Twilight Retarded Edition

Me: *walks onto stage* Hey guys! I know I ended the story, (unfortunately :( ) but I have some news I think you might wanna hear.

Edward: not really....

Me: SHUT UP! *Drop kicks off stage*

Me: Hehe *smiles sweetly* Okay anyways, what I wanted to say was, I got this awesome idea. I'm gonna hold a contest. Whoever is reading this, PAY ATTENTION!

Okay first off, here are the rules. One, no copying off anything. Meaning, nothing that's been over done. Like the MSN, AIM, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, any of that crap. MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

Okay, Two, the deadline is November 12, 2009. (That's plenty of time right?) Anyways, and thirdly-

Emmett: Is that even a word?

Me: *Shrugs*

Emmett: .....

Me: Anyways, thirdly, It has to be FUNNNNAAYYYYYYY!!!!

Okay, here's the contest. Whoever can write the funniest story, and upload it before the deadline, will indeed be able to have Twilight Retarded Edition as their own story.

Everyone in Cullen family: WHAT?!?!?!?!

Me: yeah I know. I'm crazy...

Edward: we already knew that, but WHAT!? Come on! I know I hate you and all, but you can't give up the story! It wouldn't be the same without you!

Me: Uh yeah, because it wouldn't be my story. Duh....

Edward: :(

Everyone else: PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US!!!!

Me: Don't worry guys! At least I'll have the pleasure of knowing that I created this story... :'(

Everyone: :'(

Me: *In sad voice* So yeah, whoever can make a funny story, uploaded and mail me to tell me it's done, will get Twilight Retarded Edition as their own. So START WRITING! I'll see you all soon! (I hope) Love you all! Ciao! :D