"I don't think we should ever let our friends near another wedding reception for the rest of their lives," Chris said. He and Matt were just walking in the front door of Matt's--no, their--house, just having gotten done with the dual wedding receptions. Lucas was already at Gil's house so Chris and Matt could just worry about leaving for their honeymoon in the morning. They were planning on spending the next couple of weeks on a beach in Greece and Chris was very excited about it.

Matt nodded in agreement. "I'm surprised they let us get away from that party to come back here."

"I think they might have actually stopped caring that it was our reception and were just looking it as their party." Chris wasn't too upset about that fact. "That's okay though. I was looking for any excuse for us to get away from them."

Matt smirked. "And why would you want to do that my dear husband?"

Chris smirked back and pulled Matt into his arms. "I think you know why," he said before kissing Matt roughly. Matt moaned and melted into the kiss. As far as things in the bedroom were concerned, they were always good about taking turns topping each other. But tonight, Chris was topping first. He had been wanting to fuck Matt's brains out for the past two hours and he was not going to be denied.

The two of them kept kissing passionately, Chris placing his hands under Matt's ass and lifting the dark haired man up. Matt wrapped his arms around Chris's neck and his legs around the blonde's waist. "Take me hard Chrissy," Matt whispered sexily. "Make me scream like I've never screamed before."

Now how could someone even begin to think about denying a request like that? If someone knew how, Chris did not want anything to do with them. Tearing his mouth away from Matt's, he began carrying his husband up the stairs so they could get to their bedroom. He could feel Matt kissing and sucking on his neck and it was enough to make him weak in the knees. "You might want to stop that," Chris said. "We might not make it to the bedroom if you keep doing that."

Matt shook his head. "That's okay. You can fuck me right here on the stairs."

Chris growled. "Matthew Moore Hardy Irvine, we are doing this my way and my way involves the bed. Do you understand me?"

Matt laughed. "I love it when you get bossy." He groped Chris's crotch lightly and nipped at the first ever Undisputed Champion's ear.

Chris wasn't sure how he got himself and Matt to the bedroom after that, but he did. He stumbled into the room and fell on to the bed, landing on top of Matt. Just as he was about to make sure he hadn't hurt Matt, the former ECW champion pulled him into a harsh kiss. I guess that answers my question, he thought to himself as his fingers worked on unbuttoning Matt's shirt.

Apparently Matt soon felt that Chris was taking too long because the next thing Chris knew, his shirt was being ripped open and the buttons were flying everywhere. "Damn it Matty," Chris said as he discarded the ruined shirt. "That was one of my best ones."

Matt grinned. "Maybe you should punish me for that."

Chris grinned back at him. Now that sounded tempting. He opened up Matt's shirt and kissed his husband's collarbone. Matt sighed happily, but that turned into a slight moan when Chris scraped his teeth across the delicate flesh. Chris continued kissing his way down Matt's body, circling the whimpering man's nipples with his tongue before biting them gently.

"Please," Matt said softly. His fingers grabbed on to Chris's short blonde hair and twisted around it tightly. "Don't tease me Chris. I need you so bad."

"Teasing is half the fun though Matt," Chris replied. He began kissing his way down Matt's stomach, his fingers lightly touching Matt's groin through his pants. Matt tried to buck upwards, but Chris made sure to put all of his weight on Matt's thighs so no success could be had for the brunette. Chris had Matt right where he wanted him and he wasn't about to give up any of his advantages. "So fucking hot," he said as he slowly unbuttoned Matt's pants.

Matt's breathing was quickening in anticipation. "Only for you," he replied. "Hot just for you Chris."

"It better be just for me," Chris said as he removed Matt's pants. He licked his lips as he saw the silk boxers Matt was wearing. "I don't feel like sharing you with anyone else." His fingers began playing with the waistband of Matt's boxers, his trademark smirk growing bigger at the way Matt swallowed heavily. Feeling his own cock stir, Chris pulled the boxers the rest of the way off and tossed them aside. He licked his lips and smiled in appreciation. Matt looked so perfect there, just waiting to be taken.

