Hi my name is Patrick. And this is my Pokémon journey

One day I woke up and I was talking with my friend Riley. We were talking about Pokémon. We love them not of thinking of their cute but for their power and abilities. I want to start my journey just like my dad. He got all the way up to the 8th gym but he thought he couldn't beat the Elite Four.

I think I could and my birthday was coming up and I was getting my first Pokémon to start my journey. My dad told me that it is going to be a rare starter Pokémon. I was so hipped up. We were also talking about what Pokémon I might get. And he said he was also getting a Pokémon for his birthday so he could start his journey. So we told each other when our journeys start we would be rivals.


"Patrick wake up we are going to give you your present", my mom said. So I got dressed so quickly I thought I wasn't getting dressed. I ran down the stairs and said good morning to my dad and mom. My mom made my favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy. After that my mom said, "now for present time", my mom was first to get me my present she got me a belt to hold my poke balls and to hold my badges and a new back pack to hold everything I needed. My dad was next he went up stairs to his room and came back down with a poke ball. He told me to open it. And so I did there was a big flash and there it was my very first Pokémon. "O MY GOSH DAD, you got me a Rilou", I was so surprised it was a better Pokémon that expected to get. And then my dad said, "I looked up its stats and its power is stronger than most of them and it was really playful to".

I thanked my mom and dad and I was going over to Riley's house when my dad said, "Son professor Rowan wanted to ask you a question and give some presents". So I went over to Riley's house to show him my new Pokémon. He was so happy for me and so surprised on what Pokémon I got. And so I told him I had to go to Professor Rowan's office and asked him to go with me. He said yes. And so about 15 minutes later we walked over to his office and when we came in he was in such a great mood. He said, "Hello Patrick hello Riley Patrick I have a question for you."

"What is it?" I demanded.

"I was wondering since you have a Pokémon and you have everything you need for your journey I was wondering if you could do me a big favor on your journey."

"Ok what is it?"

"I want you to help me with my research and fill this Pokedex for me."


So then he handed me a Pokedex and said, "Now take good care of your Pokémon and your Pokedex."

"Ok" I repeated again I just wanted to head out.

"And here is a present for you", he handed me a box about the size of my torso inside there were 5 poke balls, 2 potions, a map, and some running shoes with 300 dollars inside one of the shoes.

"THANKS!" I said very excitingly.

"Don't thank me thank you now on with your pokemon journey and for you Riley I will see you in about a week for the same question so when you have your pokemon and all you need tell me your answer."