It's been a LONG time since i've dusted off the ole 'Gude to Crossover's' book. And after reading the latest issue of Mahou Sensei Negima manga, this is what came out. So allow me to set continuity.

HP: takes place in an ALTERNATE OoP, (Order of the Phoenix for those keeping score) It's self explanatory why.

MSN: Everything UP TO the Ali Alba's trip to the Magic World. That'll get explained eventually, but THEY DIDN'T GO in this fic.

COntinuity set, chapter uploaded, let's begin, shall we?

But Professor, I can't speak Japanese...

By Harry

Harry Potter squirmed in his seat, trying not to make contact with the dozens of piercing eyes glaring down on him. Even with the arrival of Dumbeldore, his stance did not seem to be improving.

"We must not overlook the fact that the boy, performed magic in front of a muggle!" The Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge shouted. This uproar did not seem to faze the bearded Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dubeldore.

"I am perfectly aware of the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Wizardry, Minister. And it's obvious that your stance on Harry's guilt, nor the obvious return of the Dark Lord will not change, I propose a compromise." The Minister looked like he was about to shout some more, when he clamped his mouth shut, and looked on, now more curious than angry.

"I have, special relations with a magical school in Japan. And I've been considering beginning an exchange program with them. I ask, that Mr. Harry Potter be suspended from Hogwarts," the pit in Harry's stomach widened. "In exchange, he shall spend the school year in Japan and return to Hogwarts, the First of September, next year." The court buzzed with gossip, to be silenced as Fudge banged his gavel several times.

"Professor," Fudge began. "Setting up an exchange program is difficult enough with the paperwork and–"

"And Professor Dumbeldore has filled out the required paperwork, has contacted said school, and everything clears." A tall, pale looking wizard announced. "The Department of International Magic Relations has approved of his proposal. All that requires is the trial period of one school year."

Dumbeldore clapped his hands.

"Splendid. I'm glad to see my promptness has paid off." Fudge opened and closed his mouth several times, obviously flustered.

"Very well. All those in favor of clearing the accused of all charges, under the proposed compromise," Nearly the entire court raised their hand.

"All in favor of conviction," A handful of witches and wizards, including the toad-like witch in the pink cardigan, raised their hands.

"Very well, Mr. Harry Potter, cleared of all charges, but suspended from Hogwarts school for the duration of this school year!" With that, Fudge banged his gavel down, dismissing the court.


Harry didn't even realize he'd returned to Number Twelve Grimaud Place, until Hermione placed a comforting arm around his shoulders, snapping him out of his daze.

"I'm so sorry Harry," she whispered. Harry didn't see if she was crying or not, but he could hear her voice choking a bit.

"Don't worry mate," Ron Weasley told him. "You'll be back at Hogwarts next year," Harry didn't bother to reply. He stood up, and left the room.

Climbing the stairs, Harry locked himself in Buckbeak's room, sitting in a corner of the trashed room. It was the one place where Mrs. Weasley hadn't bothered to clean, considering the damage Buckbeak had already caused. The aforementioned hippogriff was asleep against the far wall, head tucked under one wing.

Harry re-played the court over again and again in his mind, trying to find out what went wrong. Obviously he was relieved that he hadn't been expelled. But a part of him had been crushed, knowing that this September, he wouldn't be joining his friends on the Hogwarts Express. Instead, he was being flung head first into a school he knew nothing about, in a country halfway across the world, alone.


His head snapped up at the soft voice. The disheveled figure of Remus Lupin, Harry's former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher strode into the room, followed by his ragged Godfather, Sirius Black. Remus' face was unreadable, but Sirius' was in a broad smile.

"Good for you boy," He congratulated.

Harry was stunned. "I don't see…"

"Of course not," He replied, sitting down next to him. "It's customary for witches and wizards to travel the world after they graduate school. You get to do it three years early."

"But I don't –"

"We know Harry," Lupin replied, cutting him off. "You're not a true member of the Order yet, but we decided to tell you this. Obviously, Voldemort is still after you. And the Ministry's not going to be any help until he makes his move. And by then it'll be too late."

"You're the Order's number one priority Harry," Sirius told him, placing an affectionate arm around his shoulder. "Hogwarts may be safe from Voldemort's grasp, but the Ministry's been poking their noses into the school for quite some time."

"At the court, did you see a toad-like woman in a revolting-looking pink cardigan?" Lupin asked.

Harry nodded, thankful someone was talking to him like an equal.

"Dolores Umbridge, Junior Undersecretary to Fudge."

"She's the closest thing you can get to the Malfoy's without actually breeding with those bastards." Sirius snapped.

Harry chuckled a bit at Sirius' hatred for his enemy's family. "She's going to be the new Dark Arts teacher this year, appointed by Fudge. Guaranteed put there to keep an eye on the school, and you."

"But why me?" Harry asked, still desperate for answers.

"Because you're a rallying point. You can't be silenced by the Ministry and they know it. Which is why they've been trying to discredit you all summer." Lupin told him.

"Also," Sirius continued, smirking. "We can get them on our side."

"Them?" Harry asked.

"The foreign witches and wizards," Lupin told him bluntly. "You're in international celebrity Harry. Other countries, like America and Japan, are far away from the Ministry's influence, so they'll be more willing to listen to you."

"And that will be a massive help to us Harry," Sirius finished.

"So that means," Harry began.

"That means, that Dumbeldore trusts you enough to help build international relations with the international wizarding community, and the Order of the Phoenix."

