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"Abby, stop yelling. Please."

Numbuh Five would've continued her rant, regardless of his plea, if she hadn't seen how much effort it took for Hoagie to talk to her. He grew paler every second and she could see his arms shaking from the force holding himself up.

She shifted from Angry Abby to Best Friend Abby. "Lay back down an' stop strainin' yourself."

When Hoagie obeyed with relief, Abby sighed. "Abby's sorry. Just...tell her what happened, Numbuh Two. Why on Earth were you flyin' in this weather? Numbuh Five knows that you know better."

Numbuh Two grimaced, turning away. Doing so, he glimpsed a lost treasure. "Numbuh Five? Are those my goggles?"

"Wha-Oh yeah." Abby had forgotten about the eyewear wrapped around her wrist. Handing them back, she saw Hoagie's face fall. He inspected the jagged crack in the right lens. A tear ran down his bruised cheek.

"These...these were my dad's. Ironic." He muttered bitterly, crumpling the useless goggles in his fist.

"What's ironic?" Abby didn't realize she was whispering, suspended in limbo, waiting for answers that teased her heart.

"Don't you get it, Abby?!" Hoagie bellowed, sitting up again."Today's the anniversary of the day he disappeared! Gone, without a trace! Just some garbage pilot stuff he left for us!" He threw the goggles against the nearest wall as angrily as he could in his current condition.

Numbuh Five sat in shock. She'd never seen him so upset, so hurt, so...defeated.

Finishing his outburst, Hoagie continued, "I flew today because it's the one day a year that I feel so close to him. Every other day, it's the same feeling, but's just...more.

"On the ground, I have to stick to roads. Always the same path to the same place. But up there...I'm so free. There's no limits, no rules to follow, no road to stay on.

"My dad felt the same way. So when I was out today, it was like he was there." Here Hoagie's brow wrinkled. "But then something happened. I don't know what went wrong, but something must have. My plane was shaking, but I managed to steady it about two blocks from the treehouse. I thought I was gonna make it. Then the plane flipped, and I fell. Should've worn a seatbelt. I landed in a tree, and I guess the branches took my cap and goggles, but I wasn't paying attention.

"After the tree, I got dropped in some bush. I think I passed out, but when I came to my senses, I just kinda limped back here, and you were there."

By now, tears were streaming down both operative's faces. Abby folded her hands over his.

"Hoagie, I am so sorry. After all you went through, an' I yelled at ya..." Abby choked on her apology.

Numbuh Two smiled forgivingly. "It's alright, Abby. You were worried."

"Thanks, Hoagie."

They both glanced down at their hands and pulled away sharply, blushing mildly.

Numbuh Five cleared her throat awkwardly. "Abby thinks she'll go get Numbuh Three now. And get Numbuh Four to bring you back your hat."

Numbuh Two nervously twiddled his thumbs. "Yeah, okay. Sounds good."

As Abby put her hand on the Med Bay door, she turned suddenly.

"Numbuh Two?"


"Where ever he is, I'll bet your dad would be proud of you."

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