Another Chapter For You! Since it's been so long haha.


"I don't understand why we are doing this type of detention work." Amu grumbles and looks at the tenth piece of letter

The teacher had bought in a bunch of letters kids in Gakuen Alice have written to the guidance counselors...seeking for some advice on their problems. But instead, the teachers agreed that teens and teens understand each other more so they suggested for Ikuto and Amu to put in a comment or so in each of the letters. Teachers these days are so lazy. "Teens understand teens" what a lame excuse.

"Boy in math class keeps touching me...sexual harassment." Amu reads off the letter in front of her. She picks up her pen and licks her lips with a playful smile:"Moan a little and then ask if he is interested."

"EI! Amu!" Ikuto slams a hand on the table, scaring the shit out of her

"What?!" Amu glares with a hand over her chest

"Do you think the teachers will like what kind of "advice" you are giving the kids? You want to serve detention longer?!" Ikuto grabs her letter and crosses out Amu's comment. He has done that to almost every single one of Amu's letters. She acts as if she wrote the letters herself, Amu doesn't understand that not all girls are outgoing and flirty like her. Which girl in their right minds would actually take her advices?! *Besides Mikan Sakura.

"Fine Ikuto, you can write all the comments yourself!" Amu holds back a delighted laugh as she picks up her bag to walk out of the room

"Amu Hinamori! Ei!" Ikuto runs after her and grabs her arm

"You wish." his eyes were smiling as he slid another hand to her waist

"Don't you think your advices are a bit naughty?" Ikuto raised a brow as Amu smiles back at him

"Yea and you were so not getting the hint." Amu mutters and threads a hand through his hair

Ikuto chuckles and leans close:"I was just seeing how long you can resist..."

He closes his eyes as his lips found hers. Amu moans with satisfaction and she cupped his face lovingly. Ikuto's hand pushed her waist closer to his and grinds their bodies together, his knee grazing in-between her legs as her knee rubbed against his hard friend. Amu whimpers softly as Ikuto slid a hand up and down her legs, while his lips locked with hers harder.

"Damn, she always makes me lose control." Ikuto thinks with a smile as Amu's playful hands slid under his shirt and caresses his back

"Ikuto is so...seductively irresistible...if there was such words." Amu thought with closed eyes as Ikuto cups her neck and he responds faster to her urgent kisses

"Okay, back to work." Amu pulls away shortly after Ikuto's hand wandered to the band of her thong.

"Amu..." Ikuto protested as he walks back to their seat

"Not the right place, what if the teacher walks in? They do that every few minutes check up on us." Amu straightens her short silk skirt and wipes her lipstick away from the mess Ikuto left on her lips

"You look really sexy." Ikuto laughs as he watched Amu rub the lipstick smear off the corner of her mouth

Amu laughs and pushed the pile of letters to him:"Let's not get carried away anymore."

Ikuto sighs and unfolds a letter:"Like my best friend's boyfriend. Should I go for him or keep our friendship?"

"What a backstabbing friend." Amu's eyes widened as if she never heard of that issue before

"Why? You and Mikan never liked the same guy before?" Ikuto raised a brow

Amu laughs:"We did. A lot of times. But then we'd always decide that either of us will date him."

"Speaking of strong friendship." Ikuto smiles and wrote "Choose friend over boy." on the bottom

Amu takes another gaze at Ikuto's handsome smile before bending her head down to read her next letter:"I'm in love with one of the most popular guys in the school. How will I get him to notice me?"

"This is a hard one." Amu runs a hand through her hair with a sigh

Ikuto looks up with a chuckle:"Don't you notice it's all girls that write these things?"

Amu ignores his sexist remark and looks up:"Hmm...I wonder if that guy is you or Natsume."

"Tell her to find someone that fits in with her world." Ikuto suggested

"Now that's mean, Ikuto!" Amu slams a hand on the desk

"What?! How is that mean? Obviously a girl writing letters like these have no self esteem. She must have no body or face." Ikuto looked very proud of himself for his smart reasoning

"Do you know...the guidance counselor is a place where they encourage kids? Not tell them to give up." Amu rolls her eyes, Ikuto was hopeless and he thought she was stupid.

"Yea and I'm sure you encouraging that girl to encourage the sexual harassment is really better than my advice." Ikuto smiles sarcastically

"No wonder why they say beauty don't come with brains." Ikuto mutters but Amu totally heard

"IKUTO!" She screams

"Ei! Lower your voice, I hear you. I sit right across from you!" Ikuto shakes his head with covered ears

"Let's see, on our next report card. See who gets the higher grade." Amu challenged with a serious look in her eyes

Ikuto smiles:"Seriously?"

"Yea, you try to cheat your grade and we break up." Amu smiles sweetly and calms down a little

Ikuto smirks:"You make it sound like I'm desperate for you."

Amu shakes her head:"No. You don't have to be. You can just fail and get rid of me at the same time...but you have to admit then that I am smart."