Matt sighed impatiently. "Chris, are you ever going to do anything or am I going to take matters into my own hands?"

Chris raised his eyebrows. "Are you hurrying me Matthew?" he asked, running his fingers up and down the underside of Matt's dick.

Matt let out a choked gasp. "Oh Jesus."

"Matty? You didn't answer me." Chris lightly kissed the head of Matt's dick, making it stir and harden even more.

Matt swallowed heavily. "Chris please, I just need you so bad," he said sweetly.

"Well I guess since you put it that way..." Chris began circling the head with just his tongue, making a sound of satisfaction as he tasted the precum that was already coating it. Making sure to keep his weight on Matt's thighs to avoid being choked with an unexpected thrust, he began nibbling on the head ever so lightly.

Matt whined loudly. "Chris! This is not fair! I--oh God!"

Chris deep throated Matt without warning, very proud of himself for earning that yell. He could feel Matt's dick hitting the back of his throat, but it didn't choke him. He just relaxed his throat and sucked on it for a few seconds before moving back up to nibble on the head again. He then slowly began inching his mouth all the way down Matt's length again, sucking greedily before taking his mouth away completely and then just running his tongue underneath it. He continued working Matt up like this, but then he added fuel to the fire by pushing one of his fingers knuckle deep inside of Matt.

Matt moaned and began writhing around on the bed. "Oh fuck...Chris please....fuck, I need you so bad."

Chris just slowly pushed his finger in and out of Matt's body, taking his mouth away from Matt's dick so he could lightly kiss his thighs. "I need you too baby," he replied, pushing another finger to Matt's warm, tight hole. He fucked Matt with those fingers at a torturesly slow pace, his own pants becoming tighter and tighter by the second. "I need you real bad. But it's just so much fun teasing you right now."

Matt whimpered and then let out a throaty moan as Chris probed at his prostate. Suddenly Chris couldn't take it anymore. He removed his fingers from Matt (much to Matt's disappointment) and hurridly discarded his own pants. He could feel himself being taken over by a haze of lust as he entered Matt completely.

"Oh fuck!" Matt cried out deliriously. His eyes were completely glazed over. "Chris!"

Chris moved inside of Matt easily, having come to know his husband's body so well. The very sensation of being inside of Matt was overwhelming. Feeling like he was close to the edge, he kissed Matt roughly, biting down just hard enough to draw a little bit of blood. Matt practically howled and came all over Chris's stomach and chest. The tightening of Matt's walls around his dick caused Chris to lose it and he collapsed on top of Matt when the force of his orgasm took all the energy right out of him.

Matt sighed happily. "I love you Chris."

Chris grinned happily. "I love you too Matty."


Jeff adjusted his outfit again and again just to make sure it was just right. He had on a black and red leather corset, a very tiny black thong, knee high fishnet stockings and a pair of black high heels. He had just redyed his hair completely blonde and it was hanging loosely down his shoulders and back. He had a pair of handcuffs and a whip nearby that were just begging to be used on Adam.

"Baby I'm horny!" Adam yelled impatiently. "Come play with me!"

Jeff rolled his eyes. He and Adam had had three quickies during the reception and yet the Canadian still wanted more. "I'm just that irresistible," Jeff said to himself as he grabbed the handcuffs and the whip. He left the bathroom and went into the bedroom, striking a sexy pose as soon as Adam looked at him. "How do I look?"

Adam's jaw dropped and he just stood there with a dumbass look on his face. "Oh my God," he finally managed to say. He tried to say something else but all that came out of his mouth was a stream of incoherent sounds.

Jeff grinned and flicked the whip lightly at Adam. "Well come on Addy!" he said impatiently. "Get over here and show me just how pretty you think I am."

Adam took a few steps forwards and then Jeff pushed him down on the shoulder, bringing him to his knees. "Come on Addy, show me how sexy you think I am," he said with a grin. "Show me with that pretty mouth of yours."

Adam grinned and pulled Jeff's thong off. Jeff stepped out of it and ran his fingers through Adam's hair. His knees nearly buckled as he felt Adam's mouth engulfed his cock but he managed to maintain control of himself. He had to keep his head somewhat clear if he was going to be in control of this situation. "That's it Addy, suck me like a good little bitch."