Harry's heart swelled with pride and relief. Dubeldore actually trusted him with something like that. But his heart sank at the realization that he was going, alone.

"HARRY!" The door banged open, as Ron and Hermione flew in, snapping Buckbeak out of his sleep. Hermione rushed forward, knocking Lupin aside, and threw herself around Harry's neck.

"We're going with you!" She shouted in his ear.

"What?" Harry shouted, not registering what just happened. Ron smiled proudly.

"Told Dumbeldore I'd sneak onto the plane if I couldn't go with you mate." He told him smugly. Hermione scoffed, hitting him in the side.

"Stop bragging. Dubeldore offered us the option,"

"Only after I shouted at him."

"If by 'shouted' you meant, 'begged,'" Ron's face grew scarlet, obviously embarrassed. However, Harry laughed, stood up, and pulled him and Hermione into a friendly embrace.

"I couldn't think of anyone else I'd want going with me." He told them.


"The Headmaster is an old friend of mine," Three days of frantic packing, booking and planning later, found Harry, Ron and Hermione, along with the Weasley family, and half the Order of the Phoenix, including Lupin and Mad Eye Moody, listening attentively to Dumbeldore in the kitchen of Grimaraud Place.

"He's offered the three of you full board and meals in the dorms, though you will have to share rooms with the other students." The prospect of sharing a room with two or three foreign students shifted Harry's stomach slightly, but not enough to make him dread the trip.

"Professor," Hermione began. "What about the language barrier?"

Dumbeldore's eyes twinkled slightly, as he smiled. "But that is all a part of the adventure. Don't worry, I've made arrangements for you three to have private Japanese lessons with the English teacher there. I hear he's a former resident of Wales."

"That's a relief." Ron sighed, leaning back on his stool.

"I shouldn't have to remind you three, the customs are very different there. Please keep an open mind to everything. You might learn a thing or two." The three nodded firmly.

"You'll be taking Muggle transportation, because we can't set up an international Portkey with such short notice."

"Never really used Muggle transportation that much," Ron remarked.

"An airplane isn't that remarkable Ron," Hermione told him. Mr. Weasley was about to comment, when his wife grabbed his wrist, forcing him back onto his chair.

"One more very important thing you three. The school you're going to, is not like Hogwarts, that is, exclusively for witches and wizards. There is a significant number of Muggles there, most, oblivious to the existence of magic. We'd prefer to keep it that way."

"Professor," Hermione asked again.

"What's the name of this school," Dumbeldore stood, getting ready to leave.

"Mahoran Academy." He told her, before leaving the kitchen with a swish of his cloak.


"Are you sure they're here Hermione darling?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

The Weasley family, Professor McGonagall Hermione and Harry stood on the corner of Grimaraud Place. They were waiting for Hermione's parents, who had volunteered to drive Harry, Ron, Hermione and McGonagall out to London National Airport. Hermione had informed her parents of the exchange, under Dumbeldore's permission and orders. They were willing to book the flight out to Tokyo International Airport, considering no one, not even Harry, at Grimaraud Place, had so much even seen a computer, let alone used one. McGonagall was chaperoning them on the airplane, and would remain with them until they arrived at the school.

"Mum, dad!" Hermione waved, as a navy blue van pulled up.

Two adults stepped out. One, Hermione's mother, looked like an older version of her daughter, though her hair was far shorter. Her father, on the other hand, looked more like a professional wrestler than a dentist. He stood nearly as tall as the car, with shoulders jutting out, as if someone had stuck a wooden board in his shirt. He stepped out of the car, and embraced his daughter, literally picking her up off the ground.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger I presume?" McGonagall asked, stepping forward.

"Yes, and who do I have the pleasure?" Mrs. Granger asked, accepting McGonagall's handshake.

"Professor McGonagall. I believe your daughter has mentioned me,"

"Yes ma'am," Mr. Granger injected, finally putting Hermione down. "Can't get her to shut up about her favorite teacher," Hermione blushed, burying her head in her collar.

Mr. Weasley almost jumped forward, eager to shake Mr. Granger's hand.

"Arthur Weasley kind sir. Doubt Hermione's ever mentioned me, but she's friends with my son, Ronald," Mr. Granger shook his hand back, oblivious to Mr. Weasley's enthusiasm.

"Heard loads about Hermione's adventures with your son and Mr. Potter."

"That's enough dear," Mrs. Weasley stepped forward, breaking her husband's vice hold on Hermione's father. "We can't thank you enough for what you've done," she began. Mrs. Granger smiled as well, charmed by Mrs. Weasley.

"I think this is going to be a real experience for the children."

The two fathers began loading the trunk of the car with the student's trunks, as Mrs. Weasley said her goodbye's.

"Now you BEHAVE!" She told her son, while hugging him tightly. "This is different then you two going off to Hogwarts every year."

Unexpectedly, she released her son, and pulled Harry into an equally bone-crushing hug. Harry was taken aback by the gesture, and for an instant, was on the verge of tears. However, Mrs. Weasley patted him on the back, and released him.

"Keep an eye on Ron, will you Harry?" She whispered. "I don't know why, but things always seem to turn out alright when you two are together."

Herry turned, as he was about to climb into the Granger's car. He took one last look at the Weasleys, the only people who showed him true love. He felt as if, he stood at the crossroads, one path stretched out before him, the other, winding away behind him. With one last smile, he climbed into the car, ready to face whatever came at him next.

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