Chapter 1-Family Crisis

Luke didn't know how long he had been bound in cuffs with his right prosthetic hand disabled by the tech team before hand and sedated in a cell. One moment, he was on the medical frigate with Leia after what happened with his Fath...with Vader on Bespin, and then next he was in a prison cell without any explanation or any visitors allowed. When Luke had asked a guard why he was even in a prison cell, the guard just looked at him with hate in his eyes, and then back to staring at the wall across from him.

'How did this happen? Why did this happen?' thought Luke, as he fought of the sedative they gave him, and reached out to the Force for some kind of answer.

While the Force was there, the answer was unfortunately...not!

(Home One Alliance Council Room)

"How dare you put Luke in a prison cell?! Who the hell do you think you are?" said Leia, as she had never been more upset like since Bespin, and even then she was given a valid reason for it by Lando.

Oh how she wished to have Chewie with her right now so he could tear off the limbs of the one she was screaming at right now.

"We have to put him there Leia, as we believe that Luke maybe a spy for the Empire, and one that is directly under the command of Vader himself," said Mon Mothma, as she had seen the evidence Crix Madine had given her while they were on the run since Hoth, and the fact that Skywalker was AWOL during that time when several key bases had been attacked proved to make him a likely suspect.

"A spy! How much Juma have you all been drinking? Darth Vader cut off Luke's hand less then a week ago on Bespin while he was trying to save me and the others from the Empire," said Leia, as she saw Admiral Ackbar look at the report Leia had given, and saw that was the case with Luke receiving several other injuries with the loss of the hand being the worst.

"But what about where Commander Skywalker was before that when the rest of us were all heading to meet at the rendezvous point during the time he went AWOL? 3 Months unaccounted for and the loss of several key bases for the Alliance, which the man was at during his time with us. Care to explain that to me Princess Organa?" said Madine, as he glared back at Leia, and she returned it though she couldn't answer since she was heavily pursued by Vader for most of her time after Hoth.

"We were all running from the Empire after our defeat at Hoth and I myself was chased by Vader with Han Solo during that time," said Leia, as she saw some of the Alliance Council members nod at that since they themselves had a few close calls, and had on several occasions had to scramble from standard Alliance protocols.

"Be as that may Leia, there is also still the matter of Commander Skywalker's...special abilities that makes us further question whether he is entirely loyal to the Alliance, and that he is indeed the son of the Jedi," said Mon Mothma, who ignored Madine's snort at the mention of the Jedi, and Leia's glare at him for it.

"The Jedi. The Sith. Ha! A bunch of sorcerers that are nothing more then a menace on the Galaxy ever since they were founded. If it were up to me, I would wipe out everyone that has a connection to this 'Force' nonsense, and leave the Galaxy to normal people," said Madine, as he had seen the Galaxies bloody history with the Jedi fighting the Sith, and the destruction they created.

"So Luke could be loyal to us without question, but because he can do things just like the Jedi, you would have him locked away rather then let him develop his skills, and then use them against Vader?" said Leia, as she had seen a sample of Vader's power, and to a degree she saw Luke's with him doing some form of Force training when he wasn't on patrol at Echo Base.

"And what's to stop him from learning the Sith Arts Princess Organa. History is filled with Jedi that became Sith before they create suffering and bring misery to everyone around them," said Madine, as he felt that anyone with Force potential regardless of what side they took was an abomination.

"Perhaps if you kept a much more open mind about what Luke could do for the Alliance then maybe we won't have to worry about him ever becoming a Sith," said Leia, as she was tired of this from the start, and wanted her friend freed from his cell now!

"So we should make him happy so he doesn't get angry? We have him locked up, we have him sedated, and I intend to find out just what he knows about the Alliance that he's told Vader," said Madine, as he had every intention of interrogating Skywalker to the fullest extent, and learn just what it was that gave him the connection to the Force.

"We are not the Empire!" said Leia, as she could feel the man's desire to tear into Luke like an Imperial Interrogator, and she was not about to have her friend face that.

Not after fighting Vader.

Especially after fighting Vader.

