more." Jace answered.

"I do not believe you! I'm absolutely fine! And guess what? If anything bad does happen I'll always have someone that I know will save me." Jace's face brightened.

"I knew you'd understand. I'll always be there-"

"Not you! I meant Sebastian." I smiled as shock and anger flooded onto his face.

"What?! You aren't serious!" he hissed.

"Yes I am. I trust Sebastian. He's been nicer in the past couple hours than you have."

"Sebastian? Out of all the people! How could you? How?" I left Jace spluttering in the hallway. I then went into our room and took all his stuff. I then proceeded to dump it in a room far away from mine. I then went to find Sebastian. He was sitting in the library with Isabelle discussing literature.

"I still think that Romeo should've waited to make sure Juliet was truly dead until he poisoned himself." said Isabelle.

"But you've got to realize that he thought he just lost his true love. He was so distraught he couldn't think straight." Sebastian pointed out.

"Hey guys." I said collapsing into one of the leather armchairs.

"Hey Clary." said Isabelle and Sebastian simultaneously.

"Hey Sebastian? Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?" I asked.

"Um, no. I was hoping to find a hotel. I think it would be a danger to my health to be anywhere near Jace." he answered.

"Nonsense! Jace isn't going to bother you anymore. You're staying here. Come with me." I said, getting up. Sebastian followed. I reached my room and motioned him to come in.

"But isn't this your and Jace's room?" he asked warily.

"Not anymore! I kicked him out. I'd rather have someone more civilized like you." I said brightly. Sebastian looked overjoyed.

"Come on. Let's find two double beds and switch them with this one." I said. Usually, for mundanes, it would take hours to get one bed out of one room and into another. But with my runes and both out Shadowhunter strength we had two double beds in know time.

"Nice work." I said approvingly. That's when a dismayed scream echoed through the whole building. I grinned. We all rushed to the source of the yell. Magnus was in the walk-in closet in his room. It was empty.

"WHERE ARE ALL MY BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES?!?!?!" He wailed. Blue sparks flew through his fingers in attempts to magically bring back his clothes.

"But who would've wanted to steal my clothes?" Magnus mumbled. Then he figured it out.

"FAIRCHILD YOU'D BETTER BRING BACK MY WARDROBE THIS INSTANT!" Magnus screamed angrily. I watch in amusement as the warlock freaked out. He so deserved it.

"Don't freak, Magnus. You'll get 'em back in a week." I said dismissively.

"A WEEK! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR?!?!" Magnus shrieked. I shrugged.

"I don't know. What you're wearing right now."

"Or streak." Sebastian added.

"I prefer the second one." said Alec, entering the room.

"Alec! Too much information!" I complained. Alec and Magnus just laughed.

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