Tom was going over his battle plans once again in his room. He had to be sure that everything was perfect, perfect, because what he was risking, could not be lost. He would rather tear out his insides then to be the cause of his own mates pain. It was something that he could not allow while inder his control.

Thinking of his mate in the "Loving Care" of the angels made him wince. What if Harry was being tortured! Starved! He knew that Harry wasn't dead, that much he was sure of, but that didn't make him worry any less.

Stepping outside his room, he summoned some of his Generals and went over the current plans with them, being sure everyone knew the details and had at least a vauge idea of what was going to happen when the battle itself started.

Tom sighed and looked at the books that Harry had left out before being taken. Running his fingers down the spines he exhaled and sat down. The battle would be soon. He knew that, but no thought was helping the wait.

Harry was attempting to braid Luna's hair, with little success in the cell. She was good about not wincing when his fingers tugged on her snarls, though he seemed to be doing all the wincing for her. Neville was running his hands over the walls with a frown, he had said earlier that he was still looking for a weak spot in the walls, and that there had to be one somewhere. Fred and George were asleep with their soft snores being the only noise in the cell.

"So," started Harry, after finishing braiding, "What would you say to coming with me, after we're freed? And we will be freed, don't doubt me about that."

"Going with you where?" Asked Luna, who was swinging her braids back and forth.

"To hell. With me"

"Are you sure we'd be welcome down there?" Asked Neville as he sat down with a defeated sigh. No weak spots still. "It's not as though we are anybody's mates down there, at least I think not."

Harry scoffed, "You think I would offer to you if I wasn't sure that I could get Tom to let you?"

"Well, no, but I just mean I don't think we'd want to be making things difficult for you when your out."

Harry stared up and shrugged, "I'd make it happen, trouble or no troule. Also... I think I have an idea."

Luna stoped playing, and Neville leant forward, and said, "Tell me. We'll wake those two up if we agree its good."

"Alright, so it works like this..."

Tom sat in his throne like chair and looked at his fighters. He hoped everybody was ready. There would be no turning back after they reached the gates of heavan, and he wanted to make it clear that the people who did not want to fight, did not have to. Only the willing were to go, because he didn't want anybody with regrets if they were to die in this.


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