"No were not Leia, but in order to prevent a possible spy while we continue to gather the entire fleet, we must make sure that Skywalker is detained, and be interrogated within reason to see if he is indeed an Imperial spy," said Mon Mothma, as she saw Leia look at her disbelievingly, and understood why Leia was so hesitant after what happened with the first Death Star that Luke destroyed.

"What of Rogue Squadron? They respect the man for leading them through so many engagements. I doubt they will believe that Skywalker is an Imperial spy," said Ackbar, as he had seen Skywalker's piloting skills, and the Mon Calamari had to admit it was very impressive.

"As far as they know, Skywalker is recovering on the medical frigate, and cannot be seen do to the various injuries he's suffered at the hands of Vader," said Madine, as he was going to keep the boy looking like a hero until the time came to reveal him as the villain, and reorganize the unit.

"You sound like you're back in the Empire Madine. How do we know you're not a spy," said Leia, as she glared at the man, and the former Imperial glared back.

"Enough! The decision is made. Madine will lead the interrogation, but Leia can stop by to make sure that nothing will get out of hand, and keep things civil," said Mon Mothma, as she saw the anger between the two, and did not need the Alliance attacking each other.

Leia calmed down, but the anger at Madine did not leave her eyes, and made sure she had at least one informant on that interrogation team to inform of her of Madine's actions.

(The Executor-3 Days Later)

Darth Vader sat in his mediation pod, as he had done for nearly 20 years in being a Sith Lord, and reached out to the Force to find his son. Ever since Bespin, Vader had been able to feel a bond between himself, and his son that he had battled there in a Lightsaber duel.

A duel that Vader won.

A duel where Vader cut off Luke's right hand.

His son's hand.

'That wasn't my fault! If only Luke had just surrendered to me in the beginning he would be by my side, the Emperor would be overthrown in a span of a few years, and together we would rule the Galaxy in bringing true peace to the Empire. Not like now with the Emperor trying to build his second Death Star, as he tries to destroy the Alliance with it when it was complete, and then use it on any planet that doesn't obey his rule,' thought Vader, as he had hated that first damn creation, and this second one was no better if not worse since it was twice the size of the first one.

His inner musings on the matter ended when he felt his son's presence, but before a smile could appear on his scarred face, it became a frown, as he sensed his son was in pain, and not from his injuries. They were healed, of that Vader was sure, but what bothered him was that new inner pain was around Luke too, and it was not at all related to their family connection.

Reaching further into the Force, Vader felt the area around Luke while using his master over the Force, and Luke's current sedation that weakened his defenses enough to learn that his son was in a prison cell. A prison cell of all places for his son to be after all the boy had done for them and for a moment Vader wondered if their family connection had been discovered somehow? It was possible, as information no matter how far back it was could be retrieved, and someone could have found a way to link them together.

'What are you doing inside my head Vader?' thought Luke, as he sensed the Sith Lord's presence in his mind, and even with sedation could feel the Dark Lord connecting with him.

Vader himself was surprised his son had even sensed him given the condition the boy was in, but then again the boy was a Skywalker, and the bond they had through the Force was not going to let Luke ignore his Father.

Even if the boy didn't want to admit Vader was his Father.

'Trying to protect you my son. I sensed you were in pain. Why is that?' thought Vader, as he felt his son flinch at being called his son, and the Sith Lord knew Luke had yet to fully embrace it.

'It's none of your concern,' thought Luke, as he tried to block Vader from his being, and failed to do so when the Sith Lord pressed further in wanting to know the situation.

'When my son is in an Alliance prison cell it becomes my concern,' thought Vader, as he felt Luke get angry at that, and while Vader wanted his son angry...he would prefer it wasn't aimed at him.

'You seemed to be really concerned for me when you cut off my hand or tried to freeze me in carbonite like you did Han!' thought Luke, as he was told what had become of Han, and how the room he first fought Vader in was the room where it happened.

'I was caught up in the battle with you when that happened. It was regrettable,' thought Vader, as he sensed Luke feel surprised by that, and wondered if it was really a surprise for either of them.

'I'm being held prisoner because they think I'm a spy for you. One of the few spies that reports directly to you,' thought Luke, as he laughed at that, and Vader smiled at the sheer stupidity of the Rebels for thinking like that.

