Jeff slipped his black mesh shirt over his head. He had just gotten out of the shower and it was time to head for the post-Wrestlemania party. Only this year, it was going to be about so much more than that. He had split from Chris three months ago and had been accused of doing nothing but moping since then. Well tonight he was going to snap out of his little funk. He was going to show Chris and everyone else that he was moving on.

"Jeff!" Phil yelled. "Come on dude! We're going to be late."

"Hold your horses!" Jeff snapped. "I'm making sure I look okay." He shook his head as he checked himself out in the mirror. Besides the black mesh shirt, he was wearing a pair of very tight black jeans. His blonde hair hung wet and loose down his back. "I look hot," he said to himself. He opened the bathroom. "I'm ready!" he announced.

Phil and John, who had been whispering to each other before this, stopped and just stared at Jeff. "Wow," Phil said in amazement. "Matt's going to have a stroke if he tries to keep the boys off you tonight."

Jeff grinned. His older brother was way too over protective sometimes. "So I look hot?"

"You look hot," John confirmed. "But there's one thing missing." He reached into the waistband of Jeff's jeans and pulled the straps of his thong up so that they were resting right on his hips. "There. Now you look smoking hot."

Jeff blushed and bit his lip. "Everyone's going to see it now," he pointed out.

John shook his head. "Don't play that virginal game with me Jeffey. I know you much better than that." He grinned at both Phil and Jeff. "You know, we don't even have to go to this party. What better way to show Chris that you're over him than having a threesome with both me and Mr. Brooks over here."

Phil groaned. "John we've been over this. I'm not sharing you with anyone else so drop the threesome subject. Besides, we're not the ones Jeff here really wants anyway."

Jeff smacked Phil on the arm. "Quiet you. I swore you to secrecy on that!"

John's eyes widened. "Jeff has a secret crush? You can't have a secret crush!"

"Why not?" Jeff asked.

"Because that discriminates against me!"

Jeff rolled his eyes and patted John on the shoulder. "Sorry buddy." He opened his hotel room door and stepped out of it. "But I'm not telling you who it is right now. You'll just have to--OOOOHHH SKITTLES!" He ran down the hallway and snatched the bag of fruity candy right out of an unsuspecting Cody Rhodes's hands.

Randy burst out laughing. "I told you that he would find you as soon as you opened that package. He has the uncanny ability to steal Skittles from everyone."

Cody looked upset. "Dude, that's not fair. I wanted those."

Jeff reluctantly handed over three of the Skittles back to Cody. "The rest are mine," he declared. "You can't have them back."

"Jeff come on," Cody pleaded. "Give me the Skittles."

"Or at least give him something to make up for his lack of Skittles," Phil said as he and John joined them.

Jeff grinned mischievously and planted a kiss right on Cody's lips. John and Phil made some catcalls while Randy objected to his boyfriend getting kissed. Cody opened his mouth in surprise and Jeff slipped his tongue inside the younger man's mouth. Cody finally gave in and started kissing Jeff back.

"Now that was hot," John said when Jeff and Cody broke apart.

Randy pulled Cody towards him and glared at Jeff. "My boyfriend. Go get your own."

Jeff was going to say something in response to that but that was when he saw Adam walking by. He couldn't help but stare as the blonde Canadian as he passed them. He looked so delicious that it was hard to resist going to take a taste right then and there.

"Oh dude!" John exclaimed. "You like him! You like Copeland!"

Phil smacked his boyfriend. "Yes, let's say that as loud as possible. That's really what you need to do."

Jeff licked his lips. "Nobody say anything to Matt," he told them. "The last thing I want is for him to find out and try to stop me."

Cody frowned. "He can't stop your feelings Jeff. He may not like them, but he can't stop you from feeling a certain way."

Randy rolled his eyes. "He's not talking about his feelings Cody. Dear Jeff here is planning on making a move tonight. Aren't you Slutty?"

Jeff glared at the Legend Killer. "Quiet Whore. Nobody told you to speak." But he couldn't deny what Randy had said. He had been lusting after Adam for quite some time now, but he hadn't made a move because he hadn't wanted Matt to get mad at him. But tonight, he was tired of denying himself of what he wanted. He wanted Adam and he was going to get him by any means necessary--even if it meant incurring the wrath of his older brother. Sorry Matty, but tonight, it's about what I want for once. Hopefully you don't hate me for too long.