Dean refolded the newspaper and dropped it on the table in front of him. He and Sam were sitting in a cheap diner, searching for a new hunt. Dean grabbed a handful of fries from Sam's plate and said, "I got nothing. Did you find anything?"

Dean shoved the fries into his mouth and Sam said, "Yeah. A man in Wildwood, Illinois was found with all the blood drained from his body." He turned the laptop so Dean could read the article. "John McKillon, 26. He's the third victim. In the past two weeks two other men were found dead, their bodies were also drained of blood. Looks like a nest of vampires."

Dean smiled and shook his head. "What?" Sam asked.

"I don't know, man. It's just, for an endangered species, we sure run into a lot of vampires. But, I'd rather hunt them than a couple of Pagan gods."

"At least you didn't get a fingernail torn out."

Dean smirked and said, "We could take a little time off if you want to get a manicure."

"Shut up."

They left the restaurant and got into the car. Dean asked, "Where to first?"

"Uh, the bodies are at the County Coroner's office in Waukegan. It's just about twenty minutes from Wildwood."

Dean turned on the car and got onto the highway as Sam felt his eyelids becoming heavy.


Sam woke when Dean smacked him on the arm. He bolted up and blinked a few times when the sun hit his eyes. "Where are we?" Sam asked.

"Lake County Coroner's office. So, what should we be today? FBI, ATF, NSA…"

"Federal Marshals?"

"That'll work."

They got out of the car and headed into the building. Dean smiled when he saw the red-head working the front desk and Sam rolled his eyes. She looked up as Dean swaggered over and said, "Can I help you?"

Dean put on his most charming smile and said, "I'm Deputy Hammett this is Deputy Trujillo, U.S. Marshals. We're here about the McKillion case. We'd like to speak to the Medical Examiner."

She picked up the phone and made a call to the ME. While she was talking Sam glared at Dean. "What?" Dean whispered.

"Hammett and Trujillo? You do realize that you're going to get caught doing that one day."

"You worry too much, Sammy."

The receptionist said, "Dr. Fitzgerald will see you now. Go down the hall and take the first door on your left."

Sam opened the door and saw a woman with graying hair sewing up an incision in a dead body. "Dr. Fitzgerald?" Sam asked.

She looked up at them as they flashed their badges. She huffed out a sigh and said, "Just when I thought I'd seen every possible badge this week; it's been like a convention. I really don't understand why so many of you feds have to get involved.

Dean and Sam exchanged a glance. Dean said, "The local police are only covering McKillon's death."

Sam said, "We're covering the connection between him and a Theodore Neubert and James McGowen."

The doctor shifted her eyes back and forth between the two of them. She said, "What makes you think there's a connection?"

Dean answered, "Well, all three died from blood loss and were from the same town. You really think that's a coincidence?"

Before she could reply Sam asked, "How did the blood loss occur?"

"Some kind of animal bite on the neck pierced the jugular vein. They would have bled out within minutes."

"Can we see these bites?"

She walked over to the freezer and pulled out three bodies. The boys recognized McKillon from his picture in the paper and assumed the other two were Neubert and McGowen. She turned McKillon's head to show them the neck, where there was a bite mark. The boys looked at each other and Sam asked, "So, the crime scene must have been pretty bloody, right?"

"Actually, no. Which makes no sense because the bite implies that this was an animal attack. Which also doesn't make sense."

"Why not?"

She shook her head, "It's just weird. If an animal bit them, there would be more teeth and claw marks. The wound is almost too clean. I'm sorry, there's really not much more I can tell you."

Sam said, "Thank you for your time."

The boys walked out of the building and back to the car.

"Alright, Sammy, I say it's time we head over to Wildwood and find ourselves a bar."

Sam looked incredulously at Dean, who said, "To find the vampires."

"Not to hustle?"

"Well, you know, one thing might lead to another…"

They got in the Impala and Sam opened up his laptop. "There are two bars relatively close to Wildwood. The first one is a place called Cue N You Billiards."



"Okay, Mr. Buddy."

Sam smiled and they drove away. Ten minutes later they pulled into the parking lot and went inside the bar. Dean went to the counter and Sam sat with his laptop to look for abandoned areas where the vampires might be. Dean came over a few minutes later and set a beer down in front of Sam. "If there are any vampires around here, the bartender hasn't seen them. Where's the other place?"

"Just a couple of buildings down the street."

They left the bar and walked to the next one. They stopped outside the doors and Dean said, "Aria Hookah Lounge? What they hell kind of bar is that?"

Sam shrugged and they walked through the doors. Then they surveyed the room. It was dimly lit with red lights, the carpet was red, and there were no chairs, instead red cushions were placed around the room. Both brothers back out of the doors and just looked at each other.

Dean said, "That definitely was not the stomping grounds of a bunch of vampires."

They started walking back to the car. Dean asked, "What kind of vampires stay away from alcohol?"

"Well, Lenore and her nest didn't frequent any bars."

"They also didn't kill humans, these vampires obviously are."

"Good point."

They got in the car and Dean said, "Are there any deserted farms or cabins around here?"

Sam searched on his laptop and said, "No. In the past two years every piece of farmland in or around Wildwood has been built on. I don't see any place where there could be a nest."

"Okay, then let's head over to where the bodies were found. You said they were found in some forest?"

"Yeah, by Twin Lakes Blvd."

The drive only took a few minutes. They parked the car alongside the road which had a forest on the right side and houses on the left. They got out of the car and Dean opened up the trunk. He and Sam each grabbed a machete and headed into the woods. "How far in were the bodies found?" Dean asked.

"The first one was found right by the edge of that lake over there."

Dean scanned the area with his flashlight and said, "This is weird."


"Well, you can still see the road from here. Don't vampires usually prefer more secluded spots to do their thing?"

"I guess there just aren't a lot of options around here."

"Alright, why don't we split up and check out the places where the other two bodies were found?"

Dean headed off to the left, towards the other side of the lake and Sam went right. Neither of them noticed the creature that was watching them. And Sam didn't notice when it started following him, waiting for the moment when Dean would be out of earshot.

A/N: I would like to thank my unofficial Beta, CB Walters for editing this. Because she's amazing. She's Batman. Yeah, I watch way too much Supernatural.