'Because of the time you were gone after the battle in the Hoth system,' thought Vader, as he had been trying to find Luke during that time, and hunted the Princess in order to get to the boy in the process.

'Yeah. They asked me a few questions while I was sedated. When I didn't respond they began knocking me around, but Madine had to stop because Leia came in quickly to make sure the good General played nice,' thought Luke, as he laughed again, and sensed Vader was smiling at that too since Madine didn't get to play rough with his prisoner.

'If I told you that I could rescue you from the Alliance and bring you over to the Empire would you join me?" said Vader, as he sensed Luke was conflicted in this, and that he believed that this was all one big misunderstanding with Alliance Command being extra careful.

'I'm not an Imperial and I'm not a spy. Once I'm cleared we will continue where we left off in being enemies. Stay away from me and stay out of my head,' thought Luke, as he began closing the connection between each other, and Vader wanting to say one more thing to him.

'I'll respect your wishes for now son, but make no mistake when I tell you that there is a dark cloud surrounding your Rebel Alliance, and it is centering on you. Should things get too dangerous, I trust you will contact me, and if not I will do so to make sure you can understand the seriousness of your situation,' thought Vader, as he broke away from his son before Luke could protest being his son, which was something the boy had yet to do, and Vader sensed that Luke was trying to understand things in his life even when they were swirling around him too fast to see.

Just like Vader did when he was younger and more naïve in his youth.

(With Luke)

Luke found himself being shoved into a room with Madine and another Rebel under the man's command from the Special Ops unit the General ran in the Alliance. The man in front of him that was Madine looked at him, as if he was an enemy, or at the very least a traitor to the Alliance. Sitting down in the chair before him, Luke wondered if any of the other members of the Alliance that scattered after the battle at Hoth were treated this way, and the Force told him that was not the case considering the waves of hate coming off of Madine.

"Hey General. You run out of recruits to terrorize so you go after veteran pilots now?" said Luke, as he could keep the sedative still in his body from messing with his train of thought, and still make it look like he was under it's influence.

Madine however, was less then impressed, and seemed to snarl from what Luke could make out from the man's impression of being something sinister, and after what recently happened with wasn't very impressive.

"You may find this funny Skywalker, but the Alliance High Command does not, and we have questions that need answering from you," said Madine, as he saw Luke raise an eyebrow since the young Jedi in training had come under the assumption that there was nothing to tell.

Well...nothing that Luke himself would say to make the Alliance want to crucify him anyway.

"I told you everything the day before General. Why else is there to say?" said Luke, as he didn't understand why the General couldn't see he wasn't the bad guy here, and leave him alone.

"Other then the fact that I believe you lied and that you are secretly an Imperial spy that reports directly to Vader?" said Madine, as he saw Luke look at him like he was insane, and wondered if the sedative had any effect on the boy.

"You do realize I lost my hand recently because of Vader right?" said Luke, as he raised his limp right hand that was now artificial, and the good General was not impressed.

"You could have delivered to him some bad Intel on us, which caused him to discipline you in taking your hand off, and make it look like you fought him only to miraculously escape," said Madine, as there were only a handful of people that could escape Darth Vader, and Luke was currently one of them.

Though escape is something Madine wouldn't use in this case.

"You're wasting your time General and mine for that matter. I'm not a spy and until you show some actual proof, I think I'm going to leave, and head back to my quarters," said Luke, as rose from his chair, and was going to turn around to leave before he was shoved back down in his chair by the man behind him.

"I intend to get information out of you Skywalker, though it won't be considered Alliance standards since all of Vader's personal spies that report to him are tough nuts to crack," said Madine, as he nodded to the man behind him, and the officer stabbed Luke with a stun baton making the boy arch his back in pain.

"This is against Alliance High Commands policies!" said Luke, as he was hit again, and he yelped in pain from the stun baton hitting his spine.

"Vader's spies are well versed in dealing with normal Alliance interrogation methods so I find resorting to old Imperial methods to be more effective. Hit him again!" said Madine, as the officer behind Luke hit him with the stun baton again, and made Luke cry out in pain.

