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Abby felt the hot tears slide down her cheeks. This was all her fault, all hers.

She could feel the icy rain bounce off her hat and sting her skin. It felt good.

"I'm sorry Numbuh Five. This is all we found."

The words rang in her ears, mocking her. Abby sobbed and gripped the goggles in her hands tighter. The cracked yellow lens glared at her.

The concrete she kneeled on bit at her knees. She heard a choking sob from the tree behind her. Abby knew that somewhere in the maze of wood, a blonde Australian was staring in disbelief at the aviator's cap he held. She knew that his green eyes were brimming with tears. Poor Wally.

She should've tried to stop him from flying in this weather. Should've made up something to keep him in the treehouse. Anything but letting him fly.

The rain came down impossibly hard, punishing her for her mistake.

"Hoagieā€¦" Abby croaked, defeated.

So, a bit of 2x5 there. I know he didn't die, because he was there in INTERVIEWS. I had an idea to continue this, make a second chapter with a happier ending. So, you decide: Leave it, or do you want a joyful ending?

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