"What, and let Roy have you?" Ikuto raised a daring look

"You're jealous." Amu smirks in a sing song voice and tucks a lock of hair behind her ears with a amused smile

Ikuto shakes his head:"Don't think you can get away from me so easily, Amu."

"You're the one who said you didn't want me." Amu muttered with a roll of her eyes

"I said I wasn't desperate." Ikuto corrects her

"Same thing." Amu shakes her head

"Not it's not." Ikuto shot back

"Is too." Amu argued

"Is not." Ikuto continued

"Is too."

"Is not."

"Is..." Amu's eyes widened in surprise when she felt Ikuto's lips press against hers

He pulls away without looking at her:"Let's get finished shall we."

"Stupid, always scaring me like that." Amu mutters but smiles as she touched her lips. Ikuto is always full of surprises. She never knows what to expect from him the next second.


Mikan and Natsume was sitting at the kitchen table with their friends' favorite take outs. It was their way of apologizing for the unreasonable detention. It was already really late and those two still weren't home yet.

"Why are they still out?" Mikan mumbles, starting to get worried

"They're probably having sex in the classroom...for dinner." Natsume suggested with a naughty smile

Mikan rolls her eyes:"Can you ever stop thinking about sex for just one second?"

"Why else would they be out so late?" Natsume defended himself

Before Mikan could answer, Amu and Ikuto stumbles in the front door...lips locked. Ikuto was still giving her short kisses while Amu's arms were all over him.

Mikan stares at them with a open mouth:"You two can't keep off each other!"

The two jerked away after hearing Mikan's scream. They were surprised to see Natsume and Mikan both down here this late...with food on the table.

"I told you something was wrong with them." Ikuto mutters and runs a hand through his hair

Amu closes the door and then joins Ikuto at the table with the others:"What's with all the food?"

"Nothing, enjoy!" Natsume smiles cheerfully and then runs up the stairs

"It's a thank you for helping us out in detention last time." Mikan smile sweetly then bolted for the stairs

"Ei! Hold on!" Amu yells with hands on her hips

Mikan froze on the bottom of the stairs while Natsume froze midway to the top of the stairs. Uh Oh.

"This is really kind of you." Ikuto smiles sweetly at Natsume and Mikan looking ever so guilty

They all returned to the kitchen table and sat down while Ikuto and Amu helped themselves to their favorite food.

"So...tell us the truth, did you get us into detention?" Ikuto asks and stuffs a sushi in his mouth

Mikan nudged Natsume who just looked up at the ceiling.

"Spill, guys." Amu commanded and drinks her bubble tea

"It'd be the end of the world if you two prepared these food for us all out of pure kindness." Ikuto shakes his head with a laugh

"Ei! Are you saying I don't treat you nice?" Natsume glares at him

"Alright fine...we accidently got you two into detention." Mikan admitted

"Yea, she did. Not me." Natsume jokes, surprised that Mikan told them the truth

"Natsume said you two were having sex in the classroom." Mikan blurted out to defend herself

"Yea, and Mikan tries to convince Jinno by saying it was because you two lost control for each other." Natsume added with a smirk towards Mikan's direction

Ikuto and Amu just froze in horror with their mouths wide open.

"Run." Natsume whispers and grabs Mikan's hand

The two of them bolted from their seats and flew up the stairs.

Ikuto and Amu busted out laughing:"Did you see their expressions?"

"Yup, it was priceless." Amu agrees with a giggle

"Damn...I can't believe they said we were having sex in there." Ikuto shakes his head in disbelief

"Yea, now our reputation with the teachers is worse than ever." Amu sighs

"You know what? Since it's already said and the harm is already done...we could give it a try." Ikuto raised his brows naughtily

"Keep dreaming Ikuto Tsukiyomi." Amu rolls her eyes, no way would she be having sex in a classrom! Then she would never be able to keep a straight face in that class ever again.

"Utau, you didn't come over last confess to Ikuto." Mikan wonders aloud as she looked through the rack of sexy Halloween costumes for women.

Utau was browsing through the different types of angel dresses:"Ikuto and Amu had detention so I couldn't go over that late."

"You should confess to him at the Halloween night party." Misaki smiles as she runs her hand down a silk angel dress

Anna nods and puts a skimpy angel dress against herself:"He will see how sexy you are that really would help."

"Yea, Ikuto is the pervert that totally falls for hot girls." Amu rolls her eyes and picks up a princess tiara

"I thought you weren't supporting Ikuto and Utau." Misaki raised a curious eye

Amu shrugs:"Whatever. If it doesn't work out, she can't blame it on me."

Mikan looks between Utau and Amu, still noticing a bit of coldness between them. After all, Ikuto did announce that Amu was his girlfriend. Here they were, two girls fighting over the same guy...and either of them was backing down

"I think I found my perfect costume!" Mikan announced gleefully with a squeal

"Damn Mikan, Natsume is going to be one lucky guy...I bet Ikuto might fall for you too." Amu jokes seeing Mikan's amazing costume

Mikan threw a wand at her:"Shut up!"