"Alliance High Command wouldn't authorize this kind of interrogation," said Luke, as sensed the next hit about to come, and dodged it before elbowing the guard away.

"Resisting only further proves your guilty Skywalker," said Madine, as he saw the officer behind him ready to draw his blaster, and Luke trying to stand better after all those hits to the spine.

"Then perhaps you would like to have a few hits to your body while I go accuse you of being a traitor to the Alliance before you shove me away," said Luke, as he did not need to be banged up by Madine anymore then he needed Vader telling him that he was his Father.

"Here is how it's going to work Skywalker. Either you tell us what we want to know or my men will use more then stun batons on you in order to get you to talk," said Madine, as he had made sure Princess Organa's little "spy" she had assigned to his interrogation team get a stomach virus, and become absent for these proceedings.

"I don't know anything! I'm not one of Vader's spies. The man killed my Father. I have nothing to gain in serving him," said Luke, as he kept his eyes on the two armed men in the room while Madine acted perfectly calm, but serious all the same, and let out a sigh at the boy's reluctance to speak the truth to him.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. Darth Vader may have killed your Father like you claim that he did, but everyone has a price Skywalker, and for you with your 'Force' I would say it is a way to master that sorcery nonsense," said Madine, as he then eyed his officer in front of Luke, and nodded before the officer with the stun baton went to move to strike only for Luke to kick the chair him to make the guard fall over.

Now the guard behind Madine pulled his blaster out and the safety was off.

"I didn't seek Vader out to master my power. I can't become a fully trained Jedi if I'm under the command of a Sith Lord, now can I?" said Luke, as he felt his anger growing rapidly, and tried to keep it under control.

"So why is it that you won't tell Alliance High Command where you were during those 3 standard Months?" said Madine, as he wanted answers, and by his family's honor he was going to get them.

"I went to see an old Jedi Master," said Luke, as he had explained this to Leia, but now it seemed he had to tell Madine now in order to get this guy off his back, and clear himself of whatever had tainted his reputation within the Alliance.

"An old Jedi Master? Who is he? Where is he? Take us to him so we can pick him up and help us fight the Empire!" said Madine, as he had no love for Sith or the Jedi, but here was his chance to use a Jedi Master, and have the individual pull their weight in this war.

"He's too old to move and I'm not telling you because any spies from the Empire might find out before telling the Emperor. Or Vader for that matter," said Luke, as he had no intention of giving Yoda's name out to Madine, and the location of the planet the old Jedi Master was on.

"A likely excuse Skywalker, but it's not good enough! Now tell me the name of the Jedi Master and the location of the planet he is on so we can retrieve him or else I'll declare you an Imperial spy right now! Do you know what we do with spies like you Skywalker? Depending on how far up the chain you are we go from imprisonment to execution and since you report to Vader I say you rank up their in execution," said Madine, as he had all the ammo he needed to make the Alliance believe Luke was a spy, and they would have to keep the boy locked up until more answers were obtained.

"I'm not a spy for Vader and I'm not telling you where the Jedi Master that was teaching me is!" said Luke, as he had just had about enough of this, and wanted to leave the room to get back to his so he could rest.

"If that is your official position, then so be it. Lieutenant! Please place Commander Skywalker under arrest for the suspicion of being an Imperial spy and keep him some place where he can't do harm to himself or others," said Madine, as he motioned for the man with the blaster to take Luke away, and the officer behind Luke had restraint cuffs already in his hands to bind Luke.

"What? Madine, have you lost your mind?!" said Luke, as he had both his hands placed behind his back, and had them cuffed while the second officer kept his blaster steady on him.

"Not at all. Now get this Imperial scum out of my sight," said Madine, as he saw Luke try to resist only to be hit with another stun baton to the stomach, and then one to the skull to make the boy become knocked out.

'This can't be happening. Why?' thought Luke, as his mind fell into darkness with the Force echoing his pain through the stars, and to one Darth Vader.

(The Executor-The Bridge)

Darth Vader's eyes behind his metal mask snapped open, as he felt the echo of his son's pain, and knew something was wrong now. Reaching out through the Force, Vader felt his son screaming out in pain, as he went through Madine's form of interrogation, which wasn't much different from Imperial standards, but from what Vader could determine, it was something that was unwarranted upon his son, and it made the Sith Lord's blood boil.

