Chapter 7

Sam's eyes widened. "What do you mean Hendrickson's looking for us? I thought he was at his mother's funeral."

"I guess he's done mourning."

"How'd he even find us?"

Dean thought for a moment, then groaned. "I'm guessing the credit card I used sent up a couple of red flags."

"What name was on it?"

"I don't know," Dean said, pulling out his wallet to check.

"You don't know?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Well, excuse me. I had slightly more important things on my mind. Speaking of which, don't you think we should talk about this later?"

Dean put his wallet back as Sam asked, "How are we going to get out of here?"

"First, we're going to get you out of this room." Dean unhooked Sam from the machines and handed him the bag of blood that was still being pumped into his body. Sam stood up, but he was slightly unsteady. He leaned against Dean who walked them out of the room as quickly as possible. They heard footsteps behind them and rounded a corner. Dean heard them kick in the door and burst in the room they had just left.

"They're not here, sir," someone said.

"When was the last time someone checked on them?" Hendrickson asked.

A nurse answered in a shaky voice, "Thirteen minutes."

Dean heard Hendrickson barking out orders for them to search the hospital as he moved Sam closer to the emergency entrance. He heard footsteps approaching again and they ducked into a janitor's closet.

Dean could hear Sam breathing heavily and asked, "You okay?"

"Yeah. What are they doing?"

"Probably securing the exits."

"What's," Sam panted, "What's your plan?"

"How do you feel about pulling a Richard Kimball?"

"You want to steal an ambulance? That's not exactly inconspicuous."

"No, but it does mean traffic will clear for us."

"Fine. Whatever," Sam said, leaning against a shelf.

"You stay here; I'm going to try to find a way out."

Sam weakly nodded and Dean closed the door as he left. Fortunately, Hendrickson hadn't brought enough men to cover the whole hospital and he was probably assuming that Dean would try to get to the Impala. That meant the hallways were mostly clear of anyone in uniform. Dean moved towards the exit and could see two cops guarding it. He couldn't see any way that he could sneak up on them, though.

Dean went back to the janitor's closet and found Sam. He was slumped on the floor with his eyes closed. "Sammy."

Dean crouched down and shook Sam until his eyes opened. "Dean?"

Dean helped him stand up and said, "There are two guards by the door. We need to find a way to distract them."

"Let me," Sam said.

"How are you going to distract two guards?"

Dean looked at his brother. Sam was exhausted, but there was determination in his eyes. "Fine," Dean relented. "But I'm not leaving you alone. I'll be right behind you."

Dean helped Sam through the door and they walked towards the guards. Dean hung back just a little as Sam went around the corner. He groaned and Dean hoped it was because he was trying to get the attention of the guards. Then Sam collapsed to the floor dramatically.

Dean peeked around the corner and saw the guards slowly approaching Sam. When they got close enough Dean spun out from the corner and hit them both, knocking them out. Dean helped Sam off the ground and they left the building.

There were several ambulances parked just outside the emergency entrance. Dean went to the first one and opened the back doors. Dean helped Sam into the back and said, "Get some rest."

"With you driving?"

"Shut up," Dean said, closing the doors. He jumped into the driver's seat and after hotwiring the engine, drove away.

As soon as Dean left the hospital parking lot, he heard sirens behind him. He looked in the rearview mirror, hoping it would just be another ambulance. He gritted his teeth when he saw three cop cars and an unmarked car following him. "Son of a bitch," he muttered under his breath, as he switched on the ambulance's lights and siren. He floored the gas pedal as the cars parted in front of him.

Sam's voice came through from the back, "Dean? What's going on?"

Dean tried to sound reassuring, "Nothing, Sammy. I'm just seeing what this baby can do."

Dean knew Sam probably didn't believe him, but he needed Sam to rest. Moving him in the middle of a transfusion wasn't the smartest thing either of them had ever done, but they really hadn't had another choice.

Dean quickly swung the ambulance to the right and the first cop car went off the road trying to follow. After a couple more quick turns he managed to lose another car. Dean looked in his mirror and saw that the plain car was now closest and he could see Hendrickson driving it. Dean looked up to see tracks and a train approaching on them. His choices were to beat the train or let the cops catch them. He didn't care about himself, but he wasn't about to let Sam spend his life in jail. Dean floored it even more and managed to get across the tracks without killing himself. The two cars couldn't follow.

An hour later Sam's transfusion was done. Sam pulled the IV out of his hand and left the bloodied bag in the ambulance when Dean ditched it for a more inconspicuous car. Another hour passed and Dean drove into a town called Oswego. He pulled into a small motel and got them a room. Once he knew Sam was asleep, Dean left the room and went back out to the car. He had left another member of the Winchester family in that hospital parking lot. Now he had to go back and get her.


Hendrickson walked out to the parking lot. He had a couple of local cops guarding Winchester's car, hoping that he wouldn't be able to stay away. That's when they'd grab him. He was going to relieve the guards and take over the watch himself. If Winchester came back Hendrickson really wanted to be the one who caught him.

The parking lot was dark. There were a few lights overhead, but he could really only see the vague outline of the cars. They had moved the car to a darker spot, hoping that Winchester wouldn't see the cops watching it until it was too late. He couldn't see the officers in charge from the angle he was approaching, but that was good. When he had come out earlier, they had been standing in plain sight, talking loudly about something. Hendrickson had yelled at them and it seemed as though they had gotten his message.

The first thing Hendrickson saw was the feet. Two pairs of feet sticking out from a car next to Winchester's. He ducked down so he could see beneath the car and recognized the two men he had left in charge. He could feel his anger rising as he stood up and took a closer examination at Winchester's car. That's when he realized it wasn't the '67 Impala. It wasn't even black, but in the dark, he hadn't been able to see that.

Hendrickson was ready to run back into the hospital and sound the alarm when he saw a white envelope tucked behind the windshield wipers. "Hendrickson" was written across the front of it. He picked it up and ripped it open. There was a small piece of paper inside, which he pulled out and read to himself. All it said was, "Better luck next time," but Hendrickson knew who had left it there. He crumbled the paper into a tight ball and threw it on the ground. Then he headed towards the hospital, already wondering how he was going to write this up in his report.

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