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We stood there in silence for a long time, each of us lost in our own thoughts.

"Do you really think she was able to … make you well?" I asked quietly.

"Not really," Edward replied. "You can't just fix someone's brain like that. But even still…" he trailed off, and I nodded thoughtfully. After tonight, it seemed like just about anything was possible.

"I had no idea that you kept your hair long for me all these years. Why did you do that?" I blushed, feeling shy, feeling like I was suddenly a teenager again. I looked at Edward through my lashes.

"Because you told me once when we were 12 or 13 that you liked my hair long. I never forgot that. So I kept growing it. I always felt prettier with long hair … I guess because you made me feel that way." He pulled me in tighter against his long, lean body, and I felt like I was melting into him. I suddenly found myself wanting him … a lot.

"Bella," said Edward shyly. "Would you lie with me here tonight? And make love with me?" I felt the blush in my face go all the way down between my legs. The combination of Edward's innocence and eagerness was irresistible for me. Maybe all the earlier talk about procreation had sent my ovaries into overdrive. Whatever the reason, I was suddenly turned on in a really big way.

"Yes," I said. "I think the princess wanted us to. That's why she took Shra away with her."

We walked back to the spot where we had all been sitting earlier. Edward began to take my clothes off. He did it so slowly that I was nearly out of my mind by the time he knelt in front of me to slide my damp underwear down my thighs. Then he removed his own clothing down to his boxers, and I could see that he was just as eager for me as I was for him. I could see his erection pressing at the fabric of his shorts, and reached for it. But he pushed my hand away gently, and then took me down into the grass.

"Is this okay?" he asked anxiously. I was amazed at how soft the grass was. I had never been naked outside before, and I found it very arousing. The breeze blew over my body, hardening my nipples into two tingling points. I wanted his mouth on them, on me, all over me. I had never wanted him this badly before; my whole body was aching.

"It's wonderful," I breathed, holding my arms out to him. Edward knelt down in front of me, his eyes travelling up and down my naked body. Finally he leaned forward and kissed me, his lips soft and warm. I reached up and tried to pull him down against me, but he smiled and shook me off.

"No," he said quietly but firmly, sending a surge of desire rushing through me. "Let me do it." His lips slid over my jaw and down my throat, his tongue blazing across my skin. He kissed all the way down between my breasts, then ran the very tip of his tongue up the swell of one breast to the edge of my nipple. He nibbled teasingly all around it until I begged him for more. I was trembling when his lips finally closed over my hard tip, sucking it into his mouth. The jolt of pleasure shot down between my legs and made me gasp. I squeezed my thighs together, wet and achy for him.

I moaned when his mouth left my swollen nipple and slid downward over my stomach. And kept going. As he moved further down my body, spreading my thighs with his knees, I realized what he was going to do. What he was going to do for the very first time in his life.

"Edward, you don't need to …" He cut me off with a fiercely determined look.

"I want to. I need to." I lay back in the grass, shaking with anticipation. Ever so slowly, he started to inch his way down between my legs.

I felt his face sliding over the soft skin, his stubble scratching a little, making me squirm. He brought his arms up around my thighs, repositioning me so I was fully open to him. A moment passed, and then another. Then I felt him lower his head and blow gently on my pubic hair to part it. I choked back a scream as his warm breath streamed over my aching clitoris.

A moment later, I felt his nose nudging softly into my curls. I shivered in anticipation. Then he took an experimental little lick, like a kid trying a new flavor of popsicle for the first time. Then another lick, slower and longer than the first one. And another. I whimpered at the feel of his tongue dragging over me, and Edward moaned softly in response. I looked hazily down at him and watched as he buried his head between my thighs with abandon.

His tongue wiggled downward, finding my warm, wet entrance and burrowing into it. I couldn't hold still, rubbing myself against his face. He continued his exploration between my thighs, licking and teasing as he went. After a bit, his tongue wandered back up, hunting around for exactly the right spot. I let him know when he found it, pressing my hand against the back of his head to hold him there. His full lips closed around my clit and sucked on it gently, making me cry out with pleasure.

