+For the Stupid Reasons+

P a r t O n e - -

My innocence taken, my feelings hurt, and my heart shattered. That's the way I wanted it.

For respect,

For money,

For power,

For a feeling,

For selfishness,

For someone who doesn't care,

For you.

You know the stupid reasons.

Power increased, fear heightened, and feelings slighted. That's the way I wanted it.

For him,

For his spark,

For his magic,

For his power over you,

For his kisses,

For his sex,

For his everything.

You know the stupid reasons

I am and will always be a naïve girl. I will always be voracious for power, replete with emotions, steeped with sorrows, and intrepid in front of my peers.

Oh why, oh why,

Do I crave this sin?

Again, for the stupid reasons.

This is the sin I have made.

My sins have caused my misfortune. My ways have caused my unfortunates that I've paved. The roads I have taken have shaken me to shame. I am now on my knees hoping to be saved, but I know that I will always be this way. And because of this I will always choose the wrong things, my heart will always be its cold self. Why, you ask? For the obvious stupid reasons is what I'll always answer.