In the world, I'd seen as many ugly things as I had beautiful. But it was the beautiful things, the peaceful moments; that I really lived for. I'm sure any normal hunter would say the same, or else they wouldn't have bothered hunting. We value beautiful things, good things- not things that were disguised as beautiful things. We saved beautiful things as in; the life of a tiny baby, the waves on the ocean that crashed on top of the other and gave you a sense of stillness, the night sky that makes anyone feel small, a human child living until they were elderly.

Beautiful things or moments- the very essence, the personification…of life.

I used to think vampires took it away, destroyed life everywhere they went without blinking an eyes- and that it was my job to stop it, to save lives. But he, as well as his family, changed my mind. I don't know if I'd ever met such wholly good people, human or vampire, in my entire life.

And it seems all the sweeter that I love him, better still that he loves me back. I felt accepted into their family, I was a part of the family and I couldn't possibly say how much that means to me. Even as I lay with the last of my life, my essence, spilling out into the hands of someone I thought I could trust- I don't regret a thing. I wouldn't have changed anything even if I could. Edward and the others were safe, I'd die swiftly and I wouldn't return this time- not with the look of hunger in its eyes.

No coming back, it seemed to taunt. But it still couldn't hurt him, it would never find him. I made sure of that…