I felt horrible about me winning unfairly. It isn't the digger way. We do everything fairly. Yet I couldn't have helped to feel slightly blessed. When I went to see Harry to apologies I saw her. She sat at Harry's bedside. She wasn't stunning but she had a subtle beauty. She had curly hair that was tucked behind on ear. She had chocolate brown eyes that shined when she spoke. She was helping the poor seeker with his potions essay. He had a bored expression on his face. He didn't appreciate that was right in front of him. Sadly, my silent observation was put to an end when Harry noticed that I was standing by the door.

"Oh, Cedric I didn't see you" he groaned.

The girl glared at me with such hatred. Even through the hatred and the sharp piercing eyes she still was lovely.

"I just wanted to apologize" I spat out quickly.

"Thanks" he said with hints of anger.

"Well, I will be off the. Feel better" I said before running off.

I could hear the large door slam behind me. Even as I walked back to my dorm she was engraved in my mind, the girl with chocolate brown eyes. "How can I be thinking of that girl when I have Cho? Cho is sweet caring and how can I forget her beauty. She was my girlfriend for heaven's sake. I mean even though the girl with chocolate brown eyes was pretty she didn't seem very fond of me." I disputed with myself.

I sat in the common room trying to remind myself of how lovely Cho is. Yet the brown eyed girl invaded my mind. Her fair skin, her eyes, and every detail of her face were engraved in my mind. She refused to leave my mind. I sat there in front of the fireplace till I went to sleep.

The next morning I was waken by a light kiss on my forehead. I jumped out of my seat.

"It's only you" I mumbled.

"What's making you so jumpy" Cho asked looking worried.

"Nothing, nothing"

"I'm heading out for breakfast. I was just wondering if you wanted to join me"

When we reached the table my eyes began a desperate search for those eyes that were haunting me all night. I found them next to Harry and the Weasely boy, Ron. She seemed so happy. I wondered what she was talking about. Whatever it was it made her laugh. That was one of the most graceful thing I had seen in a long time.

"What you looking at hot head?"

It was Reid. He we had been friends since 1st year. He ran his fingers throw his dirty blonde hair. I find it funny how he believes that he is was such a lady's man.

"So who you lookin' at mate?" he repeated.

"No one" I answered firmly.

"You won't even tell your mate. What has the world come too."

"The girl next to potter"

"What are you doing looking at some 3rd year for?"

"I'm just seeing what she's up to. It's not like I fancy her."


Throughout the rest of the day I was smothered by Cho. I love that girl but I need my space. Reid was still on my back about the brown eyed girl. The day went by slowly. All I could do was wait for the day end.