Yeah, not feeling any dramatic inspiration after two hilarious episodes, so here is a pointless Sam drabble. Inspired by Mad Server's Sneeze drabbles, which are so much better than this one :) Enjoy! 100 words on the dot, challenge word is "cover."

They should never drive the Impala with the windows open at this time of year.

The air is thick and stifling with the scent of spring, and Sam can't help but succumb to the reflexes of the human body. In and out. He realizes his mistake much too late as a second reflex kicks in. His eyebrows snap together, his breath catching as he tries desperately to prevent it, but the sneeze chases its tingling way up his throat and into his nose. His head drops forward at its noisy release. He sniffles guiltily, glances sideways.

"Dude, cover your mouth."