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Chuck likes Jenny who likes Nate who is going out with Blair who fancies the pants off Chuck, Its a love rectangle with so much drama but what will happen?

Chapter One

You should be mine

Gossip Girl here: I spy on my little eye, someones name beginning with C looks off track today wonder I why. Who that could be and whos the pretty little brunette besides him that's for me to know and you to find out XOXO gossip girl

Chuck Bass was Bart bass son, who owned the Bass Industry, Chuck was mean and if you didn't know him you would of thought he was the devils son, he was a womanzier and one of the rich and famous at school everyone worshipped him, the only thing about Chuck was everyone knew everything about him and that was because he was always on Gossip Gir, little did anyone know he liked little Jenny humphery no that was a secret to be kept quiet.

Jenny Humphery was a petite blond who was quiet at school not many knew her or who she was, they would only talk to her if it was about her brother Dan but apart from that she was ignored, her passion was for fashion oh and the eye candy of the school Nate Archibald which she had no chance with because he was a senior.

Nate Archibald was the popular, blue eyed beauty he was the captain of the lacrosse team and was voted head boy of he's year. All the girls loved him and all the boys thought he was the god because he was such a nice gentleman, hes love was Blair Waldorf.

Blair Waldorf was cruel yet beautiful, being the most popular girl in school, Blair was powerful and because of that she got what she wanted all the time having followers and the most handsome boy in school was the life or was it Blair Waldorf was the girlfriend of Nate Archibald yet she fancied the pants off Chuck Bass who was unfortunately was he's best mate.

It was a sunny morning in the Manhattan streets everyone was smiling and minding there own business, that was if you wasn't Chuck Basshole who was watching from a corner a boy speak to Jenny Humphrey how it made his blood boil, she was supposed to be his, and one day she would be that was his intentions he had been fond of her for 3 years now since the day when she first spoke to him and asked him where the girls loo's were and since that day he wanted her. He was irrupted from watching the scene before him when Nate tapped him on the back.

''Hey man, what are you doing at the back of constance?'' Nate asked sitting down on the round table opposite them.

''I was having a smoke, what about you?'' Chuck asked then started taking out he's cigarettes from his coat pocket.

''Oh Blair said she was going to meet me outside here, but she hasn't turned up yet and Ive been waiting 10 minutes.''

''Well it is Blair Waldorf so you will probably be waiting for about another 15 minutes''

''Who mentioned me?'' Blair said taking her books out and putting them on a table.

''Oh, Chuck was just saying that because your Blair Waldorf its a wonder we don't wait another 15 minutes for you,'' Nate said kissing Blair while over the other side of the wall Jenny got a peek of this and walked off.

''Haha funny aren't you? Didn't know Chuck made jokes,'' Blair said sticking out her tongue.

''And I didn't know you could laugh,'' Chuck grinned.

''Sarcasm your number one fan today isnt it, '' Blair said taking her headband out and putting it in her bag.

''Well if it wasn't ,you wouldn't be, but listen I'm going to go I need to erm find someone,'' Chuck said beginning to walk off to find Jenny.

''Dude weve only just come, why not come with me and Blair back to my house,'' Nate asked.

''And be the third wheeler, and watch you two kiss no thank you Ive got better things to do, maybe some other time,'' with that Chuck walked off.

''Whats with him today normally he wants to hang with us?'' Blair told Nate kissing him again.

''I dunno lately he's been off track maybe its a girl I dunno.'' Girl? Chuck was seeing a girl? No way would she let that happen, she had been keeping her eyes on Chuck for a long time now, and with all the flirting she had done around him, it still didn't seem to interest him. This could cause damage, hearing Nate's words, she decided to stalk off and find out what Mr Bass was actually up to.

''Blair what are you doing? I thought we was going back to mine,'' Nate said.

''Oh I just remembered Ive got other plans sorry, I forgot that my Mom wanted me for a modelling shoot,'' with that Blair walked off to find Chuck.

Meanwhile Jenny was just walking home from just tutoring a boy named Asher who she found out was gay, by her mate Eric, and was giving him tips on boys. She was just about to take the subway when she fell on someone, looking up she saw no other then Nate Archibald.

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