'I didn't expect this so soon. I cannot let them hurt my son to get to me even when they do not know the family connection. I feared this might happen. Do not worry my son. I will not leave you at the mercy of these wolves,' thought Vader, as he turned to face his most trusted, and still alive Admiral to date.

"What are your orders my Lord," said Admiral Piett, as he had seen the signs of Darth Vader about to give orders, and prepared for whatever the Dark Lord would order him to do.

"Contact the Noghri. I have a mission for them of the utmost importance and it requires their most cunning warriors," said Vader, as he saw the man straighten at this information in using the Noghri since they were used on only the most sensitive cases, and for Darth Vader to call upon their services now would mean one had come up.

"It will be done right away Lord Vader," said Piett, as he took the code frequency for that Noghri, and went to the communication station on the bridge needed to contact Darth Vader's personal assassins for a task only they could perform.

"My Lord, the Emperor had made just made contact, and demands to speak with you at once," said a communications officer sitting at a terminal next to Piett.

"Send it to my personal communications room. I will speak with the Emperor there," said Vader, as he left the bridge, and hoped that his son was all right.

(Vader's Personal Communications Room)

The Dark Lord of the Sith knelt before the holographic form of his Master that was the Emperor, who looked at him with a seriousness that had not been there in years, and Vader wondered what it was that made the Emperor look at him with such seriousness?

"What is thy bidding my Master?" said Vader, as he awaited his command from the Emperor, and sensed the man was narrowing his eyes at him slightly.

"I have felt a disturbance in the Force again Lord Vader. Have you been able to retrieve your son like you originally planned?" said the Emperor, as he already knew the answer, but expected an answer from Vader, and possibly some other details that had yet to be mentioned.

"No my Master. My son is very elusive. However, I too have felt the disturbance, and I believe I know the source of it," said Vader, as he looked up, and saw his Master now looking at him with interest.

"He takes after you in many aspects Lord Vader. Not all of them are good. Be mindful of what we are trying to accomplish with him in achieving a new form of control within our Empire. Now tell me what you believe to be the source of this disturbance Lord Vader," said the Emperor, as he knew that his loyal servant was much closer to the source, and would be able to inform him of it.

"It's my son my Master. The Rebels believe he is secretly a spy among their ranks and are currently interrogating him for information to further prove it," said Vader, as he saw the Emperor nod his head at that, and seemed to look off in the distance in thought for a moment.

"The Rebels are greater fools then I thought. I take it you're making preparation to handle this Lord Vader?" said the Emperor, as he knew the man's devotion to his son, and if the boy was in pain would make Vader do everything in his power to save young Skywalker.

"Yes my Master. A team of loyal agents have already been dispatched to deal with this situation," said Vader, as he had set plans in motion to rescue is son even if it meant making it look like the accusations about him being a spy were true, and have his friends turn against him.

"Good. Good. This could benefit us greatly my friend. Rescue young Skywalker from the hands of the Rebels, show him that you are the caring Father he believed so much of in his youth, and show him that the side he is on is not the side he should be on," said the flesh decaying Emperor, who saw his Dark Lord bow his head in understanding, and knew that Vader would succeed in his mission.

"It will be done my Master," said Vader, as he knew that Luke's survival was now his top priority, and would not lose his son to the hands of the Rebels.

With the transmission ending, Vader rose from his kneeled position, and walked out of the special communications room deep in thought. The Noghri he had dispatched were the most elite of his forces, with the most experience, and knew what it meant to follow orders to a letter when given.

Depending on where his son was, Vader was confident the Noghri would find Luke, and rescue him from the Rebels along with the twisted plans that they held for him.

(Home One-Interrogation Cell# 33698)

"Tell us what we want to know Skywalker! How long have you been Vader's spy? A few Months? A few years? Tell us!" said Madine, as he motioned for his subordinate to send an electric current through the young Jedi in training, and then the droid on the opposite side ejecting a needle filled with truth serum into his shoulder...without numbing the skin.

