Dreams of Gold Sequel: Gold Awakening; Preface.

A.N. I can't find the original summary so if anyone I sent it to could send it back that would be great. Here is the sequel the only difference is that Edward is 17 because the age difference seemed too big, and Mike, Lauren and the rest of the minor characters are what they are canon.

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I never asked for it all, but since the Olympics, I seem to be getting everything. Without trying, I held the gymnastics world's esteem, Edward's love, Alice's friendship, Carlisle's support and America's admiration.

Everything was perfect; I had everything I could ever want and more.

I knew it was too good to last, but I never thought I would have to lose every thing I held dear.

Everything that mattered to me was lost. My world was shattering into little tiny pieces, just like my heart.

It was too much to bear… no. I am the Olympic all around gold medallist, the Golden Girl, the Fighter. I was stronger than that wasn't I?