Then he started licking me again, his heavy tongue slowly rasping over and around my clit, never losing contact with it. The feeling started building up in waves, each one getting stronger than the last. The whole universe had contracted down to sensation of his warm tongue licking me for no other purpose than to bring me to orgasm. It was so good, too good, and I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Edward," I gasped. "You're making me … oh … Jesus!" I screamed as I burst into his mouth, arching my back as a ferocious orgasm rolled through me. He kept his tongue on me until I finally had to move him gently aside because I had gotten too sensitive to bear.

I looked down my body at him as he emerged from between my legs. He was panting, wiping his mouth against his bare arm. Edward had a confused, needy look in his eyes as he stared at me. I was so lost in my own afterglow that it took me a moment to figure out what he needed.

"Edward." His eyes shot up to mine. "Did doing that to me that make you excited?"

"Yes," he said in a rough voice. "I … I … oh Bella …when you came, I thought I was going to come too. I … I almost did, right in my shorts." The thought of him spurting into his boxers sent another monumental wave of lust over me, and I was instantly dying to pleasure him.

"Lie back" I sat up and pushed him down on his back. I gingerly pulled off his shorts which had a big damp spot at the top. His erection was rock hard and throbbing, fluid already dripping from its head. I pulled his cock carefully away from his body, then slid it into my mouth, Edward crying out as he felt the heat and wet surrounding him.

I sucked hard, swirling my tongue around him and tasting the drops of sweet-salty liquid on the tip. I let him slide deep into my mouth, relaxing so he could go as far as possible. Then very slowly, I slid back up, my lips wrapped around his shaft. I slipped my hand down to his balls, caressing them. He moaned, thrusting himself into my mouth. I licked all the way up his penis, slipping over the head then rubbing the underside of his cock with my tongue. He was twitching madly in my mouth, and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Wrapping my hand around his base, I sucked and stroked him at the same time, wanting to make him feel the same incredible sensations he had given me a few minutes ago.

"Bella … Bella … I'm gonna … I can't stop … " His hips were straining upward, and I took him deep into me, squeezing his balls one more time. I felt them tighten in my hand, then his hips jerked and my mouth was filled with hot, salty semen. I swallowed it with a grimace. The things we do for love! I tongued him softly until he withdrew from my mouth. His head was flung back in the grass as he caught his breath.

"Good?" I asked, laying my head on his thigh.

"God yes," he panted. The two of us lay there for a long while in the moonlight. Finally, I excused myself, pulled on my shirt and ran down the hill to rinse my mouth in the stream. When I turned, Edward was kneeling down beside me to do the same thing, dressed only in his underwear. Once he was done, he looked at me and blushed.

"It's okay," I said reassuringly. "Yours doesn't taste fantastic either." His face was scarlet with embarrassment.

"You taste nice, actually," he mumbled. "At least … better than I thought it would. But I wasn't sure if you'd want to kiss me with … you know … that stuff all over my face."

"I always want to kiss you," I whispered. "I always want you." I looked shyly down at the grass. My eyes widened when I saw his cock twitch visibly inside his shorts, starting to stiffen. I couldn't believe he was getting ready to go again so soon.

"Jesus," Edward said desperately. "What is with me tonight?" I just stared, mesmerized, at his crotch. Then I reached out and traced the outline of his growing penis through his boxers very slowly, making him gasp. I put my hand on him and rubbed him all over through the fabric until he was fully hard again. "Bella … Jesus …feels so good."

"I don't know what's with you," I murmured in his ear. "But I seem to have it too. And I want you inside me. Right now." Edward's eyes flew wide open as I pushed down hard against his shoulders. He half sat, half fell to the ground, taking me down with him. His breathless laughter turned into a groan as I ground hard against his cock; I wasn't wearing any pants and it didn't take him long to feel how ready I was for him.

We had a brief wrestling match with our remaining clothes, then we were both naked again. Edward eyes rolled back as I took him in my hand, positioned him under me and then took him all the way into my body. I held still for a moment, adjusting to his size, to the familiar internal twinge of having a man pushed deep inside me. Then gently, I rolled my hips and started to move.

