Long ago there was only demons and angels. There was no mixture between these races.

Until one day there was a birth. A birth of one Tom Marvolo Riddle. His mother, a demon and his father, an angel. He was an abomination. He was hated and ridiculed. Neither the head of the angels, Albus Dumbledore, or the head of the demons Gellert Grindelwald wanted anything to do with him. So at the ripe age of 19 Tom decided that he needed to take the place of the ruler of the demons.

Now you are wondering how he did it. It was simple enough. He knew that Albus absolutely hated Gellert with his whole being. When a war started Tom only had to wait. Even though Gellert was leader of the demons he had always been a kind enough person not to go behind other peoples backs. But Albus however was not afraid to do just that. So when Gellert lost the war there needed to be another person to rule the demons.

There was a competition whoever won all of the challenges was going to be the new leader of the demons. After about a year of fights Tom had finally won. When asked the name of the new leader he responded with a name he had made up as a child. Lord Voldemort.

Every leader of each side always has a mate. It may take years to find them but they always do exist. After Toms tenth year as leader he finally felt his mate be born. He didn't know who that mate was or what they looked like, he just knew that his mate was alive. And that there would be hell to pay if he couldn't find said mate.


Harry was born into a loving family, his mother, Lily Potter, and father, James Potter, were two of the most well known people in the land of the angels. So when they died no one but Albus was allowed to decide his fate. Albus knew that Harry was going to be very powerful, even more so than him, so he decided to put Harry in a home where he would be beaten into submission whenever something wrong happened.

He had the perfect candidate. Vernon and Petunia Dursley. Petunia and Lily, though sisters, hated each other. Albus had no doubts that Harry would be hated there and be punished for his mothers doings.


Harry has always wondered why angels were so very cruel.

His "Aunt" and "Uncle" were always, well, not good to him. Every day he was awoken to 4:30 sharp. He was to make breakfast for the three family members and when they were done he could have what was left. Then he was to complete the list of chores left by his aunt. The list was to be completed by the time that his uncle got home or else he would be beaten and then sent to his cupboard without another "meal."

Harry knew that what they were doing was wrong but who could he go to? When he went to his teachers they just glared at him and walked away. Even when the great Albus Dumbledore came to his school, he did nothing when Harry told him about what was happening. He just smiled, gave him a lemon drop, patted him on the head, and said "My dear boy, theres no way that it can be that bad."

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