What happens when the two most popular girls in school move in with the two most popular guys in school? It means heaven, right? What happens when the girls play hard to get? Will the two playboys risk more than they plan to just to win their hearts? On the other hand...when intimate, seductive scenes happen between them, the girls find themselves getting weaker and weaker... it's harder and harder to resist these two gorgeous boys. But then again, it's not easy to have the girls all to themselves when every other male student in Gakuen Alice has their eyes on them.

*Just an average school, love, and hot romance fanfic. No Alice, no Charas, just ordinary teen loveā€¦.

Natsume Hyuuga- Has the total bad boy image...in a sexy way. Raven styled hair with a pair of sharp gorgeous, crimson eyes. Any girl would melt under his gaze. He's always seen with at least two girls besides him. Only son of the Hyuuga Corporation, Natsume is rich and holds a very high status in Japan. But the problem was that he was only a typical young teenager at age 19; not a business man type of material to take over the Hyuuga Cooperation any time soon.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi- Joining Natsume with the women, charming looks and personality, Ikuto is a certified playboy. He changes girls like eating a different meal every day.
Ikuto's parents own the whole Tsukiyomi Enterprise that doesn't fall much behind the Hyuuga Corporation either. In Ikuto's eyes, he was only interested in girls, sex, and more sex. Ikuto has a charming way with girls that sweep them off his feet aside from his boyishly sexy looks. At age 19, Ikuto has changed more girls than the clothes girls have in their wardrobes.

Mikan Sakura- "Blessed" with a delicious looking body, Mikan is the eye candy of every man. She is the kind of girl that is impossible to not get a second glimpse of. The sexy little princess of the Sakura Corporation had always gotten things the way she wanted. But like a typical teenager, she hated staying in the mansion with her parents...so Mikan decides to go independent...with her best friend, Amu Hinamori.

Amu Hinamori- Amu does not lose to Mikan when it comes to the whole image. She herself is a very attractive woman with a seductive body and pretty innocent face. Her parents of the Hinamori Corporation always annoyed her about her bad habits of changing boyfriends so often. So not being able to live with the naggings everyday, Amu loved the idea of moving in with Mikan.