The white moon set as we made love. Since we'd taken the edge off earlier, we both lasted longer. I wanted to stay like this forever, lost in our own private world of love and belonging. But after a timeless while, the steady friction against my nerves began driving me toward a climax. Edward's hands came up to cup my breasts above him, rubbing his thumbs across my sensitive nipples. I arched my back and cried his name aloud as I came around him. Edward squeezed his eyes shut and held perfectly still for a moment after my orgasm subsided. When he had control again, he thrust up into me, hard as steel.

"I love you so very much," he whispered.

"You too," I said huskily back, still twitching with aftershocks. I laced my fingers with his and moved ever so slowly atop him, helping him last longer. But when I came a second time, he couldn't hold back again. As he burst up into me, the warm fluid filling me up inside. I thought briefly of what the princess had told me, and smiled to myself. One day …

But not tonight.

I collapsed down beside him and snuggled into his chest. We both lay there in a stupor for a long while until I started shivering. Then we climbed up the hill and put some of our clothes back on. We curled up in the grass, my head on Edward's chest, looking up at the blue moon shining brilliantly in the night.

"I'd like to stay awake long enough to see the sunrise," he whispered. "Just once."

"Me too."

We talked for a long while about everything and nothing … a long, dreamy conversation punctuated with a lot of kisses and quiet laughter. I was glad we were alone because I'm sure we were a little hard to take. We were both very relaxed but surprisingly alert. Time seemed to take on a different meaning as the night wore on and blue moon slowly sank in the night sky. Until finally, Edward's hands left my hair (which he had unbraided and combed out with his fingers while we talked) and started moving over my body again.

"What feels good?" he asked shyly as he unzipped my yoga jacket and pushed it back so he could cup my breasts through my thin t-shirt. I shivered with pleasure as his fingertips teased my nipples into hard points. "Tell me what feels best … you know I'm not very experienced."

"No, but you're a quick learner," I gasped. He rolled my nipples gently in his fingers. "Oh God, that feels good. So good." Edward pushed up my shirt and fastened his mouth on to one of the hard peaks. He sucked hard on it, then nibbled a little with his teeth. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"I guess that felt good too?" he mumbled into my breast. In response, I wound my fingers into his bronze hair that gleamed darkly in the remaining starlight, and tugged hard. He cried out and ground into my thigh. "You stop," he said, looking up with a sheepish smile. "I'm trying to educate myself here. You getting me all worked up in the process isn't helping." I laughed softly.

"You're already the most wonderful lover," I said, caressing his head.

"Watch me get better," he whispered with unexpected boldness, and returned to his explorations. He worked his way down my body, looking for all the secret, sensitive places. By the time, he made his way back up my inner thighs, I was dripping wet for him. Very gently, he slipped his fingers into me. Then stopped. "Um …" He shifted his fingers inside me, hunting around. "So I know there's supposed to be some kind of place in here …"

"Up," I said. "Curl your fingers up toward my belly button. It feels different than the rest, kinda spongy and … oh!"

"Got it," he said, grinning a little. His long fingers gently stroked the spot inside me, sending waves of warmth through my lower body. A moment later, he started rubbing me with his thumb on the outside, and I found myself rocketing toward a climax. For a moment, my vision grayed out as wave after wave of pleasure swamped me. When I finally came down, Edward was lying with his head on my thighs, his green eyes bright with excitement.

"Good trick, huh?" I teased. He nodded. I could see a faint flush of grey appearing in the sky, and knew dawn would soon be here. "Make love to me one more time?"

"Oh yes please."

I winced a little as he slipped into me – my body was tender after all the attention it had received tonight. He noticed and moved very gently. My hands slid around his warm shoulders, and Edward softly pressed his forehead to mine.

"Love you," he whispered, his voice a little ragged.

"Love you too. Your turn, beloved," I said, letting him know not to wait for me. A few moments later, his movements sped up and he came with a cry in the pale dawn of the mirror world.

The sun was creeping to the edge of the horizon as he sleepily rolled off me and snuggled close. Edward was holding me in his arms, warm and safe, as the sun's rays broke over the edge of the land and shone down on us for the very first time. It was bright and very beautiful … almost pink rather than yellow. It seemed much larger than our sun.

And then … nothing.

Just love.

~~ - ~~