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Chapter 2

Why Hello

Jenny felt a hand pull her back up from the ground she knew it was Nate as she saw herself on the bottom of him just, she had always liked Nate, he was just so kind, caring, cute, sexy, why wouldn't any girl like him, thing was though, he was taken, by Blair, and a peace of sweet thing like him would be its just how it was around New York, If your handsome your taken. Standing fully up now Jenny saw Nate smiling at her.

''It's Jenny right?'' He asked shaking his gorgeous caramel hair, which she got a bit distracted from.

''Erm yeah it is''

''Im Nate Archibald'' He said offering his hand out to her, to shake.

''I know who you are, question is how do you know me'' She told him.

''Well your Dan Humphrey's sister, and I know that because he always goes on about his little sister''

''Wow he actually talks a bit me, never heard that one before'' In school Dan normally ignores Jenny and this is because he doesn't want to wreck his reputation.

''Well if I'm honest with you, he dosen't actually mention your name just his little sister this or that, I just saw your name on the register of a class before and I just figured you were Dans little sister'' Little sister- How she hated how he said that. Making her feel like a baby compared to him.

''Hmm, Good old Dan never changes does he, anyway I better get going I gotta get home earlier to do my daily house chores, good talking to you Nate'' Jen said and began walking off with Nate calling ''Nice bumping into you Jenny'' He shouted to her.

Meanwhile.. at the Chuck suite he decided he was going to chill for the night, he was sick and bored of hanging with Blair and Nate sometimes watching them play tonsil tennis, sometimes he just wanted what they had, with Jenny possibly, he was just about to head to the bathroom when there was a knock on the door, strange to him as no one really come to his suite, he opened it to find Blair frowning at him.

''What are you here for'' He asked, not in the mood for her presents.

''Well what a nice welcoming, but I was actually wondering if Nate was here'' Blair knew Nate wasn't there she just wanted to see him, and because she was Blair Waldorf she could pull of crap lies.

''No he's not here, I thought you too were together'' He said.

''Well we were, but err mm I sort of wasn't in the mood, I felt very sick, but now I'm in the mood, and I thought because he is your best friend, he would be here'' Blair loved lying sometimes because she could get away with allot.

''Well he's not here would you mind leaving now I have things to attend to'' He knew he was being rude but he just wasn't in the mood either.

''Chuck Bass has things to attend to that's new, you never do much and as your still in your suite it can't be that important, so I'm just going to invite myself in, and not because I wanna see your horrible face, its because I'm bored on my own and I can't find Nate'' She told him boldly.

''Whatever Waldorf make yourself at home, but I'll be in the bathroom'' He told her walking back into the room. While Blair was just grinning maybe if she was lucky she could find a wet naked Chuck coming out the bath.

''Stop grinning I can see your face, at the back on my head'' He shouted.

''I wasn't actually Idoit'' She said smiling again and then began rolling her eyes.

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