"How long do I have to keep telling you? I'm not a spy for Vader and not for the Empire in general!" said Luke, as he had one of his eyes closed from the bleeding cut just above his left eye from all the previous hours worth of interrogation, and felt some blood falling down the side of his mouth from were one of Madine's Special Ops member's punched him.

"You can replay the same old song Skywalker, but I know you are a traitor, and I have more then enough evidence to take you to trial before being sentenced by Alliance High Command. You two take over, I have to be at a tactical meeting, and I can't be late," said Madine, as he ordered another shock into Luke's system, and caused Luke to cry out in pain before the General left the room to deal with other matters he couldn't ignore.

"Perhaps were doing this the wrong way," said the Special Ops officer running the shock machine connected to Luke.

"What do you mean?" said the second Special Ops officer in the room that had given Luke's body a good tenderizing.

"Well...Vader's spies do not seem to have anything here in the Alliance that they would consider to be valuable enough to tell us what we want in exchange, but I think the spy in front of us does, and would gladly confess to keep her safe," said the first Special Ops officer seeing Luke's muscles tense slightly knowing who it was the man was referring to.

"You know, I think you're right, and we should go pay Princess Organa a visit. After what happened with Solo, I think she could use some special comfort, and that we could be the two that do that," said the second Special Ops, as he grinned at Luke's showed signs of anger at their words, and motioned for his friend to keep going.

"It won't be that difficult. With the Wookiee gone, Solo now in the hands of a Hutt, and our spy locked away in here the poor Princess will need to have her needs met," said the first Special Ops officer and saw Luke turn his head to glare at him angry blue eyes.

Luke himself didn't know why he was so angry at such a level right now over Leia since he saw her as a friend, though he had to admit the anger was good right now, and was currently burning the drugs pumped into his body out of his system. The image of Vader choking the life out of one of his officers came to Luke's mind and the idea seemed very appealing right now to the young Skywalker's mind knowing he could do it too.

'Just this once I could choke one of them with the Force. Just once is all it would take to shut these two up with one of them paying for it,' thought Luke, as he couldn't decide, which officer to use it on, and his conscious was also trying to tell him not to since that would lead him to the Dark Side.

But would it be so bad right now to use it on these idiots with the brains the size of baby womp rat? IF Vader was his Father, what would the man say right now seeing Luke this way, and would he even approve of using this method that could possibly make their lies about him true?

What was right and what was wrong here?

"So how do you want to do this? Who goes first with the Princess while the other covers with the alibi we were here with him?" said the second Special Ops officer, as he saw the first one think it over, and look away from a now seething in rage Luke.

"Hard to say really. Tell you what, you cover for me first for hour, and I'll let you have her for an additional 30 minutes," said the first Special Ops officer, who still had his back to the two, and awaited his comrades response.

All he got was a gagging sound.

'Die! Die! DIE!' thought Luke, as he couldn't take it anymore, and called upon the Force to strangle the life out of the second Special Ops officer in the room not caring why he was so protective of Leia right now other then the fact he felt compelled to defend her.

"What the Hell?" said the first Special Ops officer, as he saw his comrade fall to his knees choking, and grabbing his throat while trying to gasp for air.

Seeing Luke slumped over in some kind of concentration, the Special Ops officer quickly grabbed the stun baton on the nearby table, and swung it like a club at Luke's head that knocked the man off his chair onto the ground unconscious. Looking back, he saw his comrade breathing deeply while coughing at the feel of air running down his throat, and then back at Skywalker before reaching for his communicator to contact General Madine.

(The Executor)

Vader was becoming more worried about his son, as he felt the boy's anger, his very rage from the deepest regions of his being ignite through the Force, and all for the Princess of all people. It was strange that Luke would get so angry over her, as the boy had a great deal of control over his temper, and Vader assumed he got that from his Mother since she was always able to keep her composure no matter the situation. Could his son be in love? No, this was not that kind of love, but love yet all the same, and on some other level that Vader could not see even though he felt he should be able to.

"Lord Vader," said the Noghri team leader Vader had summoned and was now kneeling before him with his unit.

Turning back to the elite team he had assigned this mission, Vader commanded them to rise, and they obeyed without a second hesitation.

