Chapter one: On the Trail


The hunter in me, the vampire in me- they all combined to say that I wanted this. I did, I really did. I felt it in my bones and heard it ringing in my blood, this was what I was created to do, and yet, Bella was family- Morgan was family. I'll never be able to explain to someone who doesn't know this feeling, belonging with someone you could normally belong with.

Morgan was very much my sister, and Bella was very much my niece- but it wasn't logical for a hunter-vampire to be so…family oriented. My existence was a complete lie- even Antonio didn't know the whole truth about me. I lived as his "pet" and spy. He believed I "exercised" my bloodlust by violently eradicating fellow hunters. But that was never true.

I don't feed on anything like that, I like to see the many sides and layers of people. It doesn't physically feed me, but it does intrigue me. But then again, I never really had to feed. As for gathering information, that was minor stuff that kept me in the loop of the Volturi and their branches. Now there was no choice but to do what they asked, or else Antonio would do it.

I shuddered at the memory, the white hot searing flame that seemed to burn my skin in seconds without actually burning my skin. Lightening behind my closed eyes, the moans of all my hunter ancestors in the Oasis Pool. Moaning because it was mournful but singing in welcome as well- extending their arms to pull me into the endless waters.

I saw the sparkling waters behind my eyelids. I was almost there. The water was parting like the red sea and I could almost see beyond it.

And then- an iciness that was bitter compared to the pleasant warmth that had filled me while gazing into the pool of spirits and wonder. Horror. I was being ripped away from my birth right, feeling hollow and empty- colder than I'd been in years. But I was still on fire, burning and freezing at the same time.

I wouldn't let Bella succumb to that- it was her right to go the way she was meant to. But then again, it couldn't be helped. Wait, maybe it could. There would be a struggle, there wouldn't be an opportunity to change her and all I could do was fight to stay alive. If she just…died, she wouldn't have to become like me. She still had a choice!