Adam took his mouth away and looked up. "I'm not the bitch here Jeff."

"Oh yeah? Who's holding the whip here Addy?"

"You won't use it."

"Oh yeah?" Jeff pulled Adam up by the hair and pushed him towards the bed. Then he smacked Adam right on the ass before the older blonde could get up.

Adam yelped in pain. "Okay, that was the wrong thing to ask," he muttered.

"Damn right it was," Jeff said. He pounced on Adam and quickly got his husband's hands cuffed to the bedpost. "Ha! Now I'm in total control!" He got off of Adam and began tickling the bound man with the whip. "Now what did you learn?"

"Uh...you have a surprisingly dominant side for a cumslut?" Adam said with a grin.

Jeff whipped Adam with the whip, although he giggled as he did it. It wasn't like Adam was wrong. "What else?" he prompted.

"Matt's a dumbass?"

Jeff rolled his eyes and whipped Adam again. "Addy, this is getting ridiculous. Do you like being whipped?"

"Maybe," Adam said with a grin.

Well since he put it that way, Jeff smacked him with the whip again a couple more times. His dick, which had been brought to life by Adam's mouth, was starting to get really, really hard. Adam's was too, and Jeff could feel his control slipping. Must maintain, must maintain...oh fuck it, I need to taste him. He got on top of Adam so they were in the sixty nine position and eagerly took Adam's dick into his mouth. He moaned happily as he felt Adam do the same thing to him. They both sucked each other eagerly, but Jeff did manage to get just a little bit of his control back before they both lost it completely.

"No," Adam complained as Jeff got back up. The Rated R Superstar pouted his lips. "Give it back. I want more."

Jeff laughed. "Don't worry, I'll give you something just as good." He positioned himself directly over Adam's hard dick and dropped down suddenly, filling himself completely with his husband's cock. "Oh fuck," he moaned loudly. "You're so fucking big Addy."

Adam gasped and thrusted his hips up. "Jeff, take the handcuffs off," he requested. "I want to touch you."

Jeff grabbed a hold of Adam's wrists, but he made no attempts to remove the handcuffs. Instead he kissed Adam roughly while moving his hips up and down at a slow pace just to drive Adam wild. "Who says you get to touch me slut?" he asked playfully. "Huh?" He yanked on Adam's hair just a little bit. "Who said you were worthy of touching me?"

Adam pouted. "Jeff come on. I'll make you feel so good if you let me touch you."

Jeff picked up the pace of him riding Adam while he thought about it. Adam did have magical hands. "Okay," he said. Still maintaining his pace, he grabbed the keys off the desk and undid Adam's hand.

Almost immediately, Adam tossed the handcuffs away and flipped them over so that he was on top. "No!" Jeff shouted. "Uprisings are not allowed! Release me you slut!"

"Yeah right," Adam said deviously. He pulled all the way out before shoving himself back into Jeff roughly. Jeff howled and clawed at Adam's back. He wrapped his legs around Adam's waist, digging the heels of his shoes into Adam's skin. He was getting sweaty and it was making the corset stick to him. "Oh fuck," Jeff panted. Wave after wave of pleasure was going through him and he couldn't stand it. "Right there...fuck that's it...harder...HARDER DAMN IT!"

Adam growled and pounded into Jeff even harder, causing the younger man to howl in pleasure. Adam reached down and stroked Jeff's dick roughly, causing Jeff to come so hard that he saw stars. In his haze of pleasure, he felt Adam release inside of him, but all he could do was just let his body go weak. He didn't even have enough strength to keep himself wrapped around Adam.

"Holy fuck head," Adam gasped as he rolled off Jeff. "That was...you need to wear that outfit more often."

Jeff grinned. "You know, instead of vowing to take care of you in sickness and in health, I should have just vowed to take care of you with whips and handcuffs and mind blowing sex. What do you think the preacher would have said to that?"

Adam thought about it for a second and began laughing hysterically. Jeff joined in and then snuggled up to his husband. This was something he definitely was looking forward to doing for the rest of his life.