"I have an important job for you that requires no form of error in the slightest be made my Noghri warriors, as failure would mean the death of not only you, but my son as well," said Vader, as he saw the Noghri before him stiffen at that, and the Dark Lord knew that putting their skills to the test along with their very pride was something that further inspired this species of warriors to fight harder then any other solider in the Empire.

"What is the mission my Lord?" said the Noghri Leader, as his team was ready, and would do everything in their power to succeed in their mission.

"My son is in the hands of the Rebels, but they do not know his relationship to me, and instead they think he is a spy. Even as I speak before you, they are interrogating my son for information he does not possess, and the one leading the interrogation is hurting my son," said Vader, as the anger in the last part was building just in thinking it, and even to speak those three words in that sentence made the Dark Lord want to reach out with the Force to send some incompetent officer on his ship to their death.

"We will retrieve your son Lord Vader. We swear on our warrior honor to bring him to you alive and in good health," said the Noghri Leader, as his team along with him bowed, and left to fulfill their mission.

'Do not worry my son. Soon you will be my side and together we will end this conflict in one single moment when we destroy the Emperor to bring about a new age of peace that your Mother wanted,' thought Vader, as he closed his eyes, and reached out to the Force, and felt his son healing from his injuries from his last interrogation.

(Home One-Alliance Council Room)

"You did what?!" said Leia, as she was so outraged by Madine's interrogation without her being told, and the rest of the Council was sharing her outrage.

"I interrogated Commander Skywalker about his connection to the Empire and after a brief recess I came back to find that one of my officers had nearly choked to death. Does that sound like someone else we know of?" said Madine, as he knew that Skywalker's actions would further prove his claim, and keep some of the outraged from doing such a harsh interrogation by Alliance standards on the young Commander.

"An interrogation that was not sanction on this kind of level that you used by us in the slightest," said Admiral Ackbar, as he had problems with several Imperial defectors that went to the interrogation department of the Alliance, and them stating that the Alliance should use harsher methods.

"If word gets out about this to the other Alliance members, there could be a considerable form of backlash, and may have people believe we're becoming corrupt like the Empire," said Mon Mothma, as Luke was a noticeable figure in the Alliance, and to do this to him would leave a blemish on them that could not be removed.

"We must have Luke removed from his holding cell immediately!" said Leia, as she saw several members of Alliance High Command nod their heads, and saw Madine scowl at her.

"I'm not done interrogating him. The fact he used a skill similar to our enemy proves he is Vader's spy," said Madine, as he saw some of the members go deep in thought, and saw that some of them agreed with him.

"Considering what was said by several of your officers interrogating him, I would have done worse, and they should be put away for what they said," said Leia, as she felt that Luke was defending her from what the holo-recording showed to be a horrible things the officers said.

"They will be reprimanded I assure you, but for now, I think the scare that Skywalker has given them is enough for now, and we begin focusing on other important matters like the rumor of a new weapon the Emperor is developing," said Madine, as he wanted to keep his men away from punishment, and keep them from answering questions.

Something that would further instill their loyalty to him.

(A Few Days Later-Over the planet Ryloth)

Luke struggled to breath a little in his bed onboard the medical frigate, as the two skilled interrogators that Madine had sent from before had been replaced shortly after what had happened to the one officer, and these guys had stressed the point on a physical nature to make sure that he didn't do that again. Now here he was, the great hero Commander Luke Skywalker, destroyer of the Death Star, and Jedi in training lying in the med bay after being beaten to a bloody pulp by his fellow Rebels because they think him to be a spy.

How pathetic he must look right now.

"Son of Vader," said a rumbling voice that snapped Luke out of his thoughts and made him turn to see the alien being kneeling in front of his bed.

"My name is Luke Skywalker. Who told you I was Vader's son?" said Luke, as he had never seen this kind of alien before, and wondered if they were here to kill him.

"Your Father," said the figure, as he looked up at Luke, and could smell the resemblance in the two from their scent.

"Who are you?" said Luke, as he saw the creature rise, and wondered how this person got onboard the medical frigate.

