The Aftermath: Hochstetter's Story



Disclaimer: As Schultz says: I own nothing about Hogan's Heroes and only like to take them out to play every now and then. This is the sequel to Code Name Angel.

Major Wolfgang Hochstetter stood at the back of the chapel greeting people as they made their way out of the building. Some of the guests came for curiosity sake, others truly cared, and still others were there to be seen by the right people and political gain.

His fiancé, a talented orphaned artist by the name of Lisal Berger, had been killed in Dusseldorf a few days before by a bombing raid delivered by the Allies. What Hochstetter didn't know was that she was a British agent, code name Angel, who had been recalled to London. After the people left, Hochstetter went to the front of the chapel to take Lisal's picture home with him, and the other things they used for the memorial service. He'd had remained in complete control until now; touching her face on the enlarged picture, Hochstetter broke down shedding the tears he'd been holding back. His mother came up and wrapped her arms around her son trying to comfort him. She knew how deeply he'd loved Lisal, and she had been looking forward to their upcoming marriage and hoping for grandchildren. Fitz Fuchs, his closest friend in Hammelburg, put a hand on his shoulder offering strength. After a few moments, Hochstetter pulled himself together and told his family he'd meet them at his house in a bit. He had some things he wanted to pick up from Lisal's place.

Arriving at her apartment, Hochstetter let himself in and looked around for a moment before starting. The window facing the east was where she'd paint, saying the morning light was always best and it faced the street. Her favorite coffee cup was sitting in the sink. The bedroom still smelled of her sweet fragrance. Her blue robe hung on the back of the closet door. Hochstetter walked through the tiny apartment picking out a few things. The rest would be disposed of by the building's superintendent. He took down the photos of her family and the two of them off the mantel holding them close. The Berger family had been completely destroyed due to the Allies, and it was almost more than Wolfgang could bear. Looking around the small place before he left, Hochstetter swore to her. "Lisal, I will cut Hogan's heart out for his part in your death. You will be revenged my love." Then he left the apartment never to return.

Arriving home, Wolfgang allowed his family and friends to gathered around giving him support. The next day, Hochstetter started his investigation into how Colonel Robert Hogan was responsible for his loss.

Switzerland April 1968

Lisal Burke sat at a street side café sketching one of the town's statues. She'd always been artist, like her mum Angie, and couldn't think of doing anything else as her life's work. She was an accomplished painter, having sold her works to several international galleries and art collectors.

A man walking through the town's square was surprised to see anyone else out this early, and when his eyes landed on Lisal, he thought she was a hallucination. It couldn't be, he said to himself, moving closer. His Lisal had been killed nearly 24 years ago, but this young woman looked like her spitting image only with brown eyes. Cautiously staying out of sight, he listened as she talked to the pigeons to which she was tossing bread crumbs. Her thick British accent came through clear across square. Closing his eyes, he remembered the sweet sound of his Lisal, with her northern German accent. He honestly couldn't believe the similarity between the two women, but found the courage to approach and speak to her.

"Hello Fraulein, I don't believe I've seen you in town before," the elderly man said coming up from behind her, giving her a startle.

"Oh, I didn't see you," Lisal responded surprised but not scared. The stranger seemed like a nice man and familiar to her somehow.

"I apologize; I didn't mean to scare you. Are you an artist?" He asked looking over at her sketch pad, remembering how he bumped into his Lisal in Hammelburg Germany all those years ago. Another lifetime ago.

"Yes, I like to sketch interesting scenes and then paint them later. My family and I are on vacation, so I thought I'd take a few sketches and save them for when I return home," Lisal answered.

"I am the owner of the local brewing company. If you want to stop by later today, I'd be happy to give you and your family a tour," he offered to her. He kept staring at her, she so looked like his beloved Liebchen. "Might I ask your name?"

"Lisal Burke," she responded reaching out and shaking his hand, "thank you for the offer. I'd like a tour, and I know my brother Wolfgang will be excited about it also."

The man handed her his card and told her when they arrived at the brewery to ask for him. Then he left her to finish her drawings, but instead of continuing on to his work he watched her from an alleyway. Lisal finished her sketch and then walked back to the hotel her family was staying at, unaware that the man was following her.

Arriving at the hotel, Lisal met up with her twin brother for breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Afterwards, Wolfgang went to take care of some business for his company, promising to meet up with the ladies after lunch. Since their mum never came down for breakfast, Lisal went back upstairs to check on her. The sight she found in their hotel suite froze her in her tracks. Picking up the phone, Lisal called the only person she knew that could help her.

"Uncle Peter, something has happened to mum," she was near tears as she described the condition of their suite. After giving him all the information he requested, Lisal went to find her brother.

Hundreds of miles away, Peter Newkirk put the phone down after speaking with his god-daughter. It had finally happened, he thought. They'd worried for twenty-four years and knew one day that they'd have to face one final battle from World War Two. Peter looked over at his long time friend, Robert Hogan. "Hochstetter has taken Angie," he simply stated. Both men wondered if she was still alive, and if they could keep the Burke twins safe.