For some reason, it sounded so wrong to say that. Ikuto was not related to her or anything but since he was dating her bestfriend, he was more like brother to Mikan.

"Oh my gosh Mikan! It's so sexy!" Annagasped as Mikan held up her costume

A saleslady came over and took Mikan's costume to the register.

Mikan taps a finger to her chin:"Now I'll have my designer get me a pair of glass slippers!"

"You'll be the hottest Cinderella in history." Utau smiles

Mikan giggles:"Thanks guys."

"I found a pair of gorgeous angel wings!" Misaki shrieks

The girls all walked over to her at the wings section. Misaki pulled out a red and black pair of wings:"Look."

The girls all roll their eyes and shake their heads:"Those are a devil's wings, Misaki."

"Oh." Misaki scrunched her nose and puts it back on the rack

"I think I know what I want to be on Halloween..." Amu smiles slowly

"Bat girl." Mikan guessed with a smirk

Amu laughs:"I know you can't read minds Mikan."

Mikan shrugs with a chuckle:"I can't. But I can see your eyes on that naughty black bat costume."

"I need to find a pair of bat wings.." Amu mumbles as she fingers the pile of wings

The rest of them went off to buy their angel costumes and wands.

"I'm going to ask Ikuto to be the devil." Amu winks with a mischievous smile at Mikan

Mikan nods with a eager smile:"I want Natsume to dress up as Prince Charming."

"Got it." Amu grins as she pulls out a pair of black bat wings made out of mesh and sheer black material, with a sexy black fur lining.

"I can just see you and Ikuto "sucking" on each other." Mikan smirks with a laugh

"Ei! Utau is still here, don't say that." Amu whacks Mikan with a blush at the naughty image

"I can't wait till Halloween night." Mikan sighs, already seeing herself and Natsume looking like the perfect match on the dance floor.


Natsume's reply was so simple and cold. He turns back to his sports magazine and ignores Mikan's pouts and glares.

"Natsume..." Mikan whines

"No." he answers this time without looking up

"But I already have everything planned out for us." Mikan complains in a whiny voice

Natsume ignores her once again and turns over to the other side on his bed. Mikan sighs, her hopes were so high when she first entered Natsume's room that night. Never did she ever think that Natsume would not go to the Halloween party with her.

"Why not Natsume? It's going to be a lot of fun." Mikan reasoned

Natsume groans:"I'm not in the mood."

"But I have the perfect costume picked out and..." Mikan protested but was cut off by Natsume

He turns to face her with a annoyed look:"You are the most annoying girlfriend I ever had. Don't you understand the word NO?!"

Mikan's eyes widened as she drew back with a hurt expression at his outburst. Natsume was never so mean to her before. She was just so used to ordering her boyfriends around and was never refused before.

"I understand." Mikan bit her lower lip trying to hold back tears

She turns to run out of his room and Natsume looks after her with a groan:"Shit."

"Ei Mikan." Ikuto sees Mikan storm out of Natsume's room looking like she was on the verge of tears

Amu looks at Ikuto then at Mikan:"Hey...what happened?"

The girls planned to tell the guys about going to the Halloween party the same time tonight. Amu seemed successful with Ikuto. Why did Natsume have to be so stubborn?!

Mikan smiles quickly:"I'm fine."

She managed to walk slowly down the stairs and out the front door. Amu turns to Ikuto with a worried look:"Wonder what happened."

Ikuto shakes his head:"I would have warned her if I knew she was asking Natsume to the costume party. Natsume always hated to go to those places; he has to keep his cool. Those kinds of parties seemed too immature for him."

"What the fuck? Natsume is the immature one." Amu looked really mad

"Actually...there's another reason why he doesn't like it." Ikuto mumbles

"It was the first time he got dumped."

Amu's eyes widened:"Really?!"

Ikuto nods:"In senior year high school, Natsume had a beautiful girlfriend by the name of Luna Koizuma. She was a part time model and really popular. Of course, they made the perfect match in high school. But Luna broke it off with Natsume at the Halloween party that year. She found another guy named Kuonji (The Elemetary School Principal). Natsume never showed his feelings to anyone or even showed the slightest bit of hurt. But I know she did hurt him, Natsume really liked her. First love, you can almost say."

"Wow." Amu uttered in disbelief

"But how come that girl is not in Gakuen Alice University?" Amu wonders curiously

Ikuto smiles:"Because I said she is a part time model. She actually works for money. She couldn't afford Gakuen Alice."

"Good. Or else I would beat the shit out of her." Amu muttered with a glare

"You really have to speak more ladylike." Ikuto shakes his head helplessly

Amu pulls his head close with a raised brow:"Thought that's what you liked about me."

"Damn right." Ikuto smiles and leaned down for a kiss.