"I am a Noghri warrior and I a loyal servant of your Father. He has sent me here with my team to take you to him where you will be safe from the Rebels Son of Vader," said the Noghri, as he saw that Vader's son was barely able to travel in his current condition, and would require the other members of his squad.

"Safe?" said Luke, as he didn't understand, and then sensed other Noghri appear almost out of the shadows of the room.

"Due to the actions of the Rebels, your Father has come to believe that you being with them is not in the best interest of your health, and wishes you to leave them to be by his side," said the Noghri warrior, as he motioned for his team to help Luke, and get him ready to be mobile.

"You can't! If you do this, they will only believe what they were told about me being a spy is true, and will make me a marked man in the Alliance," said Luke, as he tried to think of some way to resist them from moving him in his condition of bandages, and sneaking him off to the medical frigate filled with thousands of people ranging from doctors to soldiers.

"We must Son of Vader. We overheard a communication being relayed from this ship to the ship under the designation of Home One. After you are healed, you are to be taken before the military branch of this Rebel Alliance, and be brought back to them for further questioning on your Months missing after the battle in the Hoth system," said the Noghri Leader and saw Luke was surprised at this since he didn't expect Leia or Alliance High Command to keep this up.

"On what grounds?" said Luke, as he had told Madine why he couldn't tell them about Yoda, and felt the reason was valid enough considering the Emperor had enough spies in the Alliance without him being accused of being one.

"We do not know. All we know is that you are in danger and we must get you to safety," said the Noghri, as he turned to check on the door, and see if they were in the clear to move Luke.

"Wait! Stop!" said Luke, as he tried to get the Noghri to stop, but his body wasn't able to move like it should, and he was still tired from the sedative to numb his body's pain.

"We must hurry. Come!" said the Noghri Leader, as his squad carried Luke, and he led them to an escape pod system developed by the Alliance to get injured patients to safety in case of the ship being boarded or shot down.

The Noghri Leader had opened the escape pod system before moving away from it so his team could get Luke in it, but just as they did, the sounds of footsteps could be heard, and Princess Leia Organa of Aldreaan appeared with a group of guards assigned to her by the Council when she went to visit Luke. She instantly drew her blaster and so did her guards while the Noghri Leader along with nearly half his team created a living shield in front of the escape pod while the other half got in before it was ejected from the ship.

"Who are you? Identify yourselves!" said Leia, as she had seen reports of a species like these in reports of people in high places within the Empire, and the Rebel Alliance being assassinated by them.

The group before her didn't answer, as they just stared at her, and continued to stall the woman for as long as they could knowing that every second counted in the escape pod hold Vader's son would need to escape. But that wasn't the only reason the Noghri stayed silent, as the scent coming off Leia was similar to the Dark Lord, only it was more female scent to it, and the group of Noghri wondered if it was because of Vader's son or the fact she might be...Vader's daughter?

"Lower your weapons," said the Noghri Leader, as he saw the group look at him in the eyes, and saw the silent message spoken in those eyes before obeying the team leader.

Leia's squad quickly picked up the Noghri's weapons before checking them over for any others they may possess and once they were sure they didn't have anymore they were quickly cuffed. Leia herself wondered what this group had done, as she knew that for them to be here it must have been to kill, or in this case take someone off this ship if the escape was any indication.

"Why are you here?" said Leia, as she saw the Noghri Leader space out in front of her, and go into some kind of trance along with the rest of the unit.

"Princess Organa! I know what this species is. They are the Noghri and they are Vader's prized assassins," said one of the Rebel officers that was once an Imperial aid under the late Grand Moff Sag, as he had seen a Noghri before, and saw just how precise they were in their work since the late Grand Moff had been killed far away using advance sniping technology only someone higher then the Grand Moff could have.

"Vader! Who did you kill? Who…take? Oh by the Force!" said Leia, as she ran down the hall to Luke's room, and opened to reveal her worst fears.

Luke was gone and to soon be in the hands of the Vader if not the Emperor.

'We must escape from here. We must find Lord Vader and tell him of his second child,' thought the Noghri Leader, as he looked over at Leia seeing how she walked, and her aura showed that along with her scent...she was Darth Vader's daughter.

Now the only question now

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