As much as I hated to admit it, Link was right. It was stupid to let her go out with Peter. I truly did love her and I really wanted to tell her how I felt. It would be hell if I relived my life all over again. I wanted to tell Susan the same thing I was never able to tell Rachel. Only this was different. My feelings for her are much stronger. Can it be I never loved until now? Was she even thinking of me right now? I know she was. But the only thing going through her head about me was the fact that I made her the pill and she would have to thank me again later. I groaned, falling backwards onto a small bed.

"Love sucks." I muttered.

"True that." Link said. He was behind the door of my cell. "Come on out."


"Stop being all sad!"

"Should I laugh?"

"No! You should put it through your head that it's your fault!" His words angered me.

"How is it my fault?" I was on my feet now, in anger.

"You wouldn't be going through this if you didn't promise to make her that pill!" I couldn't form a response to that. It was my fault. I was just too stubborn to admit such a thing. Everything Link's said to me in the past few days were all true. Susan was the Beauty and I was the Beast. "You need to tell her, Doc. I don't want to see you suffer anymore."

"That's nice of you to say." I replied, looking through a box of toys I attained from Monger over the years. I could make lots of things out of these. Lifting up a remote controlled airplane, I sighed and put it back in the box. For the first time in my life, I didn't feel like creating anything new. I grabbed a pill that was at the bottom. I made this in case I ever wanted to get out. It would make me small, like a real cockroach. No one would scream at the sight of me and no one would try to squish me. Oh, my god. What's happening to me? I needed to get out of here. I needed to get out of here! I opened the door to my cell, forgetting Link was right there. That resulted in me bumping right into him.

"Careful, would ya?" He snapped.

"I'm sorry." I said getting up and straightening my lab coat. I walked right past him.

"Where are you going?"

"To find Susan." I was halfway to the doors before I realized I had no clue where she was at. "She didn't happen to tell you where her date was at, did she?" I flinched inside when I said the word 'date.'

"I believe she said she'd be at that new seafood restaurant that just opened up. I think the name is 'Fish Palace.' I can't wait until she gets back with all that fish!"

"Okay, then. Wish me luck."

"Good luck, Doc."

"Hey!" I heard B.O.B. yell. "Where are you going?"

"To tell Susan how I really feel about her!" My voice was a little happier and more optimistic than it has been in days.

"How do you feel?" He really was brainless.

"The same way you feel about your jello!" Link answered for me.

"Does that mean you love her?" B.O.B asked, holding the plate close by to his side. He was gently stroking the top of it.

"Yes!" I yelled back. I wasn't annoyed or exasperated; I was excited. "I love her!" Before they could say anything else, I was out of there.

I took the pill before getting completely out. I gradually got smaller and soon I was the size of a small cockroach. This would be useful to get around town without any chaos. There wasn't very many people walking around today, but it's better not to risk anything. I went closer to the walls of buildings, so no one could really see that I had human hands and was wearing a lab coat. I got closer to the restaurant where Susan was having lunch with Peter. My heart was pounding hard against my chest. Could I really go through with this? True, I did love her, but Link's not always right. Her happiness couldn't possibly lie within me. Focus, would you?! You didn't come all this way to chicken out. You need to tell her! I gulped and made my way into the restaurant. I saw her happily talking and eating. I crawled over to her table.

"Susan?" I whispered.

"Huh?" She looked around.
"Something wrong?" Peter asked.

"I just heard someone call my name."

"You must be imaging things, Susan."

"Yeah, probably."

"Susan." I said again. "Down here." She looked down.

"Um…" She grabbed her fork and pushed it off the table. "Excuse me, I dropped my fork. Let me get it." She got off her chair and kneeled down. "Doctor Cockroach?"

"Yes, it's me, my dear."

"What happened to you?"

"I made a pill for myself to make me smaller. Easier to get around town this way."

"Why are you here?"

"I….I've been thinking lately." I sighed heavily. "You know how I used to tell you about my past life?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Well, you remember Rachel?"

"That girl you loved?"

"Yeah, her…" My eyes drifted away from hers. "I told myself that if I ever fell in love again, I would tell that person. Even if I get rejected, I could still say I told her."

"Are you in love again, Doctor?" A smile was playing on her lips. I nodded. "Oh, I'm so happy for you."

"Yes, thank you, darling. Susan…. I…" Before I could say anything else, the pill's affect wore off and I was getting back to my usual size. Curses. People in the restaurant looked over at me. Women screamed and ran out. Their husbands followed them out. The waitress dropped a plate of food and a cup of coffee on the floor. Oh, dear. I would have to pay for that. This is bad. I'm really stupid.

"Whoa, it's Doctor Cockroach!" Peter yelled, his voice full of excitement. Link was right… again. He was just a kid that was star struck. He could never feel the feelings I feel for Susan.

"I can't hide this anymore." I said, getting her attention once more. "Susan…" I took her hands in mine. "I…. I love you. I love everything about you!"

"Doctor…" She said, a blush forming on her cheek. "I was scared."

"Of what?"

"Of my feelings for you. I love you as well. I was afraid to tell you, fearing of you rejecting me."

"Oh, deary, I would never reject you." She closed the space between with a kiss. When we broke apart, my heart was beating rather fast. "Let's go back, why don't we?" She smiled, taking my hand.

"I'm sorry, Peter." Susan said, before we made it to the doors. "Peter?" He was flirting with a waitress.

"I don't think it affected him all that bad." I said. It's been a while since I've truly smiled. Monger was waiting outside with helicopters. Of course…. Someone called him.

"Get in here, the both of you!" He yelled. Link and B.O.B were in the copter was well. Link gave me a thumbs up and B.O.B again was cuddling with that plate. We made no remarks, but got in it.

"Good job." He said, nudging me. "I knew you had it in you, Doc."

"Thank you." Monger got in and he flew us back to the cells. I just hope Susan doesn't turn big again during our trip. Oh, she still has a few hours left. Well, somehow it all paid off. The jealousy that was building up in my body all went away.

Authors Note: Thanks for reading, people! I will be making MVA fanfictions, as well as some others! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!